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JUNE 2023

Explosion Rocks Emirate-Run Gas Complex In Northern Iraq (Video)

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Explosion Rocks Emirate-Run Gas Complex In Northern Iraq (Video)

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On January 13, an explosion rocked the Khor Mor gas complex in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region which is run by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) energy company Dana Gas.

Speaking to the Rudaw news network, Ahmed al-Mufti, undersecretary of the Iraqi Ministry of Natural Resources, said that the causes of the explosion, which didn’t result in any casualties or material losses, are still unknown.

Al-Mufi didn’t rule out the possibility of an attack as the cause of the explosion at the gas complex, which is currently being investigated by Iraqi security forces.

“So far, investigations into the recent attack on the Khor Mor have not concluded that it was carried out by rockets,” the official said.

The Khor Mor gas complex, which produces 452 million standard cubic feet of gas daily, was attacked with rockets at least six times last year. No group has yet claimed responsibility for any of the attacks.

Pro-Iranian factions were blamed by some observers for the past attacks, as Tehran reportedly is objecting ongoing work to expand the gas complex.

However, other observers believe that the attacks on Khor Mor are likely the result of a power struggle between key political and economic players in Iraq. Ownership over the highly-profitable gas complex is reportedly a matter of dispute between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad.




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The UAE is part of the Saudi Arabian coalition that attacked Yemen. Yemen bombed them with pleasure, with ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, and drones. I don’t know who attacked in Iraq today, however the UAE is part of the forces of evil, which must be exterminated.

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