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“Extended Troika” To Meet For Talks On Afghanistan As Taliban Seizes More Provinces

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"Extended Troika" To Meet For Talks On Afghanistan As Taliban Seizes More Provinces

Taliban Special Forces. Illustrative image

The U.S., Russian, Chinese, Pakistani special representatives for Afghanistan will meet in the Qatari capital, Doha, to conduct consultations on support of intra-Afghan negotiations. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, the Ttaliban claims new victories.

The Moscow-initiated group known under the title of the “extended troika” will meet on August 11th to discuss the ways to help the warring parties reach a political settlement and comprehensive ceasefire.

The last meeting of the extended troika took place in April 2021. In a joint statement they had warned the insurgents not to attempt to militarily seize control of the Afghan capital.

The inefficiency of the international diplomatic effort, as well as the volatility of intra-Afghan talks them-selves, are a sign of a tacit support to the Taliban’s advance.

The coming meeting should be nothing more than another stage of the negotiation process. Despite the optimistic expectations, the representatives do not expect any significant success until the beginning of autumn, according to the Russian representative Kabulov.

It can be concluded that the international community gave the Taliban a free hand, and any political effort would fail until the Taliban takes control over the whole country, leaving Kabul as the last stronghold for the government forces. This should be expected in two or three weeks. Only then will the intra-Afghan negotiations lead to any result.

Thus, the new meeting between the Doha-based Taliban and Kabul government representatives that is scheduled to follow the troika’s consultation in Qatar will probably lead to no advance in intra-Afghan talks.

Meanwhile, the Taliban continues its advance in northern Afghanistan.

The city of Taloqan, the capital of Takhar province, was taken over by the Taliban late on August 8.

The last on the list of the Taliban’s victories was the city of Aibak, the capital of Samangan in northern Afghanistan that fell in early hours on August 9. The Taliban claimed that a commander and former member of parliament Mohammad Asif Nabi Jan had joined the Mujahideen along with his eight armed men.

The clashes broke out in the outskirts of the provincial capital of Balkh Province, Mazar-e Sharif, and the town of Gardez, the center of Paktia, in northern Afghanistan. They are likely to become next Taliban’s victories.

At the moment, at least 6 provincial capitals are under Taliban’s control.

"Extended Troika" To Meet For Talks On Afghanistan As Taliban Seizes More Provinces

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Go Talibs! Dont stop until you get to Jerusalem

US & EU are Zion slaves

Osama is in Jerusalem right now, don’t worry he will meet with his followers in the afterlife in hell.
A lot of people going to be piss… BUT Sunnis are useless, they are full of themselves and nothing more.
As far as extremist Sunnis, they are dogs of Zion, Wahhabi, and yanquis. Taliban = Pakistani Pashtuns dogs of Osama the goat fuker, ISIS = Wahhabi dogs in Syria and Iraq.

Go on and make me laugh, which Sunni country dare to stand up against Zion?
UAE? the “country” that was created by the British and to this day is run by West.
Saudi Arabia? Wahhabi gang – West controlled – funded ISIS and created Al-Qaeda + Taliban in Pakistan and Afganistan.
Qatar? Wahhabi gang – West controlled.
Turkey? That isn’t even an Islamic country anymore, that also funds Wahhabi gangs in Syria.
Pakistan? which was also created by the British and it the beggar of the Sunni countries? They are worse than Saudi Araba and Qatar.
Egypt? Jordan? that are in peace deals with Zion?
Sudan? Libya?

Get it in your head, the only country that fights Zion and yanquis in the Middle East is only Iran, the only “Arab” country that fought and won the war against Zion was Lebanon-Hezbollah a Shi’a group.

“Go Iran and Shi’a Muslims! Don’t stop until you get to Jerusalem”
There I fixed it for you.


Why the sour grapes? I thought we were on the same side?

Iran has been fighting the US for 39 years – A country with huge intellectual/academic capital and unimpeded scientific advancement with relatively high development levels. and lots of oil.

Afghanistan has none of the above, its development arrested by 9 years of constant war and possibly, barring Yemen, the poorest state in the region. The Taliban have no missiles, so essentially, no standoff capability…..


