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Facebook Engine Censors Iconic Photo With Soviet Flag Raised Over Reichstag As Trump Claims U.S. And U.K. Won WW2

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Thanks to US President Donald Trump, we know  taht it’s the US and the UK defeated Nazi Germany in the World War 2. This claim is a brilliant example of the current state of the Western political and educational system. Therewriting of real history and fake claims to push own agenda have become an integral part of the Western political class.


Facebook Engine Censors Iconic Photo With Soviet Flag Raised Over Reichstag As Trump Claims U.S. And U.K. Won WW2

RT reports (source):

Social media feeds are filled with historic shots marking Victory Day, but Facebook seems to have taken issue with one that symbolizes the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany, and it keeps deleting a recently-colorized version of it.

Taken during the Battle of Berlin on May 2, 1945, Yevgeny Khaldei’s ‘Raising a Flag over the Reichstag’ commonly springs to mind when it comes to the subject of World War II and Victory Day celebrations. It universally appears in literature, documentaries and, indeed, in social media posts. RT has even reenacted the iconic moment as part of its V-Day project.

All the more puzzled, then, were social media users who tried posting the iconic shot on Facebook on May 9, as Russia marked 75 years since the defeat of Nazi Germany. While the vintage black-and-white versions of the famous photo seemed to pass FB algorithms with flying colors, the version skilfully colorized by Olga Shirnina (aka Klimbim) –showing the Soviet flag in its original bright red– set off alarm bells.

“Your post goes against our Community Standards on dangerous individuals and organisations,” was the message shown to several RT employees who’d set out to verify the reports and tried to post the picture. The warning appeared minutes after posts were completed, after which the image just vanished altogether.

Details provided in the warning only broadly outline the topics banned on FB, such as terrorism and incitement of hate and violence. There is no indication that FB has ever consistently associated the Soviet symbols with any on the list, although the network does have a history of erroneously censoring certain historic shots.

Facebook Engine Censors Iconic Photo With Soviet Flag Raised Over Reichstag As Trump Claims U.S. And U.K. Won WW2

The list of banned subjects that the photo supposedly falls under, according to Facebook’s engine.

Shirnina herself tried to post the photo on May 9 – only to get suspended by Facebook for three days for “violating Community Standards,” according to a screenshot she posted on Russian social network VK.

RT has sent a request to Facebook, seeking clarification.

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More like the iconic fake

Lone Ranger

Would be, if it was a U.S. flag…

John Wallace

I will tell you what was really fake. That was the film of the raising of the large US flag at Iwo Jima , That was a re enactment of the early event with a small flag… So as you talk of an iconic fake … there you have it.


That’s just another fake, but less iconic than the soviet one.

John Wallace

Not sure where you get fake on the Russian one where there is plenty of actual film footage of the event as it happened. There is footage of the original Iwo Jima event but when the CO on the ground had his attention drawn to the flag flying at the top of Mt. Suribachi he demanded they do it again with the larger flag which is used as being the actual . So neither are really fake just the Iwo Jima one with the large flag was staged . In both cases a lot of men died to be able to do that.


I see at the images above and I see they are fake. Are they Real or Fake?

John Wallace

The video is a re enactment but because someone colorises the photo doesn’t make the event fake, Just as many war black and white films have been colorised doesn’t make the actual events fake .. This is a pedantic nebulous argument that doesn’t change that FB censorship of that that they don’t approve of. Yet they are quite happy too post abject animal cruelty video’s of people torturing and killing animals in the most horrific ways. They are also happy to show child cruelty that is beyond sick but censor an iconic photo be it the actual or re enacted version because of what ??? .. Thought control is alive and winning.


Let’s not change the subject, cuz I hate fb and censorship too. There was thousands of that events in ww2 however that looks good because it was remastered, and I mean the black white one. Now they remaster it even more and they call it reality. Karma is a bitch.

Icarus Tanović

Yes, that’s right.


Of course sunshine.. If someone colorize iconic picture of the USA flag on the Moon – that would make it fake right? ffs



Lone Ranger

Glory to Mother Russia.

Zionism = EVIL

yeah that is one good picture.


comment image


Lone Ranger

CIA trolls and hasbarats will cry and rage :)

Lone Ranger

Zukerfuckers Facefook is dead anyways, will end up as Myspace within two years.

