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F-35B Crashes In South Carolina, Just Day After First Combat Usage Of Similar Jet In Afghanistan

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F-35B Crashes In South Carolina, Just Day After First Combat Usage Of Similar Jet In Afghanistan


A F-35B fighter jet of the US Marine Corps crashed near Marine Corp Air Station Beaufort in Beaufort County, South Carolina, on September 28.

According to an official statement on the issue, the pilot safely ejected from the jet.

The jet belonged to 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501, known as the “Warlords.”

“Marines from MCAS Beaufort are working with local authorities currently conducting standard mishap operations to secure the crash site and ensure the safety of all personnel in the surrounding area,” a Marine spokesman, Capt. Christopher Harrison, told media.

The September 28 incident took place just a day after a similar jet carried out its first-ever combat airstrike. On September 27, a Marine Crops F-35B struck positions of the Taliban in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province.

“The F-35B is a significant enhancement in theater amphibious and air warfighting capability, operational flexibility, and tactical supremacy … As part of the Essex Amphibious Ready Group, this platform supports operations on the ground from international waters, all while enabling maritime superiority that enhances stability and security,” Vice Adm. Scott Stearney, commander of the NAVCENT said in the official statement on this development.

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Maybe it struck a bird!!

Promitheas Apollonious

or the pilot try to fart side ways and unbalanced it?


I doubt the pilot ejected safely.

Jens Holm

Even Russians invented that, itas safe.

Tommy Jensen

Wishful thinking. ME wars 2 million shitholes killed, US/NATO servicemen. 4848. Americans never die………………………….LOL.

Zionism = EVIL

Coward why don’t you sign up and die than posting crap 24/7? US losers casualties are much higher if contractors and other white trash riff raff is included. Over a million discarded veterans are living in the streets and have mental diseases ……LOL

Hisham Saber

You actually call 2 million of what are most likely innocent civilians ‘ shitholes ‘ and consider yourself a human being. Proof your a genocidal Talmudist, or if your not, you should seriously consider becoming one. Only an anti-social, psychopathic sociopath would post a comment like yours.

Americans never die? Ask the Vietnamese, or Koreans, or the Taliban today. The Battle of the Bulge nearly turned into an American disaster, but by sheer luck and weather.

The U.S. doesn’t take on countries that can fight back. In fact, the U.S. is ill equipped to go into a regional war in the MENA region, even if it installed the ‘draft’. Most of her troops would come home with PTSD, anxiety, depression and commit suicide every 22 minutes, which is the standard rate today. The rest would become addicted to opiate pain killers. Go take a tour of your local VA Hospital dude. And weep. American soldiers suffer worse than death, but a slow, debilitating , agonizing, paranoid existence until they succumb to suicidal tendencies. I personally knew one such man, 26 years old, who blew his brains out after a tour of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.


In addition VA and privately operated clinic see their dependency on prescription drugs as their ‘farms’. Sick shithole.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

hit a kite or a balloon probably, i hear they are dangerous….


A Zionist F-35 hit a flock of Russian SAM birds a few months ago :) over occupied Golan. Since then I understand Russian birds have become bigger and bolder.


At least its invisible



I have mentioned before that US regime should not take F-35 out to the air but they don’t listen.

Jens Holm

After what I saw Your comment 15 minutes ago, they never will listen to Your non sense.


The F-35 is a total failure at $1.5 trillion and $100 apiece, it is already outdated like the flying dishwasher “stealth” F-22 which was lit up by a SU-35 radar over Dier Azzor at eyesight level. The upcoming Russian S-500 Prometheus, the most advanced aerospace defence system on the planet will render every western aircraft obsolete and sitting duck ready for a bird strike..

Hisham Saber

The S-500’s are already deployed serving a ‘ ring ‘ around Russia. They not only intercept fighters, high altitude bombers, stealth or not, but can intercept ballistic missiles and ICBM’s traveling at supersonic speeds. They can intercept anything the west/NATO has today, or the foreseeable future. My theory goes that they can take out targets at hypersonic speeds.


Syrians have damaged one F-35 by S-200.


