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F-15EX Multirole Strike Fighter (Infographics)

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F-15EX Multirole Strike Fighter (Infographics)

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On July 13, the US Air Force officially placed an order for its first batch of F-15EX jets. The contract signed with Boeing as the main contractor puts a ceiling value for the entire program close to $23 billion. The first delivery order (the value is about $1.2 billion) covers the delivery of eight F-15EX jets as well as support and one-time, upfront engineering costs.


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Assad must stay

the money spent on this could and should have been spent on helping ordinary citizens out of work, poor, in poverty, needing healthcare, but no, lets spend more on crap shit like this, US is going the way of the soviet union, maybe its the ghost of it striking back from beyond the grave lol

Simon Ndiritu

Then you see the US government castigating other countries for misappropriating citizen’s resources; That to me is a serious case of psychological projection.

Assad must stay

yes, hondred procent true


yet another moron comes along and says, “so this is one of the tools they used to enforce the petro dollar and keep the reserve currency status for so long so they can print as much wealth as they want and become the most powerful country in the world? WOW!”
If u love Russia (like i do) id like to see your complaints against Russia’s health care system versus defence spending! Have u seen Putin’s house in Sochi? Do you have anything to say about this?
or are u only here to be a biased moron?


By any objective measure the US is a failed state. Its misplaced policies and unsustainable spending on wars and weapons ruined it. There is no coming back.


and yet it is coming back!
With a vengeance!
And china is drowning in floods, hurricanes and a fake economy without access to foreign investments without Honk Kong Dollars!
China is losing in space, losing in GDP, losing in the South China sea and will lose in China itself!
The USA is being re-birthed!


Are you dreaming or what ? Just look at how both countries handled Coronavirus ? The American’s are dumping bodies in mass graves while in China it’s completely under control.

China’s debt is peanuts compared to their GDP. The US is drowning in debt and a third of it is owned to guess who ? China.is alot nicer and more developed than the US. In China, the entire country is connected by modern, high speed rail, cheap and accessible. In the US all the infrastructure is crumbling.

Why is the US trying to tell the Chinese who owns what in the South CHINA sea ? Or sending troops 10,000 km away in the Persian Gulf to try to intimidate the Persians ? The US should be more concerned about the welfare of its people.

In China every citizen has universal healthcare. The US is the only developed country without universal healthcare. 44 million people in the US have no healthcare and there are just as many on food stamps, drowning in debt, suicide, drugs, gang violence, gun violence, looting, etc Insulin costs 10x as much in the US when compared to prices in Canada.

Again the US needs to fix its internal problems before spreading its “way of life” to other countries.

The US has lots of internal problems but rather than


This is who YOU Trust….

comment image comment image

Yeah China welded people into its own buildings! lol
Sat photo’s show all the Phosphorus burning!
Why do people “Disappear” in China?
When did China find out about this Virus? Was it Jan 28 2020?
Was it November 9 2019?
or Was it august 2019?
How did they Handle it?
First it was not to be worried about
Then it wasnt human to human
Then it was but nothing to worry about
Then it was all over the world
(did i think they handled it well? They welded people into buildings and pulled up in the streets with vans and kidnapped people)
Then they re-opened the wet markets after only 5 weeks!
and u ask me if they handled it well! hahahaha

How did China handle it do u ask?
Well if we are to believe China’s official story, then it came from the Wet markets where the Sars Virus came from also!
So why did China re-open the markets only 1 month after the Virus broke out?

If u are going to weld people into buildings, is it smart to re-open the Wet Market?

What is George Soros’s investments in the Wuhan L4 Labratory!

Why did the Virus suddenly break out the day after the Trump Impeachment failed?

Why is Winnie the poo and Fallun Gong Offensive in China?
Why is calling it the “Chinese Virus” offensive in China when Chinese food isnt offensive! Why re-open the markets?




Chinas economy + yuang backed by solid gold,usa is just the debtwhore,
You got 5-6 months to reap from stocks,after that,where the fun really begins,
China though unkown in space atkeast ain’t part of cias,fake moon + fake x scams,as for hong kong,its simple the future is with the Commonwealth,ther kaws appreciated by even the most wealthy local and commodoty traders,no sht!
There is rebirth of the whore of babylon,once the vile tard crashes,there she stays,and make no mistake no fascist,not lgbtq,nor incest nor septic gonna get away with it,without serious implications to debtmongers owned by satans trustee!






Chinas too strong yet Putin deserves any home,Russias heath care better than usas!


“Chinas too strong” = lol
“Putin deserves any home” = lol
“Russias heath care better than usas” = lol
Medicare exists in the USA!
however affordable private health care exists also! You’ve been watching too many Michael Moore videos!

