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Facebook Appologies For ‘Accident’ Ban Of Page Promoting Latvian Legion “Waffen SS”

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Facebook Appologies For 'Accident' Ban Of Page Promoting Latvian Legion “Waffen SS”


On August 16, Facebook restored one of the largest pages promoting the Latvian Legion “Waffen SS”, which was a formation of the Nazi Germany Army during the World War 2.

The Latvian Legion “Waffen SS” was among the last of Nazi Germany’s forces to surrender after defeat of the Nazis in the conflict. It was participating in punitive expeditions against local population and resistance forces in the areas occupied by Nazi Germany. The modern Latvian mainstream propaganda claims that the formation was fighting for the freedom against the USSR and was not involved in any warcrimes.

The Facebook page entitled “Latvian Legion” publishes photographs of soldiers, memories from Newspapers, books, family archives and other content justifying actions of the Waffen SS formation and promoting its members as heroes.

The page was tempoirarly banned but then restored.

“We are very sorry about this error. The group closed in error and updated as soon as we were able to conduct an audit. Every week our team processes millions of messages and sometimes we get the wrong information,” a Facebook representative commented on the situation to the Latvian TV channel TV3.

In Latvia March 16 is unofficially considered as the day of remembrance of the Latvian Legion “Waffen SS”. Every year on this day in Riga radical nationalist and pro-Nazi organizations hold marches and public events.

This situation once again shows the hypocrisy of major media corporations. While Facebook, Twitter and others are carrying out a crackdown of alternative media, for example InfoWars, they have no problems with open supporters of Nazis, if these Nazis are the Nazis “allied” to the MSM.

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the neo nazis= pro maidan = pro us= pro ue!! facebook= cia point!


“the neo nazis= pro maidan = pro us= pro ue!! facebook= cia” = Zionistscomment image


Who would’ve thought that the Zionist behind Facebook would be so friendly towards Nazis. Actually, I expected it just as I expect Zionists to be partnered with their ally KSA; all members of the same cloth.

Michał Hunicz

Stop calling Germans “Nazis”, I really didn’t know that suddenly some UFO with a Nazi tribe started ruling Germany, they were GERMANS.

Dušan Mirić


You can call me Al

These scum on the so called “social media” are promoting civil wars.


There are no radical nationalists or pro Nazis, they are the same, or someone list to me their differences


The basic difference (among other things) is NAZI ideology that is typical for NAZI’s.
NAZI’s are also internationalists and “nationalists” it doesn’t matter how “radical” are never internationalists. Nationalists are opposed to any kind of internationalism or globalism.


Do these two differ to one nation one race principle as well as physical characteristics like skin color?


One nation is nationalist principal and identity those values offer.
And for every true nationalist everybody who incarnates culture and tradition and completely defends those values and puts everything else inferior to those values is accepted as integral part of the nation.
Some nationalists can reject different race or religion if they see those elements culturally ideologically opposed (incompatible) to their own tradition and values.

Pan-Germanism and Aryan race, was incorporated in German NAZI’s movement. While todays Neo-NAZI’s are in general always internationalists and adepts of Aryan (white) race superiority.


a straight answer please, is a black person accepted in your nationalism and I mean you personally and will you be happy if he falls in love and merry your white daughter ?


I wasn’t avoiding “straight answer” but acknowledging fact that there are exceptions to every rule to certain degree.
Example. Historically Armenians have been victims of Turk genocide. So I imagine if somebody is Muslim and declares himself Armenian he will never be accepted because of such Armenian past.
I am nationalist and Orthodox Christian. If person would accept tradition, culture (language) and my religion completely I would accept that person as part of my nation. His color of skin would be of secondary importance to me.
But I would never accept MASS emigration where society can’t completely absorb those who come.
There are Orthodox Christians of darker color. I would never say that they do not belong to Christianity because of their color.
I am against today’s mass Muslim emigration and against deliberate destruction of white race and European nations their identity and culture and their religious identity.
Problem with Islam in general is that supersedes hosting nation and that is not acceptable in any shape or form.

I know you are racist (and Neo-NAZI ) and I don’t want exchange of opinion on racial level with you.
Do not waste my time !
I just wanted to tell you that despite Western MSM propaganda there is definitely difference between us and NAZI’s.


I am a Greek Orthodox Christian who likes Russians for their soviet past, their culture, their traditions which are very familiar to me, and present resistance to imperialist US and their vassals, what about that?


If you are everything you claim to be than what right do you have to label somebody who is nationalist to be a NAZI ?!!?
Things in life are not black an white
And what on earth “radical nationalist” means?!
Somebody who is obsessed with importance of his own nation to see all others inferior maybe?
People who feel need to hate others and to be superior is fascist already and has nothing to do with patriotism.
That’s all I have to say to you for me this conversation is closed.
Good bye!


I am glad you are back to patriotism. Lol


Piss off you communist internationalist twat !
It is Marxist demagogy to label word “nationalist” as something negative!
There is nothing negative about being proud nationalist specially in such disgusting Marxist globalist world !
I am Orthodox CHRISTIAN and CONSERVATIVE and I spit on everything INTERNATIONAL weather is fascism or communism or liberalism it is same internationalist EVIL with different faces !
You left-right internationalists are allays of globalist EVIL !


Just for your info we call it proletariat internationalism.
and has nothing to do with globalism. End of story.


I don’t care how you ” call it”!
I have lived under such CRAP regime and need nobodies explanation on that subject.
Communism is as globalist as fascism and liberalism.
That’s why lefties directly support liberal mass emigration invasion of Europe! Destruction of Europe through importing millions of Muslims.
You are the scourge of Europe a red pests, nothing better than that liberal globalist evil.


