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Eye Witnesses: Hundreds Of Dead Bodies In Marawi


Eye Witnesses: Hundreds Of Dead Bodies In Marawi

Romeo Ranoco/Reuters

According to a Philippines politician, Zia Alonto Adiong, residents fleeing Marawi City said they have seen hundreds of dead bodies on the front lines as they fled the city. According to the politician, at least 100 bodies were seen at the entrances to Marawi City.

“Dead bodies, at least 100, are scattered around the encounter area,” Adiong said.

From its side, the Philippine Army said it could not confirm or deny these reports.

Philippines military sources said at least 290 people have been killed in more than three weeks of clashes, including 206 extremists, 58 soldiers and 26 civilians.

Last week ISIS published a video from Marawi showing its fighters executing civilians in the city. This means that reports of massacres are often true.

Yesterday, ISIS claimed the killing of five Philippines soldiers by sniper fire in Mabandi district in Marawi City, moreover they claimed killing three other soldiers during clashes in Moncado district.

Spokesman for the Philippine Army, Jo-Ar Herrera, announced that ISIS commander Mohammad Noaim Maute was arrested in Cagayan de Oro City, 100 km north of Marawi, stressing that the Philippine Army is working to end the battle and liberate the city as soon as possible.



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  • Pave Way IV

    Insane. 250 or so Maute gangsters and their imported head-chopper pals have displaced 220,000 civilians from around Marawi. Nobody is sure how many Maute are still left. Philippine AF leveling city to take out the Maute snipers remaining, but many residents couldn’t flee and are still hiding in the city. Maute supposedly holding a hundred hostages somewhere. This sounds like Raqqa or Mosul.

    • tigbear

      Moral of the story: Don’t allow Islam into your country. Myanmar tries to prevent
      Islamists coming into their nation, as ‘refugees’, as opportunist colonists, as normal migrants, as proselytizers … however, this is not the politically correct thing to do in the Age of Western Liberalism, so Myanmar is under fire from the politically correct evangelists and moral crusaders for not accepting these people and sending them elsewhere.

      IMO, these ‘refugees’ of today will become the ISIS of tomorrow. Learn from what is happening in the Philippines, in Syria, in EU nations like Germany, England, France and Sweden and do not take these people in.

      Poland and Hungary refuse to take in any of these ‘refugees’, and as a result, the EU is seeking to punish them financially, by denying funds from the common fund.

      Prevention is better than cure.

      • Pave Way IV

        Marawi is mostly a Muslim city, tigbear – nobody ‘let them in’. The Maute criminal clan have been running the show there for decades. It has nothing to do with their religion and everything to do with criminal thuggery.

        And we’ll just have to disagree on the ‘evil of Islam’ spew. Many of the Muslims that got stuck in Marawi are there right now because they were sheltering families of the Christian minority that live in the city and couldn’t escape from Maute’s fake ISIS. Like almost everywhere else, Muslims and Christians have lived side-by-side there for decades. Painting this as a Muslim thing is nonsense. 200,000 Muslims displaced because 250 clan gang bangers suddenly claim they’re ISIS? I don’t think so.

        The Muslims of Marawi did not get together and vote to have head-choppers take over their city. The Maute clan (supposedly Muslim) decided that black uniforms were more intimidating than tropical-print shirts. When the Philippine government started hunting them down, they took Christians in Marawi hostage thinking it would be a better bargaining chip. One can blame the local, mostly impoverished Muslim community for not being more aggressive about discouraging extremism, but that’s like blaming a Baptist Church in Detroit for not doing enough to discourage young men from joining the Crips or Bloods street gangs. Clan rivalries, street gangs and organized criminal gangs would exist in Lanao Del Sur regardless of (or despite) any religion.

  • Sinbad2

    The US flies in some of its ISIS troops, to start a war, then offers to help the Philippines by bombing some schools.

  • MeMadMax

    This doesn’t make sense.
    Marawi is on an island…
    If you conduct war on an island, you need a steady supply line via the ocean otherwise ur just wasting time…
    And what is isis gonna do if they did take the island? Hop on a bunch of landing craft and go on an island hopping campaign similar to the US pacific campaign during WW2?
    The stupidity and lack of forethought into this is incredible.

    • Mujahid

      ISIS = Israel, what one does, benefits the other. And the same applies for the US aswell.

      When has United States agenda ever made sense to anyone? It never did unless, you are pretty clueless how the US operates.

      There can be no denial anymore, ISIS like the other mercenary terrorist groups in the Middle East are just toys to be used against those that dare defy the US and Israel and their agenda.

      With Duterte as president of the Philippines, the US was at risk of losing it to China. And if they lose Philippines to China, China will be one step ahead of the US in Asia and will have an ally, it’s important to mention that China is completely surrounded by US vassals in the region.

      • Tom

        “When has United States agenda ever made sense to anyone?”