Icarus Tanović

Zuker actually destroyed Myspace.

Zionism = EVIL

Facebook should be boycotted as it is a tool of the CIA and NSA anyway as it used for a global surveillance state that the Jew cunts are pushing, but failing miserably and even the dumbass brainwashed western fuckwits are waking up The Zionist media is losing control and that is why they pushing childish censorship of free independent media.

Assad must stay

if it wasnt for keeping in touch with certain friends and relatives and some funny and interesting groups i would have ditched it long ago

AM Hants

I kept getting hacked and only used it for the same reasons as you. When I gave up on finding new passwords, dumped it. Never missed or and never will.

Assad must stay

i wish i could be like you lol

Assad must stay

Did you find out who or why you kept getting hacked?

AM Hants

No, initially assumed it was owing to the Mobsters I upset, when commenting on these sites. Playing games. Then thought it might be linked into somewhere I ordered something from. However, could not understand why they would be involved. So went back to the Mobsters tracking me. Have always believed or would not be surprised that they keep tabs on many of us. Does not bother me, so I try to keep friends out of any form of social media and politics, where I am concerned.

I was being hacked about 3 times a day, with very strange videos, allegedly sent by me. Facebook was happy for all and sundry to access my account, but, I could not get through security to access my own account.

A few months later my son said many people who had logged onto the local news site, experienced exactly the same. Glad I no longer bother with it and always assumed ‘tweets’ were for ‘twits’, so never bothered with twitter, thankfully.

Assad must stay

well I am glad you got through that what were the videos? And the news site?

AM Hants

Videos were something to do with Fat Club and I have no idea why. I am a size 14, so basically average and do not bother with those types of sites. News site, NW Mail, just your local news and it has hardly any.

Assad must stay

Strange, stay safe my friend, cheers :)

AM Hants

You too. Take care.

Assad must stay

Thank you :)


FaceBerg is too important to the alphabet agencies to be allowed to fail. It’s not Cuckersperg’s project and never was.


Paraphrased: …”uk/us Trump victory over Nazi Germany….the US educational system.”

This has nothing to do with stupidity or poor education. This is historical malpractice instituted by anglo-zionsts and their stooges plain and simple, and it’s a shame to imply otherwise.


Some says Russians are still eating US bean cans from WW2

Zionism = EVIL

And your your grandma and grand pappy are still sucking Russian, Chinese and Iranian dicks from WW2 veterans home, still trying to figure out which is which, and are your genes similar to the kosher swine that you love so much :) dumbass retarded PUNK!


Ahh the Iranian, Chinese and Jewish heroes from WW2… Where are their statues?

Zionism = EVIL

It’s a nice song, I was singing it in the first grades. Thouh I think Erika is a more cultivate one.

AM Hants

Is that why Russia can feed her people, on non-GM produce, with plenty left over to export? They found those tins of beans unappetising and so kept them for historic value?


There is no such thing as non-GM, everything we eat was already GM for hundreds of years

AM Hants


Does Russian Agricultural produce find itself sprinkled over with Gates’ Monsanto-Beer toxins? Why did Monsanto-Beer take control of Blackwater/Academia Mercenaries, when they setup base in Ukraine, back in 2013? Just in time for The Maidan to kick off?


Have you drink that Monsanto Beer or just few shots of vodka?

AM Hants

Would never touch Monsanto Beer and gave up drinking vodka, back in my teens. Your point?


My point is when a Russian run out of the very few arguments it starts to type nonense like zio-monsanto-soros-ukrop-nazi-petrodolla-neolib-rotchild-pedo-estabilishment in Washington are spending taxpayer on weapons I hope they all die in hell cuz they cancer

AM Hants

When a Russian runs out of arguments, they pull out Monsanto-Beer?????

Darling I am Enish.

Did Monsanto-Beer purchase Erik Prince Black Water/Academia Mercenaries,? Yes or No.

Did Monsanto-Beer move into Ukraine in 2013 and started advertising for Senior Management positions for it’s Ukraine branch, back in 2013?

Did Soros brag about the best times of his life, being a Nazi Collaborator, back in 1944?

Did Soros fund both of the Ukraine regime change revolutions, back in 2004 and 2014?

Did Igor Kolomoisky head the European Jewish Community, back in 2014?

