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JUNE 2023

Explosion Reported Near US-French Military Base At Ayn Issa North Of Raqqa

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Explosion Reported Near US-French Military Base At Ayn Issa North Of Raqqa

A red square shows the area of Ayn Issa

UPDATE: According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), at least one person was killed and a few others were injured in the blast.

No confirmed details on their nationality are available.


An explosion has hit an area near the US-French military base at the town of Ayn Issa, north of the city of Raqqa Pro-Kurdish/SDF sources reported on June 4.

According to reports, the explosion injured at least one “fighter” of US-led forces.

It is unclear yet what caused the explosion. However, accoridng to local sources, most likely the area was hit by a car bomb or an IED.

The area of Ayn Issa is controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The core of the group is Kurdish militias YPG, YPJ and their political wing – PYD. Recently, a number of anti-SDF protests has taken place in the major cities across the SDF-held area.

According to reports, at least 200 US and 75 French troops are using Ayn Issa as their operation base.

The situation is developing.

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Time for the ones that, bite the hand, given them hospitality and feed them, to become fertilizer for the land they betray, along with their patrons.


This is a good sign. Well done heroes. I love to here about more explosions in the areas of intruders and illegal occupiers. God bless you and protect you from evils of US, France and Israel.

neil barron




You can call me Al

Tosser; get off here and join CNN, you stupid retarded troll.

Brother Ma



he has not qualified yet for zionist paid troll. But he does his best to at least have his dosage of the day. Too low level still, no imagination.

Baron Von MuleBanger

Yes,please! Bomb more kurds to pieces. Death to terrorists and their masters! https://vimeo.com/273270985


You are a role model for the Syrian brothers in other occupied regions. My support is with you. I will never support the Intercontinental terrorists of US, France and Israel.

Jens Holm

We know that. Thats why so many throw bombs in Your region and most killed there are locals killing each other too.

You say no change. Islam and culture is the best in the whole world and for the whole world. We dont see that at all.

peacefull people like me prefare a fence west of Istandbull in stead.


LOL …I love this neil barron dude…….typical jew satanic walking talking prick….bet u r sitting in ISRAEL…..fuck your jewish satanic people you prick….time will come whenn all non jews realize what u jews have done in the last 2000 years……then its finally game over…and we aint gonna make the mistake like the romans……nobody will survive…the jewish satanic race will be eradicated from OUR planet, so that all humans no matter from where or what colour can live finally in peace. satanic jew motherfucker

You can call me Al

That sort of sums it up, rather well.


US have sanctioned dozens of countries that now became a group of sanctioned countries which has emerged as an economically strong allied super power.

Now they have their own independent defense and nuclear policies independent from US and NATO effect. IAEA bye bye.

Therefore, now the US sanctions have become ineffective against Iran. LOL

Jens Holm

You know nothing about Iran economics. You only write Your hopes.

That Guy

The explosion was probably done by anti US rebels, the good guys. Let’s hope these rebels total success in their ambitions.


Start killing the assholes, they’ll leave.


What are the odds it turns out that an insurgent blew himself up by accident?

Cheryl Brandon

I hope many KMU/USreal Terrorists died!!

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