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MAY 2021

Extreme Ukrainian Fundamentalists Start Massive Clearing Operation in the East

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According to the DPR Operational Command, the Right Sector extremist group has started a clearing operation against civilians, who have any relation to the republic, in Pravdovka village in Konstantinovsky district.

Extreme Ukrainian Fundamentalists Start Massive Clearing Operation in the East

Fighters of the Right Sector extremist group (Photo: dosie.su)

Militants of the Right Sector extremist group have started a clearing operation against civilians in the village of Pravdovka in Konstantinovsky district, deputy commander of the Operational Command of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Eduard Basurin, said on Thursday.

“We have become aware of cases of bullying over local residents by nationalists in the village of Pravdovka, whose population consists of women on 60-70%. Militants of the Right Sector, who arrived there in the amount of more than 100 people on October 30, are conducting ‘clearing’ among residents, who have any relation to the DPR,” Basurin said.

He also noted that radicals chuck people out to the streets and force them to shout nationalist slogans under the threat of fusillade. In addition, extremists place artillery-type weapons in the central part of the village and fire, showing a direct threat to the civilian population.

Meanwhile, the DAN news agency reported, citing a source in the DPR security agencies, that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have started to shell the village of Sahanka in Novoazovskiy district, using grenade machine guns and weapons of infantry combat vehicles.

According to the source of the news agency, the territory of an industrial zone, located between Avdeevka and Yasinovataya, as well as Aleksandrovka village in the west of Donetsk also came under enemy’s fire. The Ukrainian Army has fired twenty 82 and 120 mm rounds in this direction.

Earlier on Thursday, Eduard Basurin said that for the past day Ukrainian troops violated ceasefire 402 times.

At the same time, the press service of the Aydar assault battalion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that two militants were killed, while several others were seriously wounded on the night of November 2 in Donbass.

The press service explained that Sergey Kochetov (also known as Kot (Cat)) and Nikolay Sayuk (Frantsuz (Frenchman)) “were killed in carrying out a combat mission.” Other details about their deaths were not disclosed.

According to the press service, several other fighters of the Aydar were wounded, performing the same ‘combat mission’. Some of them, including militants with codenames Matros (Sailor), Drotik (Dart) and Taksist (Taxi driver) got serious wounds.

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