They defeated a superpower + 27 more nations over 20 years with little more than kalashnikovs and rpg and a pair of sandals.

They are surely islam’s proudest warriors, with the Chechens a close second……

US & EU are Zion slaves

No, they didn’t, back in 2001 the US destroyed the Taliban and killed a lot of Pastures in Afghanistan and Pakistan. BUT, they LEFT to invade Iraq.
Do even know what the US did to the Taliban in 2001? How fast the yanquis took the power from them?
They could but they didn’t want it. Why would they? Taliban love Osama the goat fuker, they worship the Wahhabi Gulf States, they are backward Sunnis that love other backward Sunnis groups such as ISIS and ofc they hosted Al-Qaeda.
It is true that Al-Qaeda’s headquarter was in Pakistani with the Pakistani Taliban.
But Pasthunes never agree to Pakistan – Afghanistan borders.

More ISIS/Al-Qaeda links groups are going to Afghanistan under different names just like in Syria. They will be a problem for Iran-Russia-China-CA.
Now, why wouldn’t yanquis leave? It is a win for them.
Yanquis’ enemies aren’t ISIS/Al-Qaeda they created them, their enemies are Russia, China, and Iran.

Also, most of the time your beloved Taliban leave to Pakistan and they have their families in Pakistan, not Afghanistan, only their men go to or stay in Afghanistan.


The US left to invade Iraq? – I had some respect for you , now I see your just another Shiite idiot. You swallow the KoolAid when its convenient. “Taliban was defeated” – Bush’s words and you believed that? How come twenty years later, if they left, the ANA are unable to contain then for even 1 month after US pullout?

Unfortunately, you shias reveal your true colours as the REAL friends of ZION since you are the sons of Abdullah ibn Sabah the Jew who founded your ridiculous cults parading as an Islamic Sect.

US & EU are Zion slaves

“Go on and make me laugh, which Sunni country dare to stand up against Zion?”
Answer that question, please.

Also, think for love of God, when did the Taliban said they’re going to attack Zion?
Read what you said, “Go Talibs! Dont stop until you get to Jerusalem”.

You putting these useless Pakistani Taliban with Iran and Hezbollah.
Talk the talk, walk the walk.


Israel disrepects you everyday Shia Dog – they threaten and humiliate you – they will NEVER do that to the Pakis ‘cos they are nuclear armed and you are just a second rate state still trying to get there. Pakis dont have oil and Gas, Iran has plenty, but Pakis dont send proxies to fight their enemies, they do it themselves. Iran’s most dangerous fighters are ARAB proxies (Shia or Not), persians are just too soft for that kinda fight.

Pakis have walked the talk looong before Iranians got sensible and stopped drinking the US KoolAid with the overthrow of the Shah. Iran needed Taliban to keep the US busy and the fall of Taliban would have meant Iran was totally surrounded. Taliban never let US rest so they had to divert all resources for twenty years to fight Taliban and could not attack your pissy wannabe state. Now that Taliban have defeated US, its no longer a regional threat to Persians – Pakistan is 50% responsible for Taliban victory via ISI – you are a total son of a jew – fkoff and get an education shiit bitch. Hezbollah was nothing without Iranian help. If Taliban got similar help, USA would have left in two years, not twenty. Compare Apples with Apples ShiaDog


Thank you for the elucidation!!!!!!!


I would rather say until they get to Teheran ^^

US & EU are Zion slaves

Can you read a map yet? comment image


lol The Taliban is not strong enough to take Jerusalem


only Houthier can


Houthis have better technique than the Taliban
Houthis are fighting against great power Saudi Arabia and their mercenaries
Saudi Arabia has many warplanes more than the Afghan government
but Saudi can not win

Fog of War

Where is to the ” troika ” to ” to discuss the ways to help the warring parties reach a political settlement and comprehensive ceasefire. ” for Palestine ?




No need to discuss Palestine. Its a done deal. israel is finished 1 or 2 more years

The Objective

The Taliban are a real fighting force and have made Muslims proud. They have repeatedly declared openly that “ONLY Shariah” can and WILL rule Afghanistan regardless of what the West, Russia or China wants. All these major powers have now backed off from trying to eliminate what they call “extremism”. The enemies of Islamic Shariah have been defeated in Afghanistan. We are proud of this young heroic Muslims without an airforce or navy, but with strings of victories behind them. They are an inspiration and a reminder for other Muslims who are scared of facing the disbelievers and enemies of Islam, that Allah HAS NOT abandoned us.

