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Explosions Rocked Syrian-Israeli Separation Line

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Explosions Rocked Syrian-Israeli Separation Line

An old military vehicle can be seen positioned near the Druze village of Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights. IMAGE: AMMAR AWAD/REUTERS

On July 24 in the morning, a number of explosions were heard along the separation line between Syria and Israel in the Golan Heights.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claimed that the explosion had taken place on the Syrian side of the line. The exact cause of the explosions was not revealed. Material damage was reported on the Israeli side.

“A short while ago, explosions were heard adjacent to the security fence from the Syrian side of Israel’s northern border. Damage to a civilian building and an Israeli vehicle was likely caused by fragments,” the IDF said on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Syrian sources, including Sham FM, reported that the explosions were caused by air-defense fire by the Syrian Air Defense Force. A drone, believed to be Israeli, was supposedly intercepted after crossing the separation line into Syria.

The Ministry of Defense of Syria and the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency are yet to reveal the exact circumstances of the incident.

IDF troops in northern Israel have been on high-alert since July 20, when a series of Israeli strikes on the Syrian capital, Damascus, had killed a fighter of Hezbollah. Tel Aviv is expecting an attack by the Lebanese group, which usually responds to such incidents.

The Golan Heights’ incident may provoke a new wave of Israeli strikes on Syria. The IDF often retaliate to any incident on the separation line by targeting Syrian Arab Army positions in nearby al-Quneitra.


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Jimmy Jim



Ah, I wondered what foul smell was :)


stinking Jews I presume :)


1. No Israeli drone was intercepted according to our media.
2. It says here that a machine gun fire hit next to our border fence, and no damage to any Israeli forces.
3. Syria is playing with fire, Hezbollah or SAA units that shot into our territory will pay the price.

Jimmy Jim



1. It is not “your territory”. Israel’s mere presence in the Golan Heights is illegal as it is Syrian territory for every single nation in the world bar the temporary Trump admin.

2.For years they sheltered,equipped, and provided air-cover to anti-government paramilitary jihadi groups, encamped in the Israeli-occupied side of the Golan.

3.They admitted hundreds of unprovoked aggressions on both military and civilian Syrian assets and individuals, and their pilots routinely endanger commercial airliners by taking cover behind them while violating Lebanese or Syrian skies during their strikes.

4. Nobody’s playing with fire as much as Israel that is antagonizing half of the Arab world and killing its way forward wherever and whenever it pleases ever since 2011, using the opportunity of the Syrian civil war that it has also been helping going on and on in any way it can.


gryzor, it all really escalated when Syria signed a deal with Iran. Should we just accept it and let more Iranian forces come into Syria to build bases and transfer more rockets to Hezbollah? no Israeli PM (left or right) can let it happen. In that case, Bibi is acting the proper way when he bombs Iranian targets in Syria even if it means Hezbollah fighters are killed too.


Hezbollah never needed Iran in Syria to increase its arsenal many folds past and prior to 2006, and the Syrian civil war changes nothing in that regard. Plus, as I said before, at no time for decades did the Syrians or Lebanese ever tried to draw first blood against Israel beyond their own border. Israel does that by breaching their airspace and tampering with border fences around the Separation Line, not them.

And I’m afraid we will disagree, it escalated BECAUSE Israël escalated.

First by simply turning a blind eye to terrorist linked both to ISIS et then to Al-Qaeda to set up camp on “their side” of the Golan.
And then by upping the ante with airstrikes on whatever SAA unit trying to get to them in skirmishes.

Iran and its proxies were deployed there only past 2012, a full year after the IDF positionned itself as a de-facto protector of local anti-Assad groups, irrespective of whether they were of jihadists or secular tendencies.

Thus you cannot blame a country besiged by all sides AND from within to go look for any helping hand they can get in utter desperation.

You don’t want Iran, Russia, Hezbollah providing help to the SAA ? start thinking about negotiating the fate of the Golan and stop systematically striking regular SAA army units and infrastructure while pretending your target “Iranians” (which everybody knows is only a pretext for keeping Syria on the ground).

