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Explosion In Mosque In Egypt’s Northern Sinai Kills At Least 75 – Rerports

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An explosion has hit Al Rawdah mosque, west of the city of El Arish in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, killing 75 people, Sky News Arabia reported on November 24 citing the country’s health ministry.

According to Sky News Arabia, the explosion took place during Friday’s prayers and was followed by a gunfire.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The security situation in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula is complicated because of the ongoing militant insurgency. Over the recent years, militants have repeatedly attacked civilian and military targets in the area.

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It looks like the Jew world order terrorists aren’t to happy with Egyptian efforts to make real progress on advancing Palestinian rights and strengthening the Egyptian economy and nation. Unfortunately for the Jews the Egyptian military, security services and government are competent organizations capable of getting the job done.

Hassan Ghonem

The number had passed 235 and may reach 300+ in the coming hours


I’m sorry, it’s not that I “like” your comment, I gave it an up-vote to be seen. It’s a sad day for Egypt and for us all. Rest in peace the victims, may god give patience to their families.

I read that the terrorists opened fire on the ambulances and emergency teams who were dispatched to assist the victims. These terror groups who are funded by Saudi money and trained by the US and Israel “advisors” are anything but “Islamic”. What kind of Muslim blows up other Muslims while they pray? Their entire focus is to kill as much Muslims as they can.


Did he lost hid ID card ??

Israel funds terrorist groups both inside of Gaza strip and in the Sinai. Israel likes to do two things with this. #1 Sow instability so Israel has ‘Right to respond to terror’ #2 Israel wishes to depopulate the Sinai as much as possible, cause it was apart of stage 3 expansion project for Israel. They had it then surrendered it for pressure reasons. Now Sinai is part of expansion project #3 for Israel. They plan before the year 2025 to reoccupy the Sinai then call it an inseparable part of Israel. http://stop30billion.org/ http://ifamericaknew.org/

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