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JUNE 2021

FA-50PH Fighters Grounded By Philippine Air Force After Striking Allied Troops In Marawi

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FA-50PH Fighters Grounded By Philippine Air Force After Striking Allied Troops In Marawi

FA-50PH Aircraft arrives at the Air Force City base Clark,81 km north or Manila on November 18,2015. Photo By Edward Solo

The Philippine Air Force announced that it had stopped using the FA-50PH fighters after a failed airstrike that resulted in the killing and wounding of a number of Philippines soldiers in Marawi city where clashes between government troops and ISIS members are still ongoing.

The Philippine Air Force announced that it would determine the cause of the incident before reusing it again. The Philippine Air Force has 12 FA-50PH multi-roller fighters made by the Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) in South Korea.

Brig-Gen Restituto Padilla of the Philippine Army announced that the death toll in the Manila battle rose to 537, including 399 ISIS fighters, 93 Philippines soldiers and 45 civilians, and the Marawi battle is about to enter its third month. According to Padilla, The Philippine Army has so far managed to rescue 1723 civilian hostages from ISIS fighters, and has been able to re-capture 502 firearms too.

From its side, ISIS claimed the killing of 7 Philippines soldiers during clashes in the Liloud and Marinot districts of Marawi city and claimed the destruction of an armored vehicle for the Philippine Army with an IED in Marinot district. As the Marawi battle continues, the Philippine President is expected to extend the period of martial law which ends on July 22.

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The US will destroy any country that does not kowtow to Washington.
The only way to stop them flying in their mercenary army(ISIS) is to eject all Americans from your country.

Colin Oskapy



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Russell A Wilson

All the bad manners towards the US by Duterte was justified. Is the US even trying to make it appear they are helping to get rid of ISIS?

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