30 million people in the USA dont have private health care! This is the bottom of Society yes?
Medicare exists!
How many illegal immigrants in the USA?
11 million?
30 million? :)

why is that when i am in St Pertersburg, people come onto the train to beg for money? i saw Russian Soldiers from Afghanistan war begging for money (had 1 legs and 1 arm)

Why is that a Russian man with no arms comes onto the same train with only a cup on a rope around his neck begging for money on a train?

Why would they need to beg if the Russian health system is so good?

Why is my Female Russian friend who wanted an Abortion being held in a room with 5 men and the walls have only brick and no insulation and the bed heads have rust on them? Why does it look like a WW2 hospital bunker?

You are full of shit!

in russia, if u have money u can get good health care!

Dude, u cant even look after your fucking roads!
ive been there! TWICE!

if i can see how shit it is in 30 days, im sure ive seen enough!

Why do the old Soviet housing buildings small like piss at the entrance where the 1 person elevator is? Yeah the elevator that makes a squeaky sound as u go up it! lol.
Why do they only allow 1 person up? Soviet tech? hahaha
Why is the entrance not only smell like piss and shit but also is black from fires and smoke?
Homeless people live there?

Dude, you are talking to someone who knows!

St petes is a beautiful city, but i travelled much further than just Nevsky Prospect!

i can show u photos if you like!

youre full of shit and u know youre full of shit!

Jim Allen

Well you’re sure as Hell a biased moron.
Have you been to Putin’s house in
Sochi ?
Have you been to Trumps house in Manhattan ?
Have any complaints against US “healthcare” system ? I mean vs US defense spending ?
Further, Russian currency is gold backed,
US currency is fiat based on nothing at all, and owned by the reserve bank that’s owned by a private offshore bank. That also owns the rights to print as much as as it wants, any time it wants.
Russia spends one-tenth of what US spends on defense, yet has superior weapons systems, hardware, and capabilities than US.
On second thought, you’re not a moron, you’re an idiot.


An aging aircraft, but one of the better and most versatile US jet with a decent interception and ground attack capability. However, has been a failure in Saudi hands, like ever other western weapons.

Swift Laggard II

what has that failure got to do with the platform? the failure is Saudi Military not the fighter. They have many other types of platforms and this has not made any difference to the war effort


everything is a failure in Saudi hands. They don’t promote the most capable and competent soldiers to high ranks because the Saudi royal family are scared of their own military more than anything else.

Many of the highest ranking officers, generals are Saudi family members who lack the necessary training or experience but were promoted because of their family ties and perceived loyalty.

That’s also why they don’t give individual units any autonomy. Everything is much too centralized because they want to know where all units are and what they are doing at all times.The units cannot even move an inch without permission from the top.

Such rigid restrictions can be a death sentence on the battlefield where units needs to move and react very quickly to real life situations. Most Saudi soldiers have no faith in their superiors and simply run as fast as they can at the first sign of danger.

Damien C

This does not inspire confidence in the F35 does it?
The all singing all dancing wonder machine is causing such a headache for the USAF because it is a hangar-bitch. They can’t get the thing in air for long enough to be a competent system.
They need planes in the air and more of them but have no confidence in the ability of the F35 either now or the foreseeable future to meet that demand so have instead opted for a 60 year old design which was first produced in 1972

Not that they seem to have improved their missile capabilities either if it carries a special ejection rack allowing it to carry 22 air to air missiles! Really?
Why would you need to carry 22 missiles into a dogfight in the modern era unless you expect 18 of them or so to miss

The only conceivable reason is to be a response to the Russian Su 57-Okhotnik drone system but I don’t know how.

Whilst the starting price looks quite large it will tumble significantly to an acceptable price for the USAF but its still going to be somewhere between $50 – $70 million a pop with a very high maintenance cost
Russia could sell them 2 Su30 for the same cost but that wouldn’t look good would it

Lone Ranger

Thats basically the silent eagle project.
Another proof the Flop-35 failed.
More new F-15s and Super Hornets…
They should have done this 10 years ago.
But better late than never…


Creating a one size fits all jet for all of the various tasks that the various branches of the military require was a silly idea in the first place. Like the F-22, which was discontinued because of its ridiculous costs, the F-35 is also far too expensive and requires far too much maintenance.

It’s stealth capabilities are also over-rated. It’s basically a flying turkey. It’s engine is severely underpowered and it’s not maneuverable. It’s only saving grace is that it’s equipped with such advanced radar and avionics that it can engage targets from a very long distance

However the fact that it can’t maneuver makes it too risky to engage targets at close range.. Proponents would argue that “oh it doesn’t need to get close” However any jet with similar quality avionics and radar could do the same thing. However if it ever does get in a situation where it needs maneuver, either to avoid an incoming missile or to outflank another jet, it’s going to end up in a hopeless situation.

When you think about it, it’s more like a small bomber than a fighter jet. That pretty much sums it up.

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