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Explosion Rocks Iranian Merchant Vessel Off Syria’s Coast (Photos)

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Explosion Rocks Iranian Merchant Vessel Off Syria’s Coast (Photos)


On March 11, a mysterious explosion rocked an Iranian merchant vessel a few kilometers away from Syria’s coast in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The vessel, named SHAHR E KORD, was sailing off Syria’s coast when an explosion erupted at the deck. No casualties were reported as a result of the explosion, which forced the vessel to anchor at Banias Port.

Unverified photos of the accident show that at least one of the containers at SHAHR E KORD’s deck was destroyed by the explosion.

Iran and Syria has not commented on the unusual incident, yet. Nevertheless, many observers speculated that SHAHR E KORD was attacked by Israel.

Recently, top Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, blamed Iran for the February 26 explosions at the Israeli-owned vessel MV HELIOS RAY in the Sea of Oman. The explosions caused no real losses.

Tehran pushed back against the Israeli accusations by releasing aerial footage of MV HELIOS RAY suggesting that the explosions occurred inside the vessel.

An Iranian official told the Beirut-based al-Mayadeen TV that the explosions at MV HELIOS RAY were likely a “false-flag attack” meant to push the US towards a stricter stand against Tehran as well as to boost the chances of Netanyahu in the upcoming elections.

Today’s explosion at SHAHR E KORD may an Israeli response to the recent incident at MV HELIOS RAY. So far, there is no evidence backing this theory.


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hope springs eternal.

A desperation to start a war ASAP. Hope Israel and the US get paid back in the same coin they treat the rest of the world.

Assad must stay

tossed into the dungheap of history hahahahaha


Iran Shahr-e-Kord was the second ocean fairing commercial vessel that Iran produced domestically. It’s not a large ship and carries 2200 standard containers.

The explosion might be the result of something in a container in its cargo which means either carelessness or saboutage. If it was the result of Israeli regime attack, we’ll find out and there will be a tit-for-tat. My hunch is, if it was them they wouldn’t attack the containers but the ship itself if they wanted to prove a point.

Now on a better note, the exhibition which General Saree’ announced is opened now. There are new types of ballistic missiles: Sa’eer, Qasim-2 and cruise missile Quds-2.

The Persian report:

edit: I enjoyed the videos.

Just Me

Just shows how pathetic and desperate the Zionist cowards are. They blew up a container lol

chris chuba

Given the timing of the explosion and Netanyahu’s temperament … I bet it was an attack.

In a few days he will claim that the IDF was able to identify a container containing Precision Guided Missiles on its way to Hezbollah so that they could bomb a daycare center in Tel Aviv. And then he’ll hint / brag that the most moral army on earth only blew up the container that contained the PGM without murdering the entire crew of the ship. Netanyahu is insane.


I totally agree on the second part.
For the first part, let’s wait for the reports, radar data, etc.
Our officials might never admit if it was indeed an attack by Israel, but there will be sign that it didn’t go unanswered and the answer won’t be a small firework.


Well Garga, even if it was us, your regime started it by attacking an Israeli commercial ship. If Iran continues to attack our ships in the Persian Gulf, we can do the same to Iran in the East-Med. It works both ways my friend.

P.S about learning Persian, I’m more of a math guy but I’m willing to try. Give me a good site so I might learn the basic :)


Daniel, your ship was exploded from inside out. How is it even possible that YOU of all, fall for this latest Bibi trick? Do you reset everytime you sleep?!

And I don’t believe that your regime possesses the amount and required size of balls to pull out something like that, until proven otherwise. It’ll end very badly for them.
Again, this is the difference between a sane government and an insane, lying regime. One investigates first until it’s absolutely sure, the other one points fingers without any kind of investigation or even when its initial digging points to somewhere else.

I meant to ask you, what was in my other comment that made you smile? I forgot to ask you then. I wrote about misery and pain for crying outloud!

And sure, I will look for some suitable site for you. In the meantime if you are willing to pay a little, Rosetta stone is a very good option that also helps you with accent.


Oh, the smiling part Garga was that I might have an Iranian DNA after all, it was in no way meant that I smiled over the pain that was caused to both our families. So just wanted to make myself clear.

About the investigation part, I could also claim it was Iran that spilled oil and ruined our entire coastline, but I did not. Infact, no Israeli military official has yet said it was Iran, only that by the looks of it, it might be an old Iranian tanker that came here after 14 years to bring Syria some oil. We are still working very hard to clean our beaches, but the damage that has been done will take decades to repair. Estimates are that around 1000 tonnes of tar were spilled, with many dead animals. For the same reason, we don’t want to sink an Iranian oil vessel because we care for the nature. The oens responsible will be brought here for justice, we won’t let go of that issue.

Also, in 11 days we go to the polls for the 4th and final round. This time, the traitor will end his reign, as Israelis have had enough of his BS. It’s time for a new Israel to emerge, one which does not negotiate with terrorists (with the PLO however we must make peace). A prison is a good punishment for Bibi, we need to send him to an isolated desert and watch him slowly dies with pain for everything he has caused us.

About my Persian, I’ll check out the site and maybe try to find new ones. Afterall, we are still cousins :)


Hahaha! You HAVE Iranian DNA unless your ancestors migrated to Iraq from Yemen and didn’t mix with other local Jews. You said you are tall, 186? 190? You know that eastern Jews aren’t famous for their height, right?

