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Explosions Rock Tanker Anchored Off Syria’s Coast (Video, Photos)

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Explosions Rock Tanker Anchored Off Syria’s Coast (Video, Photos)

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On May 9th afternoon, two explosions rocked a tanker anchored of the coast of Syria’s Banias, where the country’s main oil terminal is located.

The explosions were heard all over Banias. Locals shared footage showing two dark clouds of smoke rising from the tanker. Nevertheless, a photo taken a few minutes after the two explosions shows no fire.

Muhammad al-Sousi, a director in the Syrian Company for Oil Transport, told the Syrian Arab News Agency that the explosions were caused by an engine malfunction.

“A technical failure occurred in one of the engines of an oil tanker anchored off the town of Banias, which led to a minor fire and the appearance of black smoke from the tanker,” al-Sousi said. “The fire was dealt with by the tanker crew and was extinguished immediately without any damage.”

The tanker was identified by observers as the Panama-flagged WISDOM, which has been anchored off Banias coast for a while now.

An explosion rocked WISDOM on April 24th. Back then, Syrian sources claimed that the tanker was targeted by a drone. Later, it was reported that the explosion was the result of an accident. Three Syrian sailors were killed.

Despite Syrian government claims, the explosions at WISDOM may have been the result of an attack. The explosions occurred just a few hours after a major fire broke out at Syria’s main oil refinery in Homs.

Israel may have targeted the tanker in response to April 13th attack on the Hyperion Ray vessel. The Israeli-owned vessel was attacked off the shores of Fujairah in the UAE. Back then, Iran was blamed for the attack.


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It all suggests to me that a gang of NATO saboteurs are operational in and around Syria. The UK navy divers practice for this sort of sabotage. I know this for a fact.

Fog of War

Who is Iran and Syria fooling ? All these mysterious fires and explosions arent ” technical failures ” .

jens holm

Nato dont operate in Syria at all as well as We are asked in by the Iraqian Goverment in Bagdad.

Soon You have written this 10.000 times and win a bag of sand from Al Tanf. You also get a bottle of water, so You can make You own beach.

Your many versions are childish, so You might win a rubber duck too and a DVD with a rap music.

jens holm

Nato is not in Syria at all.


Growup,they operate everywhere like the terrorists they are.

Jim Allen


Jim Allen

Jesse, +1.


why you dont report the large fire in Israel near Rafael Advance Defence facility?


Why you allow this degenerate LGBTroll Jesse to spam retarded nonsense everywhere?

jens holm

USA, France and GB is there together. Turkey is their on their own.

Those dont reprsent Nato at all.

You must be blind or worse insisting in well documented facts in many copies and renewed are false as well as there are shown no other members of Nato then them.

Australia was there for a short while with their F18s and Denmark was there for a short while with their F16s. Both was given for a short while because USA had a lack in their logistics.

Now go on in Your selfcreated deep dark.The darker Ypui are the better You can be hand,led as the sheep You insist being. Bah bah bah.

Peter Wallace

I see Jens is back reading his esoteric ravings from his book the scriptures according to Jens when he was in a psychedelic drug induced trance intermixed with flashbacks.. Don’t worry if you don’t understand anything he says … no one else does either. He thinks he is on a mission from God ever since he saw The Blues Brothers but unlike them he is music to no ones ears.


jens has new girlfriend–jesse; they were learning how to use firecrackers and created photo-op for LGBT amerikan presstitute

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