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JUNE 2021

Extreme Security Measures from Moscow to the US

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Paris terrorist attacks on Friday turned on the security alarms of the world’s major powers.

Extreme Security Measures from Moscow to the US

Heavily armed New York City police officers stand guard across the street from the French consulate on New York’s Fifth Avenue on Friday. PHOTO: MARY ALTAFFER/ASSOCIATED PRESS

Recent attacks in the French capital showed how vulnerable countries are to suffer terrorist attacks, more disturbingly, various simultaneous attacks in a same venue.

France declared a state of emergency over its whole territory.

For that reason, nearby countries of France have strengthened security measures to thwart any possible threat to their national safety.

Russia, for instance, has bolstered safety measures in its airports and railways services according to the Minister of Transportation Maksim Sokolov. According to Russia’s Anti-Terrorist Committee, all the necessary measures are being taken.

The UK has also heightened its alerts in major British cities due to a severe revenge threat since the latest killing on a drone attack of the notorious ISIL executioner “Jihadi John”.

The Netherlands will also tighten security at its borders, airports and railway stations, with all traffic to and from France to be closely monitored.

Since the US is also a possible target, security in the nation leading the coalition against ISIL are extreme now.

Citizens have been requested to remain calm, but still vigilant.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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