This is a MUST WATCH for EVERYONE, By Allah america’s end is near biiznilallh https://videopress.com/v/mqfPtddp?at=2345

Zionism = EVIL

Flying JUNK like the Zionist F-35 hit a “bird” in the shape of a SA-2 :)

Promitheas Apollonious

and that is only the beginning.

Jens Holm

Well, most of the time accidents too start with 1. But You probatly is Twin.

Promitheas Apollonious

you confuse me with your father again defective dna




It’s ample time for the US/Israeli Warmongers to collapse by their own…

Jens Holm

One a year isnt much.

viktor ziv

It’s just a beginning.

Jens Holm

No, its not.


WHOO HAA !!! ILMAO … !!! Maybe it was too windy, to foggy, too hot/cold or just too wet … ? The F-35-B must be a Terror Bird Phorusrhacos, LOL !!! https://www.canstockphoto.be/schrik-vogel-phorusrhacos-35977812.html


Russia hacked them.

Zo Fu

Putin loosened some bolts, or put Novichok in the cabin, or at least instructed Boshirov to do so. Or was it actually Chepiga ?



Brother Thomas

““The F-35B is a significant enhancement” … to the profits of Lockheed Martin and the MIC.


“The F-35B is a significant embarrassment”

K Pomeroy

Yup. They’re blushing all the way to the bank.


This is no incident. It’s a very close ground support!


$230,000,000 down the toilette.


They could have done a lot of good things with that kind of dough. Probably vaccinate every child in the 3rd World? Fund micro credit schemes that would have lifted countless people out of poverty? So many good things that could have proven more good for humanity then this waste?

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

expensive prang. cant they blame somebodies toy helicopter or drone?


The pilots should be on injury leave if not dead for ejecting the seat.

Zo Fu

Seems so because it is couple hours after the crash and mainstream just keeps saying that pilot ejected and is examined for injuries. If he didn’t suffer any, they would already tell us. So my guess – pilot suffered neck injury after ejection, which was by the way one of 16 critical discrepancies found by testing and downgraded by Pentagon in hope that F35 can be declared combat ready with these16 critical flaws. If pilot died or was heavily injured, they have to cover it up. Otherwise F35 project will be grounded again. Hilarious.

Brad Isherwood

Oh dear. …The F 35 has problems. Maybe it was the software and Pilot pull the mission recorder, Or it was the Engine and leaking fuel lines, Or the undercarriage built in Canada, ..or Norge

But hey….You get decades Martin Baker ejection seats. ..

At least you go out ….in Style : )


ha ha

Zo Fu

Well, mainstream says it is the first crash of F35 in 17 years history. I think it is not correct. F35 suffered alot of “close calls” and technical mishaps which lead to crash landings and destroying aircraft. For example:

On January 2014, cracks were observed in turbine blades and whole F35 fleet was grounded.

On 23 Jun 2014, F35A suffered an engine fire during takeoff. Pilot performed emergency landing and escsaped unharmed, but the airplane was written off. Probably turbine blade failure. https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=167375 This has negative impact on 2014 Farnborough Airshow as all F35 fleet was grounded again.

November 2015. Inspection team found serious cracks in wingspar of F35C. Existing fleet of F35C (about 30 examples) was grounded and possibly scrapped afterwards. Fuselage of F35C had to be redesigned by adding material to fix the problem.

On 27 Oct 2016 The F-35b suffered an in-flight fire. Pilot performed emergency landing and the airplane was written off. The cause was electrical wires near leaking hydraulics. http://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=212478

On Sep 09 2017, unknown classified aircraft crashed in Nellis, Area 51, killing the pilot. AFMC, to which the crashed aircraft belonged, is a parent unit of the 412th Test Wing, based at Edwards Air Force Base, whose 416 FLTS (Flight Test Squadron) flies the F-35 Lightning II. For these reasons, there are growing speculations that the aircraft involved in the crash was an F-35 working inside the Nellis Test and Training Range. Still, the aircraft could also be some Black Project jet that the U.S. Air Force wants to remain secret for some more time.

On 1st week Oct 2017 Israeli F35 suffered “birdstrike” (S-200 missile hit) over Syria. Airplane was able to perform emergency landing, but was heavilly damaged (possibly written off). Pilot survived.