So you don’t attack Iranian tankers? Tell that to your American friends who like idiots are telling the world that your regime repeatedly attacks Iranian tankers and the spillage is the result of your own attacks!

I for one don’t buy it, I don’t see your regime having the prerequisites (I mean balls to be absolutely clear) to do it, but somebody ought to stop the Zionist writers of NYT. I’m enjoying this (what their wrote not tar-covered flamingos), so it won’t be me.

Dammit, you just had to go ahead and ruin my evening by reminding me my defeat! Well, I can’t say it’s my fault, the idiot made such a fool of himself that even the Jewish Bin Zayed doesn’t want to give him a point with accepting him in AbuDhabi before your elections. I was reading Ha eretz and the amusing leak about Miss Piggy’s immense power in your regime. Poor Bibi, he has to ask her permission from choosing intel chiefs (which he chose very poorly) to going out at nights. What a $#itty life… Just Imagine waking up next to Miss Piggy. It drives any man mad, no wonder he lost his marbles.

Anyway, since you are about to start learning Persian, here’s a related proverb if Bibi lost the show and one of the 3 idiots won: The pot that isn’t boiling for me, let it boil a dog’s head.
Aaah, you know even your diplomatic missions in other countries no longer buy Bibi from me and that’s telling. Still, you, a Bibi-hater (you anti-Semite!) believe every single one of his lies.

Are DNA tests available and affordable near you? If yes, how about doing it? Purrrr… That is EXCITING!

Icarus Tanović

Just ignore punk.

Ashok Varma

You need to go out more often and play with other teenagers dear chit of a boy.


I already blocked Icarus for not knowing when to keep his mouth shut, next comment from you and you join the list aswell.

chris chuba

Was that before or after Israel sabotaged multiple facilities inside Iran including a natural gas plant, conducted assassinations, and cyber attacked an Iranian port.


After they tried to hack our water systems to poision Israelis, they need to say thanks we only stopped there.

Ashok Varma

Indian media is reporting that an unsecured propane bottle exploded. The Zionists are really a global laughing stock now as their threats have come to nought.


It is quite apparent that Israel has been exposed and an incompetent loudmouth cowardly criminal failed state. Supposedly, for optics and theatrics they have been launching highly propagated “raids” on Iranian targets in Syria for the past decade and seem to have failed miserably to curtail growing Iranian power and influence. Now this latest cherry bomb firecracker in a shipping container seems to be a most clumsy and impotent act.

Blue In Green

Fruitless attack if it was one, although there was string of new reports indicated that both Israel and Iran have been in a back-and-forth, targeting each others respective vessels for quite some time now and it was only recently that Israel decided to go public (supposedly).



Har har!
With these claims, the spillage should be Israelis stupid actions biting them in the rear!

Just Me

Lol, but but, butt, this is the mighty Zionist rat cowards pathetic revenge, destroying a container full of food. ROFLMAO.

Samuel Vanguard

israeli commandos

Icarus Tanović

You must be out of your mind.


More like Keystone cops. Blowing up a container is not the most impressive commando raid. Ranks at the same bottom feeder level as killing unarmed Palestinians, mostly women and children.

johnny rotten

Probably something has gone wrong, even the organic material in certain conditions can lead to a production of gas, it is not unusual, it seems that the explosion took place inside the container, so speculations are zero, isisrahell tries a little free propaganda and tries to get moral strength because he has understood the approach of the end, the tension in the occupied Plaestina is very high, the same Jewish masters of PharMafia are using their co-religionists as objects of an unprecedented genetic experimentation, they are not intelligent as their legends tell.


the jews the jews the jews, somehow – any untowards occurence in the east med is with a certainty close to 100 pct caused by the jews and that is exactly why they need to be sent onwards to another location, like the jewish hmhmhm

cechas vodobenikov

If it was on the deck it was likely an accident , not sabotage or an attack

Tommy Jensen

The biggest riddle on earth during all times.
Who put a little bomb inside an Iranian vessel shortly after an Israeli vessel had a little bomb affair inside their vessel??
10 dollar is offered folks, next bet………?

Concrete Mike

Im betting 20 bucks it was you!!!

Icarus Tanović

Maybe Israeli firecracker drone or such.


Maybe … like the firecrackers exploding in Syria on IRGC strongholds and Shia Brigades and their ‘hidden’ stores of rockets … eh?

Just like them? Huh?

Icarus Tanović

Hi, you ISIL lover. Why don’t you stop using firecrackers, and start wage your own wars. Stop pushing Americans in front of you.


What goes around comes around.

Ashok Varma

What attacking a container with a propane bottle. You Zionists are becoming a global laughing stock.

Jimmy Jim



What containers being shipped around?


Judging by the proximity of Israel and using Bibi logic, the culprit must be Israel.

Rodney Loder

Vermin Jew maggots are wanting to ascertain if Biden will take a glove, does anybody remember the knife thrower at the side-show where he’d end up blindfolded throwing his knives within inches of his female assistant?.

True this is not a show but Jews are only good at acting so this is what we end up with while the homosexual Sid Loder’s disciples can keep me Jesus Christ locked up while they use my Holy Ghost for Satanic purposes, that being mind control.

If it was a strike like the maggots claim it sure was a timid one, I suppose hoping for a heavy response, so the jew swine can act like a little victim,.

Even more small minded they had to damage their own ship first.

It doesn’t get any weaker.

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