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Explosive-Laden Man In Kiev Demands Interview With Journalists: Gets It

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Explosive-Laden Man In Kiev Demands Interview With Journalists: Gets It

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On August 3rd, 32-year-old Uzbekistan citizen Sukhrob Karimov entered a bank in Kiev, Ukraine and stated that he had a backpack full of explosives.

He let bank staff go and demanded that the authorities invite journalists so that he could make a statement.

Explosive-Laden Man In Kiev Demands Interview With Journalists: Gets It

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Police burst into the room while the man was talking to journalists and arrested him. Officials confirmed after the man was arrested that he did in fact have explosives.

“On August 3, at 12:00, a representative of Universal Bank JSC (Shevchenko district, premises of the Leonardo business center) called the police and said that an unknown man under 35 had entered the office, said that he had a bomb in his backpack and asked call the police. The employees of the banking institution left the premises, and the head of the branch remained of her own free will,” Deputy Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko said.

In the interview he gave to journalists, Sukhrob Karimov said that he was “the Holy Spirit” and that he was “God.”

On July 23rd, in Poltava, a man took the head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Main Police Department of the Poltava Region hostage by using a grenade and drove away with him in a car provided by law enforcement officers.

Later, the attacker abandoned the car, released the hostage unharmed and fled.

A criminal case was initiated under three articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Later, the communications department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Artem Shevchenko, said that law enforcement officers had eliminated the criminal.

On July 21st, an armed man took an entire bus, with passengers, hostage in Lutsk and held them for about 12 hours. The attacker himself called the police, reported the presence of weapons, explosive devices and introduced himself as Maxim Bad. In the evening of the same day, the invader, whose real name is Maxim Krivosh, surrendered. 13 hostages were released, no one was injured.

The current Ukrainian policy is such that the Ukrainian authorities showed that they are prepared to succumb to the requests of terrorists – an example is Lutsk, then in Poltava, then also journalists went to interview the explosive-laden individual in the Kiev bank. This is likely to open the flood gates for future incidents similar, or even worse, than these.


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Lone Ranger

That’s the third in a month. Ukropnazis are in a self destruct mode… And they wonder why nobody wants them in the EU…

Антон С

Simple fact: mental hospitals closed in April. Not a joke.

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