On Aug 22, 2018, F35a pilot performed emergency landing. After the landing, front undercarriage collapsed and airplane was badly damaged. Nobody was injured during the incident.

On September 28, F35b crashed. Pilot ejected and possibly survived (information is not public yet) as people ejected from F35 have a 23 percent chance of dying and 100 percent chance of a “neck extension” if they have less then 136 pounds weight.



Very long article listing numerous problems. When life gives you F35, make lemonade.


You forget the f35 whose nose fell off PARKED at Eglin AFB FL a few .onths ago.

Jens Holm

Thats right. To many problems. Much mpre then hoped and expected for.


Panel skin fell off in Japan.


An F35 crashing onto the deck of the new UK Carrier currently in the US for landing trials etc would be really funny :)





The Russians aren’t the only ones losing planes then…

Jens Holm

If You have time for it, You can find list of them in civiles as well as military colonnes. Models too.

Zo Fu

F35 is only a modification of Russian Yak 141 design from 1987, which was never build in numbers in Russia, because it proven itself sluggish and unusable. And guess what. F35 is sluggish and unusable. And probably will be grounded again. True hangar queen. Just another airplane made for dumb idea has proven that laws of physics are working. America can’t afford investment to aging infrastructure, health and education system, but can afford 1,5 trillion disaster named JSF Lightning II. Well if they invested to education, they would never made such a crap.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

america is done man


If you speak with realtors in the Washington DC area, they can tell you that the housing market is doing very well due in no small part to the salaries generated by the F35. https://www.zillow.com/washington-arlington-alexandria-metro-dc_r395209/home-values/

Jens Holm

Soem here ad things up as inflation in some ME countries -It was 1 jet. ONE ;)


What language is that? Danish?

Peter Moy

Big deal, another hard landing. This pilot (to be extremely generous and American-style politically correct) now qualifies for honorary membership in the John McCain Flying School Hall of Fame. The late US Senator McCain should never have been allowed near any aircraft during his navy days after he crashed one while enrolled in flight school. Anyone else would have been kicked out but McCain’s father was the commander of the US Pacific Fleet. McCain was later shot down over North Vietnam when his A-4 Skyhawk was hit by anti-aircraft fire. He suffered severe injuries as his parachute only opened right before he landed in a lake. Poor thing. Like they say in Jamaica: “I believe sh*t happens mon!”

Zo Fu

McCain is the guy who nearly sunk aircraft carrier USS Forrestal in 1967, killing 134 crew and injured 161. In any normal country he would be sued by military court and shot dead for negligence. But in US they made him a Senator.


$80 million just gone up in smoke and a mass of twisted metal.


Go therefore to the war, … ! Now we know for sure why these Anglo-Zionists are so scared of a stone-throwing Palestinian … We can count ourselves lucky with these F-35 and F-22 predators, … Still before they have completed an official assignment, half of them have already been written off and put on the floor for eternity, just as good to use for spare parts. Betting that after the production of the F-22 also this of the F-35 will soon be lifted?

And then to think about what you could have done with those one and a half trillion dollars, if you had it invested in education, basic infrastructure, mobility and healthcare in your own country. That would have made America great again and it would be respected internationally, not then? !!!

Psssst, … ! Not to mention the ejector seat, … https://media.fox13news.com/media.fox13news.com/photo/2017/11/10/LV%20TOILET_1510321652462_4502566_ver1.0_640_360.jpg

Zo Fu

And by the way. F35 must not fly in wet condition because It suffers electrochemical corossion between carbon stealthy coating and aluminum airframe. Not mentioning that F35 can be knocked out by lightnings. Which is quite tragicomic for the plane named Lightning II.


Whenever people start splashing things around like “a significant enhancement in theater amphibious and air warfighting capability, operational flexibility, and tactical supremacy …”, you know you’ll be needing the hip waders.


Must…… Resist……. Urge…… To……. Laugh…… And…….

Who am I kidding? WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The first of many. And let us not be too critical of this canard, because this will prove the biggest self inflicted disaster for the US armed forces in history.

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