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Fabrication Of The ‘Steele Dossier’: More Details Of The Russia-Gate Hoax Exposed

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Fabrication Of The ‘Steele Dossier’: More Details Of The Russia-Gate Hoax Exposed

More details are emerging of the hoax cycle

In an interview with Fox media outlet (on the Lou Dobbs tonight program), member of the US House of Representatives Devin Nunes, a senior member of House Intelligence Committee, revealed the FBI’s secret source for the discredited ‘Steele Dossier’.

As RussiaGate winds down for all but the most fanatical conspiracy theorists, attention is shifting to how the hoax was constructed and by whom, and to who else knew about the scheme and when.

It has been clear for some time that the Obama-Comey FBI and Justice Department never had anything more substantial than the ‘Steele dossier’ to justify the “counterintelligence” investigation against the Trump campaign. Yet incessant leaks from that supposedly confidential probe wound up consuming the Trump administration’s first months in office — followed by the Bob Mueller-led special counsel investigation that confirmed the “total witch hunt” as President Trump described it.

Information released as the Justice Department dropped its charges against General Mike Flynn showed that President Barack Obama, in his final days in office, played a key role in perpetuating the scandal. Fully briefed on the “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation, he knew the FBI had come up with nothing despite months of work starting in July 2016.

Nonetheless, the Obama administration went on a full-scale leak offensive — handing the Washington Post, New York Times and others a nonstop torrent of “anonymous” allegations of Trump ties to Moscow. It insinuated that the investigations were finding compelling evidence on Team Trump — when in fact the investigators had found nothing. LINK

Other documents have shown that the FBI was aware that the infamous dossier used as a pretext to spy on President Donald Trump’s campaign was unreliable, and that the New York Times published false information about the ‘Russiagate’ probe. LINK

Commenting on the latest detailed investigations and hearings conducted by the congressional committee, Nunes (a member of the Republican party) stated that the Brookings Institute was involved in the production, the dissemination and the defence of the Steele Dossier.

The whole story was made up and the FBI knew about it. The dossier was described by the congressman as a ‘hit piece’, and the president of the Brookings Institute was personally involved in the matter, regularly exchanging text messages with Christopher Steele, the author of the report. There was no Russian informer or agent involved, there were no cloak and dagger superspies, the whole affair was invented by a few creatures from the swamp and subsequently pushed by the FBI, the Justice Department and the White House to discredit Trump and favour the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.


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Et the end they will accuse Russia for setting up UK and creating

‘Steele Dossier’ themselves.

Can these Anglo-Saxons get more ridiculous than they are already?
And if that is “Deep state” than it is not much really.

Lone Ranger

The chickens come home to roost…
Military tribunals are waiting…


The best solution is that they elect Biden for president.
With his dementia he can hardly be under Russian or anybodies “influence” really.

Антон С

I guess Putin could win in both cases: Biden or Trump. That’s what MSM will say.)


ha ha ha ha!
That was very funny Anton!
I agree I think that even if Biden is brain dead and doesn’t know even his name they’ll say that he is under Russian, Putin’s influence!
I can hardly believe that anybody in US could believe in all that nonsense propaganda!

Антон С

Old anecdote about jews. A jew is reading a paper, another one is asking:
-Abram, why do you read this paper? It’s judophobe (against jews)!
-Indeed, Moysha. But give me another such paper where I could read that we are so powerful, smart and unstoppable.

If to read western papers, Putin is the most powerful, smart and unstoppable leader in the world. 2nd after God.)



Anton we all see those articles of Western propaganda that they just use to spread Russophobia among ordinary people.
But sometimes they tend to underestimate and challenge Russia and that is even more dangerous than overestimating

Антон С

Agree. Looks like schizophrenia: Russia is very weak, but threaten whole world. Or another variant: rus. weapons are old and rusty, but Pentagon with all it shiny arsenal have no such sophisticated weapons and should spend more money. That’s why more people loses trust to western MSM.


Alex Jones should be allowed to testify before congess on the scamdemic, and other issues, like this one. And to publically debate people like Bill Gates. To see who’s telling the truth and who’s lying.

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