        If you keep thinking this is the “United States” you will remain clueless. This is the House of Rothschild banking cartel, and all US citizens are hostage to it. Duterte has been making moves to free his country from slavery to Rothschilds, and Marawi is the Rothschild message “we can hurt you”. The amazing thing here is how easy it is to recruit ISIS numbskulls to give their lives not only for a lost cause that doesn’t help Islam at all, but is working FOR a global Jewish banking system. Allah will not be happy with them, but then, who made them so ignorant in the first place?

        • Mujahid

          Unemployed men with no prospects at home or abroad are the most vulnerable. The vast majority who join to become mercenaries in these IsraeliUS owned terrorist groups, do so under desperate times, and of course desperate times require desperate measures. By this I’m not attempting by any means to justify that what they do is right but besides the economical issues there’s also the social ones.

          Take Arab societies for example, an unemployed man is not allowed to marry a woman and there are a lot of unemployment among Arab men. There’s also the problem of sexual frustration among these men driven by cultural bias and economic hardships. However, similar situations can be seen in all countries around the world given today’s global economic status. Every country today has their fair share of men wanting to get out of their hopeless lives and seek a better one wherever they are promised and sexual frustration, and yes, the least known key which is Sex. You promise a paycheck and sex with good looking women to any men currently unemployed anywhere in the world and I guarantee all those men will follow you and wage war anywhere you want. Basically this is how the IsraelisUS can get huge numbers of mercenaries in the terrorist groups they themselves create in order to do their dirty work.

          • Tom

            All true. You may be interested in the eye-opening discussion of polygamy vs. monogamy in Robert Wright’s book _The Moral Animal_ (several pages, not the whole book). He starts the section with the question, “Why, in a world supposedly run by men, is polygamy illegal in all but a small handful of nations?” His argument then lays out how, although polygamy may be a human male’s wet dream, the actual effects favor women and hang large numbers of men out to dry, as you claim. The reason it ends up illegal in most nations is because, also as you claim, the negative social effects are pervasive: high crime and hordes of frustrated men willing to do anything to get married, or at least get laid (including rape).

            The irony is that banker enslavement of nearly all of humanity is siphoning off so much wealth that huge numbers of men end up unable to afford wives and children even if they have a job. Observe the astonishingly high percentage of young Americans (men *and* women, but more men because women have other options) end up living at home with parents even after college. A large cohort of frustrated men has been created even in the absence of polygamy’s ill effects. Does this have anything to do with large numbers of leftists willing to show up at demonstrations to smash conservatives? Like their frustrated Muslim counterparts, all would do well to put in enough study to learn who their real enemy is.

          • Mujahid

            Indeed I agree with the entirety of your comment. However, I forgot to add that besides social and economic issues there’s also the problem of diseases (mental disorders as one example) and also women are to blame, at least not entirely their fault but also the system which we coexist in. All of this plays out in a world where the global social landscape dramatically suffered a huge transformation not for the benefit of society and the average human being but for the Powers That Be.

            A woman 50 years ago was completely different before this global social transformation we all witnessed and still witness on a daily basis. A woman back then was not picky, in fact women back then valued men, even if the man in question was very poor or unemployed. Marriages lasted longer, in most cases for a lifetime. How a man looked physically did not matter at all, what mattered was the personality, nowadays, sadly one can no longer say the same thing. The vast majority of women nowadays are very picky, they divide their world between stereotypes, they desire one stereotype of men more than the other types, the moment you are no longer able to provide for them, they start to see you with disdain and this also negatively plays out for the average joe on the street. At present, you can be the ugliest son of a gun alive on the planet but if you deep pockets and a big bank account you can get even the prettiest girls on the planet, even the Swedish princess for that matter, there’s practically no barriers.

            All in all these are a few examples how it negatively impacts our society. I could list a hundred more reasons but for time sake I keep it short, however I figure you get my point. Like I said women are not entirely to blame for this, but they unknowingly play along and end up contributing to create that instability and chaos among social lines between men. Unfortunately, sadly this is why there will always be wars. We live in a world with a staggering number of men victims of the system that the Powers That Be put in place to benefit them rather than the average joe on the street. This is why a lot of men adapt and by adapting I mean, they go gay. That’s what we as human beings excel at, adapting. Just as a drug user, uses drugs as some sort of refugee from the harshness of life, same applies for alcoholic people who seek their refugee among, well, alcohol.

  • zman

    Why anyone would enlist the aid of a group that is, in all likelihood, the enemy is beyond me. Any ‘help’ from the US would be a severe security leak. Wonder why ISIS is so hard to rout? Maybe because they know troop strength, location and attack strategy? Duterte hopefully is using the US, but more likely they are sabotaging him. Kick the US out as soon as you can. If they have a lease, renege on it. They would.

  • gfsdyughjgd .

    Israelis have kill Jesus the God and are waiting another messiah to come.Now their have messiah Erdogan,Trump and King Salmon of Saudi.If oppressed Arabs and Muslim abandone Allah and accept Jesus the God as the only Messiah then the power grap of Saudi Arabia will break.No one will ever go to Mecca were traitors gather and will serve the almighty Jesus the savior in their own countries.