DID Igor Kolomoisky fund the Nazi ‘Azov’ Battalion, which was launched in 2014?

Does Bill Gates invest heavily in Monsanto-Beer?

Does Bill Gates invest heavily in the 15 bio-weapon labs, that have full diplomatic immunity and under the control of the US military?

Why are those bio-weapon labs advertising for Russian DNA?

Did Burisma Holdings, come under the Privatt Group group of companies?

DID Burisma Holdings donate heavily to the NATO Think Tank, Atlantic Council?

Has the previous US Ambassador to the US been caught perjuring herself, with regards Burisma Holdings and Joe Biden?
Did Oleg Kolomoisky control the Privatt Group, upto 2014, when it was nationalised?

Does Soros Open Society Foundation donate heavily to the Atlantic Council?

Are many of the children of those provided safe passage, courtesy Operation Paperclip, now Senior Associates of the Atlantic Council?

Was the Atlantic Council involved in the Soros funded coup d’etat, in NON-NATO Ukraine?

Why is NATO and their non-nuclear nation leaders, who came to the party via the peace protester route, so obsessed with Russia?

Why are known pedo sympathisers so loyal to the above?

Why do you find so many pedo sympathisers linked into establishments linked into the above and running from NATO member Governments and establishments with HQs based in Brussels?

Interesting how you have linked them all together and then assume it is just Russians who are concerned with joining up all the dots.


There is no non-GM food, dear. Other than what you can find in the woods, they are GM for hundreds some thousands of years. Even dogs and cats are GM

AM Hants

Which is why Monsanto-Beer was setting up base in Ukraine, back in 2013?

Are the ‘Chernobyl Cook Themselves Chickens’ a Monsanto delicacy or part of the Azov Grocery Division?

Why is the IMF so desperate for Ukraine to sell off her rich black soil, to foreign nations, before they will allow Ukraine her next loan?


Have you tried google images from rural Russia? Those scavengers look like eating roots, I don’t think they heard of Internet, let alone Monsanto and other rich business that Kremlin Goblin’s minions are mixing West with. Don’t worry little hungry minion, West means a lot more than Monsanto, Bayer, Exxon and other UFO your poor masses would be happy to see once in their villages.


Nah, you east european nato vassals eat their bean cans now, you ate german shit, soviet shit and finally american shit from 1960. bacon, beans and yankee feces – just for you.


For a nation of Lenin’s dead body pilgrims you have a large mouth

Zionism = EVIL

The key issue here is that besides largely immature envious populations of brainwashed morons, the so-called bankrupt “west” simply cannot accept the truth that Soviet Union defeated the Nazis almost single-handedly at a cost of 28 million lives and over 10,000 towns and villages destroyed from the Caucasus to Belarus. The Jew MSM cunts are losing control of their fake narrative and revisionist white anting of Russia, China, Iran etc are are desperately trying to spin more lies. The cunts are dying in the streets but still think that their bullshit matters.


It’s true- even without without Lend-Lease aid and the opening of another front in the west, almost certainly the war in Europe would have ended with a Soviet victory. Perhaps not one involving the unconditional surrender of Germany, but one that would have ended their plans for empire.

Icarus Tanović

Hopefully more and more people will leave Fb day by day.

Traiano Welcome

Done already. Never looked back.

Anthony Papagallo

The American association of Dentists website claims that a third of the population of the U.S cannot afford any dental work.
Thats around one hundred million Americans walking around with their mouths full of busted and rotten teeth.
Thats what ‘victory’ over the Nazis got them.


It’s a good thing the boys hit those beaches 75 years ago so that genderfluid LGBTQWERTYUIOPs can be legitimized too.

AM Hants

Can you imagine the tears flowing from heaven yesterday. Seeing what they gave up and how we abused their memory?


The Boys of ’44 who hit them beaches didn’t know it at the time, but they were fightin’ for the Frankfurter skrewl that laid the foundations for every globalist gliberal and Globohomo itself.

FDR got the war he wanted, and America once again screwed up the geopolitical equilibrium, in favor of a school of thought which would have been better left to the tender mercies of Hitler.


US Department of State published a statement with foreign ministries of some eastern European countries a couple of days ago. It’s published for the 75th anniversary of the end of WW2, in which the Soviet Union and the United States were allies against Germany. Nazism is mentioned only ONCE, there’s no mention of Hitler and by reading it, if the person is not aware of history they think it was a war between USSR on one side and all the good guys in the world on the other.