I wish I were born and raised in Afghanistan, that I may be among the Taliban. How lucky these guys are to have martyrdom right within their reach. Nothing is better than dying at the hands of the disbelievers or enemies of Islam for the sake of establishing Allah’s rule (Shariah). I envy and I’m happy for the Taliban fighters who’ve died in this struggle. Their sacrifices will be rewarded InshaAllah. May Allah grant every true Muslim martyrdom so they can reap the highest reward on Judgement day. Afghanistan is the real Jihad of our time. Anyone who doesn’t know what real Muslim Jihad looks like should study the Taliban. In the future, disbelieving and bullying countries like Russia and America should prepare to face a Muslim military like the Taliban, but armed with the best weapons, including ships, tanks, planes, missiles etc. hopefully manufactured in Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia, Qatar, etc.

Turkey is desperate to start arming the Taliban with ALL the weapons it needs. From long-range precision missiles to drones, ships, tanks, and fighter jets, the Taliban and Erdogan’s Turkey are a perfect match for cooperation. Turkish engineers, teachers, doctors, etc already preparing to deploy to Afghanistan to build a world-class society and military that is PURELY Islamic. A military that fears no other military – whether U.S.A, Russian, Chinese, etc they are all welcome to fight if they want to eliminate Shariah on their borders.

Indeed Turkey’s success militarily over the past decade is similar to what we are witnessing in Afghanistan today. Any war Turkey involves itself in, there’s victory or at least the enemy is stopped dead in their track. In Nargono-Kharabak, Turkey’s involvement led to the loss of territory by Armenia. In Idlib, Turkey’s involvement prevented the fall of Idlib to Assad and Russia despite their determination to take it. In Libya, Turkey’s involvement shattered an attempt to impose dictatorship of Muslims again by Russia, U.A.E, America, Egypt. In Somalia, Turkey’s involvement has established a strong Islamist government the West and Gulf Arabs tried to destroy. Hence, wherever Turkey goes, there’s only military victory or the plans of Islam’s enemies are stopped dead in their tracks.

Wait for a Turkish, Taliban, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, and Qatari military alliance within the next decade God willing. So happy to see Islam on the rise. I can’t wait to see an end to the Afghan war and Taliban coming to power. The flags of Islam will be raised in the heart of Asia and not a damn thing the disbelievers can do about it. The defeat of America by Muslim worriors in Afghanistan is the beginning of the defeat of America and other enemies of Islam and their puppets across the entire Muslim world.

Last edited 1 month ago by The Objective
Rhodium 10

And what think your Turkish brother when all Central Asian countries have an alliance with Russia vs Taliban?..we have seen in these days military drills involving Russia, Kazajistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirguistan, India….

The Objective

The Taliban just defeated a 28-country military alliance. They have no air force, no navy, no missiles or drones, no modern tanks, and no sophisticated communication gadgets. Yet they defeated a coalition of 28 countries who fought them for 20 YEARS! This is a miracle for those who can see it.
Russia and its handful of allies will stand no chance against the Taliban provided Allah is on their (Taliban) side. One with God is majority and more powerful.
All the Muslim countries you listed as Russia’s allies will soon come back to the fold of Islam. The Islamic awakening is sweeping across the entire world and these places are not immune to wind of change blowing worldwide.
Taliban will not get into any fights for now after this war. They’ll build a military like Afghanistan has never seen before. They’ll be aided by Turkey and Pakistan with funds, training of scientists, arms, and technology transfer among other things. Both Erdogan and Imran Khan are having trouble building Islamic societies due to Western meddling. But the Taliban gives them a chance to invest as much as they can in a Muslim army that the Islamic world can depend on to contain the aggression of Russia, China, and Iran in that part of the world. Turkey can then focus on the West and Middle East.
Islam on the rise as pure fundamental Sharia is about to rule the heart of Asia. And there’s nothing Russia, China, or Iran can do to stop it. They can ask the Americans about the result of their war against Islam in Afghanistan.
Watch out for similar trends allover the Muslim world in the coming years!

