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Expert: Saudi Arabia´s efforts to dominate the region will fail

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A senior political analyst Catherine Shadkam blasted Saudi Arabia (SA) for spreading Wahhabi ideology and said that the Riyadh government’s efforts to dominate the region will fail soon because Iran will become more powerful in the long-run.

Expert: Saudi Arabia´s efforts to dominate the region will fail

Catherine Shadkam

“Everyone knows that Saudi Arabia has spent billions of dollars to promote Wahhabism which is ideologically very close to the ISIL, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and other terrorist groups”, told Shadkam to Fars News Agency on Thursday.

She said that the Wahhabis have committed heinous crimes in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Yemen and also Bahrain. She blames SA for claiming to be fighting against terrorism in the region and said,” Saudi Arabia is the origin and root cause of extremism and terrorism.”

William Engdahl, a well-known historian, said that Saudi King Salman and Turkish President Erdogan are about to spark a new war for control over Middle Eastern oil but the plan, which was in fact devised by Washington will ultimately backfire.

The historian mentioned four key groups, which will be involved in the upcoming conflict.

According to him the first group will include the Sunnis, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Daesh and the recently formed Saudi-led anti-terrorist coalition. The second group consists of Syria, Iran, Iraq and Hezbollah, with Russia also being a factor. As the third player the analyst named Israel. Engdahl says that the fourth group, led by the United States, is “playing the most sly, deceptive role” at the moment.

He assumes that the US is preparing a devastating trap that will catch the foolish Saudis and their Turkish and other Wahhabi allies in a devastating defeat in Syria and Iraq. That will with no doubt be proclaimed as a ‘victory over terrorism’ and a ‘victory for the Syrian people.

He is convinced that Deash plays on Saudi strings who wants Daesh to perform ethnic cleansing of the Syrian populations who are living in oil-rich regions. After this is accomplished, SA would then be able to transport fuel from Qatar and Saudi Arabia to Turkey through Syria.

“Erdogan’s Turkish military and most especially his Turkish intelligence, MIT, close friend, Hakan Fidan, is playing a key role in the planned Saudi-Turk-Qatari coalition’s move to destroy the regime of Assad and at the same time seize control for them of the rich oil fields of Iraq between Mosul and Kirkuk,” the historian explained.

Engdahl sees the UN resolution on Syria document as “a near-perfect deceptive maneuver” designed by Washington to “set the stage for the imminent Saudi-Turk oil wars and subsequent debacle in Syria and Iraq.”

Ceasefire in the UN resolution excludes Saudi and Turkey-backed Daesh and al-Nusra Front which is basically the al-Qaeda affiliate. And at the same time it calls for an immediate, simultaneous start of a ‘political transition’ which means completely contradictory things for the United States, Germany, France and the UK as it does for Syria, Iran, and Russia, he warned.

However, according to him Russia, Damascus-led forces, Hezbollah and Iran will abide by the resolution. And with that the trap will be set, Daesh will have free path to grab the oil riches in Iraq and Syria, Washington will without a doubt act suddenly and Russia, Iran and Syrian forces won´t be able to do much to prevent it,” he concluded.


                                                                                                                                                                  Mario Andrijasevic


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