Jim Allen

Israel has US military protection. For now. Their was never a “civil” war in Syria. That is a Western fabrication to justify US Coalition invading Syria, and it’s ever popular regime change.
Dr. Bashar al Assad is far from an “evil dictator” that terrorizes his own people. Syria had the second highest standard of living in the Middle East, until “freedom.” No failed State there.
al CIAeda, ISIS, are Western creations, a joint effort between their Intelligence Services. (Israel is 60% owned by The City of London, Rothschild specifically) is therefore included in the West. The Headcutters did recruiting for these US defense contractors masquerading as terrorists as needed to be US Coalition “enemies” further justification for invading sovereign countries. To defeat the “terrorists” US Coalition must first raze the country to the ground, bomb civilian infrastructure, and populations, spraying the country liberally with DU munitions. Also leaders of these countries are usually murdered, gold reserves stolen, sent to The City of London, and stealing the resources, selling them at half price, after transporting these resources through Turkey to the port, loaded onto US flagged tankers that sailed to Israel. Well until Russia destroyed all the tank trucks.
Iran has no proxies. Hezbollah is a legitimate Lebanese militia. It is to mutual advantage to work with the ally that is also the strong regional power, that is the long time ally of the country’s military one is fighting beside. Iran supplied advisors, and whatever Syria needed. Russia was supplying weapons, upgrades to Syrian military hardware, training for the crews operating these systems already. Syria, with it’s allies fought the West for five years when it requested military assistance from Russia. One of Syria’s long time allies. Russia spent a year before accepting Syria’s request trying everything possible to find a diplomatic answer, or join with US to defeat the “terrorists” in Syria. US Government was having none of this shit. I remember Putin made several visits here attempting to resolve the issue, offering Russian services you wouldn’t believe, but refused.
Last visit was
mid-September 2015, as Putin boarded his plane, very exasperated, stopped at the landing at the door, turns to the media, says in perfect English, “Don’t give up your guns.” Boarded, and left. Was lucky to see that live. The clip disappeared after that.
Good advice. From the Russian President ?
September 30 2015 Putin announced Russia would join Syria in fighting the “terrorists.” Detailed out what Russia would do, what Russia would do when it reached its objectives. Advised US Government it had one hour to clear Syrian airspace, or risk being caught in a crossfire. At a press conference called for this purpose.
I thought these are his words, let’s see how the actions match up.
US propaganda had made all kind of claims, allegations investigations by 17 alphabet agencies using the best investigators, using unlimited resources. Three times, found nothing, three times.
Still insisting Putin was some criminal, a liar, blah, blah, blah…
This was prior to the censorship we enjoy today, and everything was shown in the media. There were plenty of credible sources. Following along was easy.
6 months later, at a press conference Putin announced Russia had reached it’s objectives. Then did exactly what Putin had stated Russia would do. Left Syria. Advising Russia could return in 24 hours if necessary.
Ya know, everything Putin stated September 30 had an exactly matching action.
I thought, well, he’s not a liar. I’m still waiting to see/hear a lie, not just from Putin, but from Russia as well.
It’s also logical Syria, and the allies, have Russia lead this team.
Russia, and Iran are very long time allies,
1,500(+/-) year long allies. Hezbollah fits into the team, and of it’s own volition. Just exactly how I’m not certain. I will learn how, eventually.

Rhodium 10

Last day Hezbollah sniper team armed with 12,7 cal rifle provoked an Israeli car accident killing one soldier..


That was a rollover accident, nothing more. If it wasn’t, then the other IDF soldier that survived the accident can tell if they were shot upon.

Traiano Welcome

A Freebie for Hezbollah.

Rhodium 10

We know how work israel propagande and how work Israel security..you know that it is forbiden to post video in internet when a rocket hit military or strategic place.

Free man

You get confused again, it was Bigfoot or maybe aliens.
Have you met Bigfoot yet?

Rhodium 10

Yes last day I saw him with your mother having sex

Free man

You’re confused again, it’s Bigfoot (or rather a Hairy Homeless) with you in bed.

Free man

Apparently this is the very harsh Iranian response to Zionist crimes.
The Zionists need to understand that if they kill more resistance fighters and destroy more Iranian bases, the resistance will not hesitate to fire on their fence.

johnny rotten

With the apartheid regime as a neighbor you will not have a day of peace, unfortunate those who live close to the Zionist racists, they will move the borders a little every day to steal a piece of your land and you will only have to prepare to drive them away by force.

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