And if you question the Shoah business they’ll call you revisionist among many other labels!

AM Hants

What is ironic, is the fact the US came late to the party.

They originally backed the Nazis, but, then Germany declared war on the US. This was owing to the US declaring war on Japan, following the Pearl Harbour False Flag. Germany were allies with Japan, so declared war on the US in retaliation. Wasn’t it around the time or just after, when Russia was defending the Battle of Stalingrad and sent Adolf back to Germany?

Must admit, before 2014, I had no idea Russia lost 13 million, during the Great War and the US and UK, between them both, lost under 1 million.
Now Washington DC and the City of London openly support the Nazi Party, starting with the branch in Ukraine. Totally funded, supported and created by NATOs Nazi Think Tank, the Atlantic Council.

No wonder they cannot find it in them to remember the sacrifices of Russia. Just a shame, Washington DC and the City of London, cannot admit to their electorate, that they support the Nazis and all they stand for.


Hi AMH. The Soviet losses were in the region of 27 million. For some reason or another we are lead to believe that a fictional number of 6 million is more important.

AM Hants

Hi Ruca, hope all is well.

I was so ignorant of WWII, till watching the Russian Victory Parade and Immortal Parade in 2014. The VIPs, well in their own ego, refused to come. However, Russia kindly gave our old Veterans their tickets, instead. Those that served in the Arctic Campaign, whose own Government, could not even be bothered to fund a medal for them. You can imagine how prowd those elderly men were, to be recognised, sitting in the same area as President Putin, and sit in the seats reserved for the likes of Cameron and Obama. Funny how Corona Virus has prevented Russia from honouring their role in defeating the Nazis, as NATO and their leaders embrace the Nazis, over in Ukraine. Coincidence or am I being cynical?

Went to find out more about WWII, then what Ealing Film Studios provided on Sunday afternoons.

Including 13 million Russians who perished. Compared to under 1 million, in total, from both UK and US. Must admit, found that hard to get my head around, the sheer volume of losses, every nation sacrificed.


“Came late to the party”? Didn’t you read “War is a Racket”? USMC Major General Smedley Butler wrote, “The Japanese, a proud people, of course will be pleased beyond expression to see the United States fleet so close to Nippon’s shores. Even as pleased as would be the residents of California were they to dimly discern through the morning mist, the Japanese fleet playing at war games off Los Angeles.” Through his sarcasm, Butler warned us aggressive military maneuvers against Japan would provoke an escalating response, and the general said that 6 years before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

World War 2 was not a magical oasis where Federal Reserve America was not provoking and escalating the wars it claims to save people from. Would the Soviets being a proxy army, absorbing much of the casualties for the US and the racketeers running it (among other countries) change any of that?

And if you mean direct support to the war, FDR began his “Arsenal of Democracy” rhetoric in 1940 (same year General Butler died and the McCollum Memo came out explaining how to further provoke Japan), and the US began military aid shipments to other Allies (not Germany) in 1941. This was not negligible. Via the Lend-Lease Act, the US provided around 93% of the Soviets’ produced railroad equipment, about 33% of their trucks, and 30% of their aircraft. The Soviets were not going to move materiel all over the European theater on foot and still win…

Next, if you believe the US and UK “openly support the Nazi Party… in Ukraine,” what do you think the “Nazi Party” even is? Hitler and the NSDAP were vocal critics of the “international clique” creating “a colony of slaves… by enforcing a policy of financial blackmail to squeeze the last ounce of substance out of its people.” Ukraine’s Maidanites were openly led by shady billionaires like Soros and Kolomoisky, openly led by Zionists like Nuland (Kolomoisky has dual-citizenship with “Israel” and he’s hiding there now), and they said nothing when their new government accepted crippling IMF loans within a month of the “revolution.” Then, when Donbass challenged “that ‘world elite’ which plans to establish technogenic based neo-slavery system,” as Gennadiy Dubovoi, one of their militia members phrased it, the Maidanites went to war with Donbass. The Maidanites’ policies and actions are the complete opposite from NSDAP Germany.

AM Hants

Darling, when did the US officially decide to join WWII?