Chess Master

LOLOL Whatever it looks like Turkey and Saudi in the “Islamic world”, actually is CIA, Mossad and MI6. The main goal is to keep forever war, contain Iran, prevent China and Russia building ties in ME. Erdogan likes to be though on words then apologize. He did that with Trump, Putin, Macron, Bibi, because the nuclear powers have secret deals between them and he will never be invited at that table.

The Objective

Never mind what Erdogan is doing or saying to you Westerners. The most important thing right now is that he’s already taking steps to arm Taliban with all the knowledge they need to develop their own weapons if America places sanctions on weapons sales to the Taliban. Instead of selling them weapons, Turkey will teach them what it knows about weapons development. Pakistan will also contribute. Taliban is one force that the Muslim world should invest in. This is the force that will lead other Muslim forces to liberate the whole of our lands from direct and indirect occupation whether by Russia, America, or China. Erdogan is telling the Taliban to at least hold some negotiations and reach a political solution so that the UN does not impose any arms embargo. This would allow Turkey, Pakistan, Qatar, etc. to arm the Taliban to the teeth. But even if the Taliban refuses to negotiate, knowledge and tech can be transferred to them covertly. Expect to see Taliban testing long-range precision missiles, drones, and other munitions just five years after their conquest of the whole of Afghanistan. Tech know-how will be transferred to them so rapidly and without holding anything back. Especially if the AKP continues to rule in Turkey for the next decade.


Erdogan is finish and dictator

Chess Master

That’s not a contrary opinion of what I said. USA can impose official embargo but allow Erdoganistan and Saudistan finance Talibs so they can infiltrate deeper in Central Asia and NATO will have a buzy Russia, China and Iran, on a plate.


The new taliban government will be fully BRI/CPEC/SCO compliant. They know the only way forward economically is via China and her allies. That put her firmly in the Paki-Iran Camp – Iran needs to be smart and assist them – a hard thing to do because both regimes are opposing theocracies

US & EU are Zion slaves

“Wait for a Turkish, Taliban, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, and Qatari military alliance”
I don’t think Turkey is run by morons kiddo;
Taliban = Saudi dogs & Pakistani = Poor.
Pakistan, god help you with them = Poor.
Azerbaijan, Zion dogs = Poor.
Qatar, LMFAO = Rich but Saudi cut them off and they RUN to Iran asking for help.

A yeah that one hell of the alliance who are you going to fight against? Pakistani gays?

The Objective

You don’t know what’s going on. Just research the trilateral military alliance (unofficial) between Turkey, Pakistan, and Azerbaijan. Taliban is slated to be the next and this completes the link from Turkey to Pakistan. It may also interest you to know that Turkey and Pakistan are discussing a joint citizenship for people of both countries. Taliban spokesperson said Turkey should send engineers, teachers, and scientists to Afghanistan – an invitation it hasn’t made to any other country.

Just wait and see how Erdogan will facilitate a rapid tech transfer to Afghanistan once the Taliban takes power and stabilizes the country. Taliban will get for free what Turkey learnt over the years even if they have no oil. Besides, they have rich deposits of rare earth minerals much of which is still untapped. Some estimates put their value at trillions of dollars. U.S. Congressional findings have called REEs critical to national security. These minerals are critical for developing missiles, computers, cellphones, tank guidance systems, and many other modern tech gadgets: https://thediplomat.com/2020/02/afghanistans-mineral-resources-are-a-lost-opportunity-and-a-threat/

In fact, a classified Pentagon memo called Afghanistan the “Saudi Arabia of lithium.”

So, there’s a lot to be gained from Afghanistan for both Turkey and Pakistan in return for developing Taliban militarily, economically, and politically.

Very soon, it won’t be only Iran testing missiles in that part of the world.

Last edited 1 month ago by The Objective

We leave the Gay fighting to Shia Gays like you. Paki = 33% the size of india, yet have big enough balls to ATTACK them on their own territory, several times – Iran send PROXIES to fight Zion. Pakis are Nuke armed, Iran still trying for 50 years

The Objective

We’ll see

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