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UPDATED: Explosion Rocked Kabul, As Assassination Attempt Targeted Afghanistan Defense Minister (Videos)

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UPDATED: Explosion Rocked Kabul, As Assassination Attempt Targeted Afghanistan Defense Minister (Videos)

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UPDATE: Clashes have been continuing for several hours between the security forces and militants who attacked the house of the country’s defense minister. Special forces of Afghanistan were reportedly deployed on the spot.

On August 3rd, an explosion rocked the city of Kabul. Unidentified gunmen attacked the house of Afghanistan’s acting defense minister, Bismillah Khan Mohammadi.

A car bomb exploded close to Bismillah Mohammadi’s residence. According to the reports, the attackers entered the house of the head of the defense department. Gunshots and explosions were heard on the spot.

According to Fawad Aman, a Defense Ministry spokesman, four assailants were killed by Afghan security forces.

UPDATED: Explosion Rocked Kabul, As Assassination Attempt Targeted Afghanistan Defense Minister (Videos)

General Bismillah Mohammadi

General Bismillah Mohammadi, the Minister of National Defense, was not at home when the attack took place. He and his family are safe.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet.

Meanwhile, Kabul faced a national uprising against the Taliban. People took to the streets and got on the roofs of their houses, shouting “Allahu Akbar”.


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How long before the stooge idiot ghani is relocated to france?

US & EU are Zion slaves

Or better behead with his Zion ugly wife in Afghanistan.

G2 Man

Ashraf Ghani is a naturalized US citizen and has been on CIA payroll since 1972, when he was recruited at the American University in Beirut, along with the treacherous Zalmay Khalilzad. Now the biggest CIA recruitment center for local sell outs in the “American University in Cairo” and various fronts in Qatar and UAE. Ghani has his home in the Virginia suburbs outside of Washington DC.

Peter Wallace

No use shouting Allah Akbar as that is not going to save them. They have to take up weapons and fight . Now that the Yanks have gone it is up to the people to decide what they want . Allah Akbar doesn’t stop bullets so either they fight back or be subjugated forever. The Taliban were brutal rulers last time they held power and this time they have promised to be better and more tolerant but until I see a spotless Leopard ….

US & EU are Zion slaves

Their fuking government hiding weapons and wouldn’t give weapons to people as they are scared the country fail into civil war again. I know it is moronic as if the country is not falling into the Taliban’s hands already.
The people have been going after the government now as well btw, I hope those morons get behead and people take the power and fight. Best case they divide the country, civilians vs terrorists, boarding Pakistani terrorists and boarding Central Asia-Iran-China Afghans. They can’t live together under the same flag, that is not a question anymore.

G2 Man

It is quite apparent that the corrupt and inept Ashraf Ghani quisling regime will fall faster than the progressive and brave Najibullah government that held out for 2 years even after the collapse of the USSR and with no foreign support and the whole west and Pakistan ranged against it.

From the reports coming in, Kandahar the birthplace of the Afghan Taliban movement and the home of the elusive Mullah Omar has already fallen along with Lashkar Gah. The phantom ANA now barely controls certain parts of Kabul as all border crossings are in Taliban hands.

The inept US basically spent $3 trillion killing Afghan women and children in mud huts with $ 1 million Tomahawks and $50,000 a piece JDAMS for 20 years, while the Taliban controlled the country. US military has proved that it is incapable of fighting either a conventional war (Vietnam) or the new type of hybrid kinetic asymmetrical warfare that is debuting in the region. Hezbollah and Ansrallah have given a glimpse into the future where decentralized non-state actors will paralyze and overwhelm casualty averse cumbersome western inept militaries ob their home terrain. Dropping million dollar ordinance on mud huts will definitely not win any war.

L du Plessis

Probably the Mossad or Cia or Mi6 and blames the Taliban

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