WWII started in 1939 and the US officially entered after Pear Harbour, in December 1941.

Battle of Stalingrad was 8 months later, was it not?

How many German Divisions did the Soviets deal with on the Eastern Front and how many German Divisions did the US and UK deal with?

What do I believe the Nazi Party is? Besides following the ideology of the National Socialist (German) Worker’s Party. Why do so many zionists worship at the temple of the National Socialist? Zionists, the nomadic Turkic Tribe, who learnt Hebrew and adopted Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Remember, there is over 93% Semetic DNA in Palestine and less than 7%semetic DNA in Israel. Now why is that?

Kolomoisky, head of European Community in Ukraine, who founded the Azov Nazi Battalion.

$oro$ the Hungarian of Zionist faith, who found being a Nazi Collaborater the best times of his life, who funded the 2004 and 2014 Orange Revolution.

Victoria Nuland, married to the founder of APEC Robert Kagan.

Why does the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, have no problems supporting the Ukraine Nazis, but, freaks out at the mention of Russia? What was the Centre set up for?

Isn’t the Atlantic Council the primary NATO Think Tank? Are they not funded by Burisma Holdings, which was part of the Privatt Group, Kolomoisky used to head? Doesn’t Soros Open Society Foundation donate to the Atlantic Council, together with NATO member states and various MIC organisations? Why are they so supportive of Ukraine’s Nazi Battalions and why do the US, UK, Polish and Canadian train them?

Why do the US, UK, Canada happily provide lethal weapons and funding to Ukraine and the Nazi Battalions?


You call that “late” when it’s really par for the course. Remember when Federal Reserve Wilson started sending Americans to World War 1? Often, it does take time and effort to rile Americans up for war, especially when it’s for being “a high–class muscle man for Big Business,” as General Butler phrased it.

And American military aid shipments actually began before Pearl Harbor. That’s still plenty of time to save the Soviets. Yes, they were the bankster proxy that soaked up most of the casualties, but unless T-35s can run on water, or unless their real fuel, ammunition, replacement parts, etc. could have been transported across Europe by walking, then Lend-Lease’s millions of tons of oil, gasoline, and aviation fuel, hundreds of thousands of trucks and other vehicles, etc. did save the Soviets.

Next, what do you think “the ideology of the National Socialist (German) Worker’s Party” believes as far as monetary policy? Does it involve the Maidanites turning Ukraine into the poorest country in Europe? Or does it involve the NSDAP growing Germany’s middle class years before the war? Hants, your issue seems to be looking at “neo-Nazis” like the Maidanites, only seeing some NSDAP iconography, and then this shallow analysis conflates the Maidanites with the real NSDAP. Even just your explanation of how many Zionist oligarchs are openly leading Maidan should have tipped you off that Maidan is the opposite of the NSDAP as far as what matters: Policy.

Honestly, all the Atheist “Jews” behind Maidan make it closer to Bolshevik Communism than National Socialism; the Maidanites certainly get plenty of American military aid like the Communists did…

AM Hants

Maidanites and the real National Socialist (German) Worker’s Party, what is the difference? Azov Battalion were launched after the Maidan, were they not?

Who manipulated the Maidan and funded/controlled the Orange Revolutions, both in 2004 and 2014?

How do you create a movement in order to lead to regime change?

How was the Nazi movement created?

How was the Orange Revolution created?

Did they or did they not use the same script and weren’t the puppets created and manipulated by the same crowd?

When was the Fed reserve created and what was that all about?

What was WWI set upto achieve and was it a coincidence that so many Empires fell, just after the Fed Reserve was born and the Tavistock Institute, Mass mind control project was launched?

What was WWII set up for? Was it a coincidence that so many movements were put into place to support WWII? Fascist movements, national Socialist movements and also national Communist movements. All created and manipulated by the same Mobsters.

1947, after WWII what was the CIA set up for and what was their first exercise? Who planned Operation Paperclip and what was it all about?

Who created the nation of Israel and was it a coincidence the foundations were laid down in the same year the CIA was launched?

Aren’t exactly the same Mobsters behind WWIII and the NWO – Full Spectrum Domination? Manipulating events and pulling the same old strings?

How many centuries have they been running the same old script, including the Napoleonic Wars. Who gained from them?
How come the banksters, following the US Great Depression had enough money to finance a World War? What was in it for them? Remind me, but, when did they set up the Fed Reserve and how much did they make from the World War they manipulated a few years later?

