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Experts Warn: Ukraine Aggravating Border Situation With Russia

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Experts Warn: Ukraine Aggravating Border Situation With Russia

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The West can do little to assist Ukraine’s ambitions to invade Crimea and Donbass.

Written by Paul Antonopoulos, independent geopolitical analyst

Recently, Kiev and their Western allies have propagated allegations that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine with over 175,000 troops. Evgeny Buzhinsky, a retired Russian Lieutenant-General and Chairman of the PIR Center, noted that “the current aggravation of the situation on the border of Ukraine and Russia may result in an armed conflict, this cannot be ruled out. But still there are no prerequisites for this. It will only happen if Ukraine decides to resolve the issue with the LPR (Luhansk People’s Republic) and the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) by force.

At the same time, the retired lieutenant-general believes that “conflict can be avoided,” but that there are only two options for this to develop.

“On the one hand, I do not see a diplomatic solution because Ukraine cannot fulfill the Minsk agreements due to its internal reasons. But it can be a frozen type conflict like Transnistria, with the gradual integration of the LPR and DPR into Russia,” he said.

The PIR Center chief explained that the second option, if Ukraine decides on it, “will be a local war. I see no other options because there will be no nuclear conflict between the US and Russia.” He added that if “Ukraine tramples on Donbass, where there are 600,000 Russian citizens, it is natural that Russia will intervene. Any sane leadership will not come to power [in Kiev], nor will the internal political situation change there, which is doubtful in the foreseeable future.”

In turn, retired Colonel Oleksandr Zhilin, now the head of the Center for the Study of Public Applied Problems of National Security, believes that “the current situation suggests that a war between Ukraine and Russia is possible only if those planning this conflict decide that it is time to take actions that will threaten the statehood of both Russia and Ukraine. Everything else is of secondary importance.”

The retired Colonel explained that Moscow at any moment can radically solve the Donbass crisis. However, he also stressed his belief that Russia’s military and political leaders do not even consider the possibility of sending tens of thousands of troops to seize Ukrainian territory.

“It will be a catastrophe of a humanitarian nature; the peoples of Ukraine and Russia will clash their heads in a civil war. There will be sabotage and terrorist acts,” he said when citing the head of the Russian Federal Security Service after he revealed that 106 people from Ukraine were detained as they were ready to start terrorist attacks against Russia.

According to the expert, with regard to the further development of the situation, “the United States will try to maintain tensions in Donbass” as they want to maintain a permanent state of conflict on Russia’s border.

In this way, the US is actually turning Ukraine into a weapon aimed against Russia in order to ensure that pressure is maintained against its adversary. Besides giving Ukraine tokenistic rhetorical support and limited material aid, Western media and the information apparatus is maintaining a policy of Russophobia. They will keep Ukraine close in order to maintain pressure against Russia in its own traditional sphere of influence.

Despite this though, Kiev is becoming increasingly frustrated by the limited material support it is receiving from NATO, with Ukrainian General Kirill Budanov complaining that “[The West needs] to decide, either we’re allies as they declare — and in that case allies help one another — or they need to say that this is not exactly the case.”

As a US expert recently said, “If Russia really wants to unleash its conventional capabilities, they could inflict massive damage in a very short period of time. They can devastate the Ukrainian military in the east really quickly, within the first 30-40 minutes.”

Although Washington wants an emboldened and empowered Ukraine to try and contain Russian influence in Eastern Europe, they too begrudgingly and quietly accept that there is little they can do to achieve this. This is a reality that Washington’s most ardent European proxies, Poland and the Baltic States, are yet to accept as they remain blinded by Russophobia. However, as Western countries admit there is little they can do to support Ukraine’s efforts to invade Crimea and the Donbass republic’s, they can only limit their pressure campaign in the information sphere and with limited material support.


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Lone Ranger

Bring it on Trollstoys.
Ukropnazis will cry and rage 🤗

Lone Ranger

Enough of the CIA funded world wide genocide.
Time to take the initiative.
Russia should take Kiev.
And let the EU starve.
They deserve it.


What Russia should do is arm those guys in Donbass and Lughansk to the teeth,one day they may have to take the war to Kiev and liberate more land like Mariopol.

Putin huylo

These pro-Russian scumbags would have been dealt in a matter of a week.

FYI this issue would have been resolved already in autumn of 2014 had the Russian army not intervened at that time when Ukraine’s military was in a poor state.