But you still go to space with Soyuz, use military technology invented during Soviet Union. The only thing Putin does is renovating palaces and churches, statues of Vladimir, new football arena which will be delivered to his friends for free. The only good think he did is to save part of Syria, so as to avoid for some time a competitive gas pipe line from Quatar. Doent tell me he suffers for Syrian people.And now let me tell you piss off.


“The only thing Putin does is renovating palaces and churches”
What liar and hypocrite you are!!!
You present yourself as an”Orthodox Christian” and now you complaint that Russia is rebuilding their churches?!!!?
You communist vermin you are not Orthodox Christian!
SU-57 is 100% Russian new design! T-14 Armata is 100% Russian new design!
S-500 is 100% Russian new design! Hyper-sonic missile Zircon also !
Sarmat also! “Dagger” missile also ! And I could create very long list of 100% pure RUSSIAN designs !
Despite sanctions Russia has booming agriculture BEST ever in history of Russia and specially in history of USSR!
While USSR had to import agricultural products Russia is the biggest producer and exporter of the wheat in the world today!
Russian cars & trucks are equal in design and quality to the Western (not like USSR junk that nobody wanted to buy)

You communist are Jewish red globalist cholera of this planet and good news is that you are dead already !!


The soviets were so advanced that you still pull dawnings from the drawers. You can’t finish a civil airplane because half of the sensitive equipments is foreign, referring to MC21 and SJ100. Kamaz trucks use Mercedes engines, the biggest auto factory in the world in Samara produces only foreign cars and you are selling RD engines designed in Soviet Union to the Americans to send their satellites in space and then spy you. You want some more all the oligarchs who has stolen the country wealth are zionists jews friends of Putin and what about your central bank, its owned by jews. Hey wake up man you don’t own your country.


“… from the drawers” of SU-57 and T-14 Armata and all the latest weapons like Dagger or hyper-sonic Zircon or Sarmat??!
You red lying son of bitch !
You are full of SHIT !
And you talk about JEWS you COMMUNIST WHORE !?!
With your JEWS in charge and your JEWISH COMMUNIST religion from Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and all other Jew Soviet mass murderers who infested Russia like cholera for 100 YEARS!
You have brought them in power you RED filthy PIGS!!!
NOBODY wants your SHIT – communism any more!
And China is becoming Super Power because CAPITALIST !

“You can’t finish a civil airplane because half of the sensitive equipments is foreign”
Russia will SELL to Iran Sukhoi Superjet 100 besause made 100% out of RUSSIAN components so nobody can block sale! And they will sell Irkut
MC-21 also to Iran made 100% out of RUSSIAN components so nobody can block sale also!
So FUCK YOU !!!!!!

FUCK YOU RED NATO WHORE nobody wants your communism any more!!!
I shit on you and on every RED bastard that is left on this planet!!!!!!!!
You are BLOCKED!!!!


I can imagine your red face, blood pressure 20, heart is bidding like jungle drams ready to explode. With so much swearing Patriarch Cyril will never let you go to church any more.Ok I will stop torturing you, I think I am more christian than you lol

The Farney Fontenoy

It’s Germany, or the Third Reich!!! Stop throwing around this stupid slang “nazi”, it’s a hungarian word that loosely translates as ‘nutsy’!

Ariel Cohen

It’s a very useful label buddy. Just like all the other names they pin free-thinkers down with, like Holocaust Denier, Anti-Semite, Self-Loathing Jew, Historical Revisionist etc. If you can pin a derogatory label on someone that is a threat to your dirty work, then you have them almost defeated . .


Anti-Semite has to be the biggest blame shifting oxymoron in recent history. The Palestinians are Semites, most Jews are Ashkenazi Europeans.

Ariel Cohen

They call others racists continually, and yet they themselves practise a form of Apartheid that makes the South African episode seem like a mild case of antipathy. Apartheid and racism are alive and protected in modern day occupied Palestine and the ghetto prison camps of Gaza and the West bank . .


It would have been taken care of long ago if it wasn’t for US military and UN support. 83% of the planet’s Jews live in the US and Israel. The Secretary General’s report on a Palestinian protection force is already a week late. Probably due to US and Israeli pressure.

If our planet’s Israel and Jew problem isn’t corrected. It’s just going to be more Yinon plan and Jew world order hegemony wars and subversions. The solution is to outlaw Judaism and close the synagogues and yeshivas and replace Israel with Palestine. Preferably with a minimal amount of violence. The US and our planet would be much better places without Israel and Judaism.

Gary Sellars

Its not Hungarian, its an old Germanic word, essentially the old name for ancient Germany.


These are war crimes currently being carried out on almost a daily basis by the same Jew pedophile mass rape cult that collaborated with the Nazis on mass fratricide:

“Israeli forces located across the borders of Gaza have opened fire at medical staff, field-based medical care units, and ambulances, which are clearly marked as medical facilities. As a result, 79 medics have been injured, including five by live fire. Twenty ambulances have also been damaged due to shooting by Israeli forces.”

– Medical Care to Casualties Hindered by Israeli Forces Attacks on Medics in Gaza –



Jew death cult fratricide is examined in depth in this article:

“In 1934, Stephen Wise, head of the American Jewish Congress said:

… I cannot be indifferent to the Galuth [the Jewish diaspora living outside of Palestine] … if I had to choose between Eretz Israel and its upbuilding and the defense of the Galuth, I would say that then the Galuth must perish.”

– The Zionist-Nazi Collaboration –


Which is exactly what the evil Jews orchestrated, mass death fratricide, as the article addresses in detail.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Who are these “Nazis” everybody keeps yapping about?

Ariel Cohen

“…and sometimes we get the wrong information” – Yeah right . .


While censorship is bad, it is not hard to see which side FB is on most of the time.

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