Why are we so dumb not to notice the manipulation and how easy it is to play us all?


Sorry, “the same script… puppets created and manipulated by the same crowd” claim is definitively false. If it were true, where were the open Zionist oligarchs and plutocrats leading NSDAP Germany? Where was the private central bank chaining NSDAP Germany to debt money and austerity measures (which would be on top of the Weimar Republic’s austerity)? Where was NSDAP Germany becoming one of the poorest countries in Europe instead of recovering from the Great Depression sooner than much of Europe? Where is the NSDAP’s “alliance” with Poland? Poland is supplying the Maidanites with military aid and “advisers” to kill ethnic Russians in Donbass similar to how it might have gotten ethnic Germans in Danzig killed, provoking the NSDAP to invade.

That was smart to mention the Federal Reserve, Hants. Please watch “All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars;” as it points out, before the Federal Reserve, there was never a “world war.”

”Although pre-[World War One] Germany had a private central bank, it was heavily restricted and inflation kept to reasonable levels. Under government control, investment was guaranteed to internal economic development, and Germany was seen as a major power. So, in the media of the day, Germany was portrayed as the prime opponent of World War One, and not just defeated, but its industrial base flattened.”
~ “All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars,” Michael Rivero

That time period had the US chained to the Federal Reserve, Germany chained to the Weimar Republic, and Russia chained to the Bolshevik Communists (see: Sutton’s “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution”) which would eventually lead to the Soviet Union. When Germany kicked away Weimar, the banksters needed to drop World War 2 on it. And now that Russia has kicked away the Soviets and post-Soviet oligarchs, the banskters need to drop World War 3 on it.

Financing war after the Great Depression: When the banksters can control the quantity and spending of money, they can fabricate boom/bust conditions at will (hence why economic crashes happen every 7-10 years). Curtis Dall, President FDR’s son-in-law who was working on Wall Street during the Great Depression, called this “the calculated ‘shearing’ of the public by the World Money powers, triggered by the planned sudden shortage of supply of call money in the New York money market.”

Operation Paperclip: The US picked up a couple thousand Germans after the war. How does that compare to the US getting millions of other Germans killed, including after the war in Eisenhower’s camps…?

Modern “Israel:” Are you familiar with the Balfour Declaration? It stated support for a “Jewish” colony in Palestine, but it predates the NSDAP and was created by British oligarchs. After the colony was established, Germany did help send “Jews” who wanted to go, and the only reason this stopped was the war. If the goal were to populate a future Zionist “Israel,” why stop…?

The bankster mafia was a problem for Napoleon, too; he even wrote, “Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.” However, the history of super rich elites who use their money to “devour widows’ houses” (Mark 12 v.40), then manipulate government and the public to silence, crucify opposition is biblical, at least.

“There is nothing new under the sun;” although, the banksters, “their wickedness will be exposed in the assembly.” The Internet is the best assembly humanity has had, so let’s keep making the most of it. ^_^

AM Hants

Study history, if you cannot find the repetitive pattern, from century to century.

Why did the Russian Tsar who sent his Fleet to anchor off the shores of the US upset the bankers so badly? Remember, 1863, when France and Great Britain intended to invade the USA?

What was the Crimea War all about?

What happened to the nomadic Turk Tribes, who adopted Christianity. Islam and Judea, whilst learning Hebrew, over 2000 years ago? In the days when Judea was an outpost of the Roman Empire?

Century to century, same Mobsters running the same scripts. Only we are not meant to notice, how they just keep playing us all.


Yes, you are absolutely correct that Tsarist Russia being anti-slavery/serfdom and pro-Christianity meant that, as far as the NWO elites were concerned, the Tsars needed to go. Alexander II backed up President Lincoln, like you said, and they both ended up assassinated. The Bolshevik Communists “made the Tsars an offer they can’t refuse,” the banksters saved the Soviets in WW2, they made General Patton have an “accident” when he wanted to finish the war against the Soviets, and the Orwellian frenemies could abuse people for a few more decades.

Actors do not always follow scripts, though. Germany’s Weimar Republic, for example, was already a war-imposed puppet state, hence the austerity measures and moral degeneration. Replacing it with the National Socialists who reversed the austerity without needing a war and even reopened churches the Communists shut down: Does that make sense from the banksters’ perspective?