Lone Ranger

If the Russian army had crossed the Ukrainian border the World would know.
And the Rada would be called thd Duma 2.0.
Its a civil war fueled by the CIA,vpilish and baltic nazis and Ukrainian oligarchs stealing weapons shipments and cash aid from the west.
They don’t want the conflict to end the longer it goes on the kore they can steal.
Only a braindead ukropnazi would think you are fighting Russia.
No, you are fighting your own people, and losing…


So you are a pro fascist and pro nazi scumbag

Lone Ranger

P.S. deport the ukroptrash to Berlin where they belong.


Yes they can play at being Nazis,they could even have a parade through the Brandenburg gate LOL!!

Putin huylo

Yes, Ukraine is aggravating border situation with Russia. Also Ukraine anexed part of Russia and Ukraine is funding/supporting militarily pro-Ukrainian separatists in Rostov oblast.

Your articles make sense only in Kremlin’s twisted view of reality. Please take note we Europeans can see through your clear bias, agenda and BS.

Rather make a piece about the oldest russian NGO which is on track to be banned.


Read history and get educated. You call yourself European? Is it a nation or are you referring a continent you’re living? If first, there is no country/state called Europe (read books and burn tv, BTW EU has no constitution therefor no statehood!!!), if second, then again read geography where border between Europe and Asia lies. I’ll give you heads up: Ural Mountain range, the Ural River, Caucasus Mountains and Turkish Straits. Now do some logic (again heads up); focus on semantics and then deduction.

Putin huylo

But still there are no prerequisites for this. It will only happen if Ukraine decides to resolve the issue with the LPR (Luhansk People’s Republic) and the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) by force.”

Russian dogs not even pretending anymore they are not meddling in Ukraine’s territorial sovereignity. Putin’s regime is getting jumpy, they hate seeing Ukraine going forward and strengthening their armed forces. Getting afraid Ukros going to roast invasion forces in the future if they obtain modern Western weapons. That’s why he is drawing his red lines on behalf of other nation’s indpendence and sovereignty. Well… he can stuff that red lines up his arse.

Last edited 1 month ago by Putin huylo

Time to take your Jewkraine Jewish head outta your rectum and smell some fresh air

Putin huylo

He added that if “Ukraine tramples on Donbass, where there are 600,000 Russian citizens, it is natural that Russia will intervene. Any sane leadership will not come to power [in Kiev], nor will the internal political situation change there, which is doubtful in the foreseeable future.”

600k Russian citizens? What a sick and twisted Russian’s regime logic. What about if US decided to give Ukrainians its citizenship by the same logic? Will you then attack American citizens? I dare you RuSSkies, cargo 200 in tens of thousands coming to mother Russia very soon.

The end

I believe then every Ukrainian will migrate to US. So please, go ahead and do it… This will also save the EU’s much needed sleep over this eastern sinkhole.

Lance Ripplinger

The people of Ukraine need to realize they are a tool for the U.S. Military Industrial Congressional Complex. By stirring up all this ridiculous Russophobia, the Military Industrial Congressional Complex can keep selling weapons, and making huge profits from those weapon sales. Anyone with two brain cells knows that an actual military confrontation between Russian and Ukraine is a horrific outcome. The loss of life would be hard to calculate. I think this article is accurate. If Ukraine was stupid enough to do an outright invasion of the Donbass region, 600,000 Russian citizens would be at severe risk. In turn, Russia would have to intervene. The Russian government has a sworn duty to protect its citizens. There is no way Putin could sit by and let that happen. That in turn would mean the Ukraine army in the east would be nearly or completely wiped off the map. For now, Ukraine is just stuck terrorizing the LPR and DPR autonomous areas in the east; i.e. mortar and shelling of civilians and property. Russia really hasn’t reacted much even when Ukraine started to use Turkish supplied drones, because they don’t want a giant conflagration on their frontier.

Marcelo Rodriguez

Así como la Otan desea expandir su presencia hacía las Fronteras Rusas tratando de incorporar nuevos miembros, entre ellos Ucrania, Georgia y los países Bálticos en un claro desafío a Rusia, creo que este país Rusia debería hacer lo mismo incorporando a través de la creación de algún tipo de Organización, como la OSC a algunos países a través de la región en Centroamérica (Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela en una clara alianza militar y defensiva incorporando en ellos sistemas defensivos y ofensivos para lograr el equilibrio estratégico que la OTAN intenta romper.


Hi … this is a little token for everyone – a really modest contribution from a Westerner to the Russian people, in our collective spiritual and media warfare struggle – it is about geopolitical optics and unacceptable Western journalism manipulation, not about being a groupie for Putin. It is about all the West being silent about what they do to and say about your homeland and nation.
if you have any comments or critique, please lmk.
Please do help me to share it if you like it!

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