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Facebook Cenros InfoWars, Bans It From Livestreaming Videos


Facebook officially joins the ongoing campaign against alternative media

Facebook Cenros InfoWars, Bans It From Livestreaming Videos


In a shocking move against free speech, Facebook has banned Infowars from broadcasting live video on their platform without any prior warning or a clearly defined explanation for their decision.

While the social media giant has a long history of censoring Infowars and other libertarian or conservative-leaning voices, this is their most aggressive persecution of Infowars to date.

In response, Infowars has issued the following appeal statement –

We reviewed your policies and insights and have not found any violations. We are appalled that we’re being blocked and censored while the very same streams you’re blocking are sent over cable, AM & FM radio, shortwave and three additional streaming services with zero restrictions. This form of unbridled censorship is evidence Facebook is run by intolerant bigots who stand against the very essence of the First Amendment. We ask that you cease this blockade on our information immediately. We insist that you restore our page without restrictions unless you can provide tangible evidence of our “violations.”

Facebook Cenros InfoWars, Bans It From Livestreaming Videos

Despite Infowars drawing hundreds of millions of viewers to its Facebook video content and driving tremendous user traffic across the platform every month, in addition to substantial advertising investments by Infowars over the years, Facebook has put hard-left, pro-globalism politics ahead of the needs and desires of its consumers – and before its obligations to its shareholders.

Infowars has documented Facebook’s ever-increasing censorship at length.

Earlier this year, Paul Joseph Watson explained how the social media site was labeling Infowars articles as “spam” or “fake news,” and subsequently hiding them from users.

In the video below, Alex Jones explains how the tactic was applied to an article about a former CIA analyst asserting that Trump was wiretapped, which has been proven as very real news.

“With web founder Tim Berners-Lee demanding that Facebook do more to combat so-called ‘fake news’ – despite the fact that a Stanford University study found it had virtually no impact on the presidential election – the social media giant has teamed up with biased left-wing outfits to target conservative news sources,” reported Infowars’ Jamie White in April. “Last December, Facebook announced its intention to fight ‘fake news’ by partnering with the same third-party ‘fact-checking’ organizations that Google has recently brought to bear on its own censorship directive, including Snopes.com, ABC News, and Politifact.com.”

“Depending on who was on shift, things would be blacklisted or trending,” a former Facebook news curator told Gizmodo. “I’d come on shift and I’d discover that CPAC or Romney or Glenn Beck or popular conservative topics wouldn’t be trending because either the curator didn’t recognize the news topic or it was like they had a bias against Ted Cruz.”

Last month, Facebook millionaire, Jason Fyk, appeared on Infowars’ War Room to discuss Facebook’s Orwellian tactics to stifle free speech and liberty.



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  • Zainab Ali

    truth is destroying zio satanic losers surely – the world is awaking slowly to zionists’ crimes/lies/deceits

  • Barba_Papa

    From what I can gather though the left is also complaining bitterly that their vids and articles are being flagged as fake news. So I suspect its more a case of facebook and youtube implementing algorithms that are utterly shite. Since they cannot check every vid or article in person, and their algorithms suck ass, maybe the time has come that you cannot stop fake news any more then you can stop the weather. It is, it exists, learn to live with it, or learn to live with aggressive automated censorship. The question is which is worse.

  • TiredOfBsToo

    Censorship and McCarthyism is the form of democracy in the US. Twitter, Facebook and Google (along with YouTube) are just the latest adherents. The ‘Deep State’ desires to control everything Americans see and hear to completely control any opposition to word conquest and use Americans (and anyone else they can get their hands on) as cannon fodder.

    Before anyone takes off on Americans, realize this simple fact. Americans are comprised of immigrants from all peoples of the world and no smarter or dumber than the people of any country; they are however under a news blackout of real world events. I do like to use the term Mushroom people, to define Americans living in the US as just like mushrooms, they’re kept in the dark and fed sh*t.

  • goingbrokes

    Another twisted attempt to deprive from “we the people” the freedom of expression.
    This is how these massive corporations think and act. They are a benign social media platform for all to use, but when they are big enough, they start trying to control what people are saying. A new word is needed for this behaviour. Corporate communism? Because they behave like the Politburo.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    When the world failed to come to the aid of the DailyStormer, that told the elite-Zio’s that they were now free to close down all news that they do not like.
    It showed the sites like Info Wars and SouthFront do not believe in freedom of information.
    They only believe in their own story lines.
    When humanity failed to defend the DailyStormer, humanity failed themselves.

  • RichardD

    I don’t care for some of the material at Infowars, but AJ has been supporting America First which is fundamentally anti Israel first. And he has done a lot of work exposing Jew crime and evil, even if he doesn’t call it that. Facebook is a Jew operation like Google and YouTube. And the way that they suppress truthers exposing their crime and evil is the way that the Jew world order works.

    There are some Jew owned and operated sites like Unz Review and Global Research that also expose Jew world order crime and evil. But they’re not in control of Israel, the msm, politics, finance, etc.. And their dissent, while admirable, doesn’t absolve the Jew world order of it’s crimes, and the need to get them resolved. Or change Judaism from being an evil baby raping cult that rapes 1,000 babies every week and that needs to be outlawed to create a Jew free planet.

    I’ve had my Disqus account blocked at Infowars for the types of well documented Jew world order expose’ work that South Front visitors read here every day. And VT takes this material down also. So they’re clearly running interference for the Jew world order to keep the rape, pedophilia, terrorism and other crimes that the Jew world order is guilty of going.

  • Orcbuu

    Zuckerberg is the Nephew of Rockefeller, what do you need more to know to get the bigotery to understand?!