It’s a similar case with United Russia (the political party). Post-Soviet Russia was already run by corrupt oligarchs and Putin got some initial support from the banksters, but when he started jailing oligarchs and having churches reopened, United Russia went off-script. It’s only then that Putin became Hillary’s “new Hitler,” not because Putin is like Hollywood Hitler, but because he threatens the bankster mafia like historical Hitler.

A major difference between United Russia and the National Socialists is the Internet. Most people around the world can hear from Putin and Russian media directly and near-instantaneously. Not having to wait 2 weeks after Japan was nuked to find out the American government was censoring Japan’s surrender offers for over 7 months makes a huge difference in the war for hearts and minds.

AM Hants

Just read your comment, whilst sitting back, munching on the popcorn.

Whilst disagreeing with my comment, I do find it interesting what you have said, from looking at things from one view point. Ignoring how it links into other events in the day.

I did mention the Balfour Declaration, which led to the creation of Israel. Israel the foundations were laid in 1947, the same year they launched the CIA. The Balfour Declaration, which was dealt with after the creation of the Tavistock Institute and the Fed Reserve. The Balfour Declaration which was agreed and signed, when so many Empires were falling, the IRA were being formed and not forgetting the National Socialist (German) Worker’s Party was being created. Together with National Communist and various Fascist Groups, all being formed at the same time. Why?

Battle of Gallipoli, and were the families of Murdoch and Boris Johnson connected to those times. Did Murdoch’s mother grow up with the mother of Trump, back when the Scottish women were growing up?

Who was behind the creation of them all?

WWI – League of Nations
WWII – United Nations
WWII – NWO/Full Spectrum Domination

Assad must stay

fucking retarded, i for one will be telling everyone that it was the soviets that did the hard work, not FUKUS during ww2, if i ever find myself in a ww2 discussion


in europe most people would acknowledge the fact that the soviets did the hard lifting but in the disjointed states of A, with about 90% of the people being under-educated, it’s no hard work to place misinformation. in fact about 70% of the yankee-twats couldn’t even place russia on a map and the one thing they know is that they are dirty commies out to take their livelyhood from them before cooking them in tallow.

and don’t forget that it was england that started ww2.

Assad must stay

agree wholeheartedly mister verner hope you are doing well :)


Exactly. The banksters, the “international clique” running the US, the UK, etc., at best, viewed the Soviets as a proxy army to soak up much of the war’s casualties while “better” slave nations supplied them with military aid. Proxy armies do not always get credit.

For example, look at more modern proxy armies like Al-CIA-da. In Syria, the “moderate” terrorists and affiliates take more casualties than the US, the war would be over now if the terrorists were not finding convenient supplies like American TOW missiles and “Israeli” airstrikes on Syrian government positions, but would the terrorists ever be celebrated for helping overthrow “the butcher” Assad…?

Traiano Welcome

How come no one mentions the fact that American politicians and corporations were involved in the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party in Germany?

Shouldn’t the US be on trial for it’s involvement in the engineering of WW2?


the’ll deny and then deny some more – better to claim compensation from the disintegating states of A for the financial crash 2008 which is not in doubt when it comes to culpability, now that the disjointed states of A is blaming china for the covid-19 outbreak (to hide the fact that the devastating consequences are due to their own failings). that the jews failed to reach an agreement with hitler is their own fault and a number of groups around the world sought to do business with hitler in the 30s, of which the yankee-twats were one.

AM Hants

Didn’t Ford receive a freedom medal from Adolf?

I did not realise the US supported the Nazis, until Germany declared war on America. Before that they supported Germany, until the US declared war on Japan, following Pearl Harbour. Germany, allies of Japan, then declared war on America. Around the time Russia was defending herself in the Battle of Stalingrad and sending Adolf and his men, back to Berlin.

Is it true that Stalin was the only leader, who never had his signature on any paperwork Adolf had signed?

Is it true that the Uk/US fought 10 German Divisions and the Soviet Forces faced 200 German divisions?

At the end of the day, we all got played, courtesy those World Wars.

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What I know so far:

1. George Bush’s grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany. His business dealings, which continued until his company’s assets

were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act, has led more than 60 years later to a civil action for damages being brought in Germany against the Bush family by two former slave labourers at Auschwitz and to a hum of pre-election controversy.

