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Explosion Occurs In Syria’s Manbij. Casualties Among US Servicemen Reported

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Explosion Occurs In Syria's Manbij. Casualties Among US Servicemen Reported


UPDATE: According to reports, 4 US servicemembers were killed, 3 injured in the attack.


On January 15, an explosion occured in a restaurant in the northern Syrian town of Manbij, which is under control of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the area of partrols of the US-led coalition.

According to initial reports, at least 6 people were killed and 20 others were injured in the attack. Local sources claim there are also casualties among US service members.

A helicopter of the US-led coalition was spotted on the scene. It’s reportedly evacuating injured [or dead] US servicemembers.

Explosion Occurs In Syria's Manbij. Casualties Among US Servicemen Reported

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You can call me Al

I better leave it at “No Comment” on this article.


Karma is a Bitch

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Difficult to have any sympathy for state sponsored combatants that should not be present there anyway.

Tom Nicholson


Prince Teutonic

Looks like a Russian made chopper or Europe’s NH90 to me…

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Surely looks like a Merlin to me, some on twitter says S-92


Terrorists blowing up a restaurant. Cheered on by some hypocrites because there were some American casualties. Hmmm


Zio terrorist procured attack in NYC on 9/11. Cheered on by dancing and celebrating isrealhell jews in the streets…..


I’m not a truther, but I do remember the celebrating Jews. Disgusting. And I remember some Palestinian celebrations too, handing out candy etc. equally disgusting. And I remember a candlelight vigil in Iran, and thought to myself these guys are not evil monsters like the US media like to portray. For a brief moment in time (most) of the world was united against terrorism. So short lived. Fucking US politicians.


New Vietnam begin to the US….

Tommy Jensen

All you guys chuckling in the corners should stop that. We will get back to you later.

Nick Sobkowiak

Is that you John Bolton?


Continue eating your zio terrorist jew sh@t….

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

I see no Blackhawks on those photos, i only see Merlins.


somebody trying to stop the American troops withdrawal…

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Very plausible.


Yes, I wunder who THAT might be??? I’M BAFFLED!


“Two Americans Killed After ISIS Suicide Attack Targets US Patrol in Syria”



Mossad at work to keep US in.


or move them out even faster…

Tommy Jensen

Too late Trump. Bolton delayed it to this stage.

Empire's Frontiers

No one has tears for mercenaries.


Don’t believe the Syrians missed taking down the zio terrorist jews cannon fodder sacrificial US idiots helicopters….would of been a perfect day for the Americunts.



Willing Conscience (The Truths

Isis don’t want the US to leave?, if they didn’t want them to go they wouldn’t do this would they, this is just the sort of thing that would cause a delay in the US departure, which is the last thing you’d think Isis would really want.
But the US deep state don’t want to leave at all, they want to stay, and as I’ve always believed, quite a few high ranking Isis commanders actually work for the deep state as double agents, so I can Imagine that the unknowing Isis bomber, and his well paid commander were acting on orders from the US deep state itself. Trumps winning and they’re desperate, this the sort of FF attack on their own people they’re most famous for, everything and everyones expendable when it comes to the cause, even the lives of their own US soldiers. Instead of blaming Isis for this I’m pointing the finger at the US deep state itself, they have the most to gain from this attack, unless the Kurds did it themselves, they don’t want the US to leave either, maybe one of them dressed up as an Arab and put on a suicide vest for the cause, nah, I think I’ll stick to blaming the deep state, the Kurds are too fashionable to wear suicide vests, they only look good on insane Isis fighters.

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