2. General Motors and Ford had some of their largest factories in Germany even while they knew what the Nazis were doing: https://www.sfgate.com/opinion/article/Nazis-rode-to-war-on-GM-wheels-2659006.php

(During the Firebombing of Germany the Allies took special care not to do much harm to American owned factories)

3. Dupont USA worked with IG farben on their chemical development programmes. The same IG farben who developed chemical and other weapons for the Nazis: https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/.premium-researcher-dupont-helped-nazi-germany-out-of-ideology-1.7186636

… it goes on.

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Interesting, I am not anti-US, as find living in England, we are in the same position.

Getting involved in Ukraine, back in 2014, was an eye opener, especially what those we elect would do, under our names.

9 May 2014, I was watching the Russian Victory Parade. In awe, at the respect the nation had for their war dead. Plus, the EU, 5 Eye, NATO Member states, refused to send anybody to Russia, to respect those who perished in WWII. Russia, gave their seats to the UK Vets who had served in the Arctic Patrols, during WWII. Up there, sitting with President Putin and VIPs, whilst the UK Government would not even honour the old boys, with a medal. You then had President Putin, walking with his people, holding a photo of his father, in the Immortal Parade.

Gosh, watching the videos was so much greater than watching Ealing Film Studios version. I wanted to find out more.
Including Bush family, Bush or Scherff and their Nazi friends. Allen Dulles, CIA, Operation Paperclip, Reinhard Gehlen, Earl Browder, US Communist Party Leader and how they all link into where we are now. 1947 – events of the day, including over in the Middle East and the launch of the CIA. Atlantic Council, kinder fuhrer, again Allen Dulles, President Johnson, Admiral McCain, USS Liberty and John son’s involvement in both what happened to the sailors and also how it linked into his work in Vietnam. OPERATION Gladio, Operation Mockingbird and again Middle East manipulations, as well as the fall of the Soviet Union. Common Purpose, UK Shadow Government and how everything links into the Tavistock Institute and a script written in the late 19th Century. How they played us all and still trying to do it.

National Socialist (German) Worker’s Party, set up in 1922 and led by Adolf.

National Communist Party – Bolsheviks – overthrew Russian Empire, 1917.

How many Empires fell, following the end of WWI, in 1919?

Balfour Declaration, was it 1913, the same year they created the Fed Reserve?

IRA, created in 1917.
Mao’s Communist Party – 1922
Mussolini’s Fascist Party – around 1922
Iswald Moseley, Labour and Conservative MP, and Fabian (Socialist)


The allies were indeed facing very few German divisions, but the allies were tying down a lot of resources of the Germans with their air campaign.
Over a million military personnel and 10.000 plus guns were used to defend the motherland and could therefore not be used against the Soviet union.
Below is a link to a very good article.


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Ivan Freely

What’s next for ‘Murica? Book burning in front of the White House? In a way we’re already seeing the virtual version of it. You’ll know it’ll be a sad day when the Smithsonian goes down in flames.


Anyone who knows the score should stop using FaceBerg, Tweeter, etc.

FaceBerg is the world’s largest data-mining operation.

CIA/NSA brainstormed the perfect way to gather data on everyone, they will dress it up as something fun with activities and bells and whistles to keep the dupes coming back for more, while voluntarily uploading all their PII. Mark Cuckersperg didn’t invent FaceBerg; he used code that the CIA had already cooked up for the project.



AM Hants

Who is surprised, considering FB support the Nazis, over in Ukraine. The kinder fuhrer could not be seen to show respect to Russia or the Soviet Army, for defeating their idols, back in 1945,now could they?


Napoleon bought 3 newspapers in order to change the tide in French people’s hearts after the revolution and let them support him till the death. Just 3. Today’s triade is Google, Facebook and Twitter. Let them fall and we’ll have our freedom back.

1) Ditch Whatsapp, use Telegram
2) Throw away Google Chrome and reinstate a reliable borwser (brave, firefox, tor)
3) Dismantle Google engine search, use DuckduckGo
4) Use Protonmail not gmail (at least a yahoo account…)
5) Abandon android and use iOS (that’s the most difficult task, but also the most important)




Russia should ban Facesbook asap.

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