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Expected Provocation: Globalists’ Puppet Navalny Declares Aim To Return To Russia

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Expected Provocation: Globalists' Puppet Navalny Declares Aim To Return To Russia


The sun of Russian pro-Western grant-suckers, Alexei Navalny, has declared an aim to return to Russia despite the potential arrest that he faced due to his violation of the terms of a suspended prison sentence for embezzlement (Navalny is currently in Germany, while the terms of his suspended prison sentence ban him from leaving the country).

Navalny, who miraculously survived the poisoning with the ‘deadly chemical weapon’ Novichok (spoiler – no, even according to the revealed OPCW data), is set to fly back to Moscow from Berlin on January 17. Western MSM and Russian anti-government media together with the hardcore neo-liberal/pro-Western Russian opposition are already boasting this move claiming that Putin is somehow ‘scared’ by Navalny.

Expectedly, the possible detention of this person due to his violation of the suspended prison sentence will be painted as ‘political repressions in Russia’. By this, forces that pull strings behind Navalny and the Russian neo-liberals seek to give some steam to the dying ‘Novichok poisoning story’ and stage a new provocation that could be used to fuel up the ongoing propaganda campaign against Russia in MSM and used as one of the tools  in the campaign to destabilize the country.

There is no surprise that the expected return of Navalny is set to take place just a few days before the inauguration of Joe Biden that represents the neo-liberal/globalist clique in the United States elites. This very group has been consistently paining Russia as the world evil, blames it for meddling in the US internal affairs and destabilizing the world. Under the Biden administration, it is expected that Russia will officially become the Enemy #1 and various attempts to destroy the Russian state will be intensified.

“While some media already branded the year of 2020 as one of the worst in the modern history, there are no indications that the year of 2021 will be any brighter or the global crises and regional instability will magically disappear by themselves. Instead, most likely 2020 was just a prelude for the upcoming global shocks and the acute standoff for markets and resources in the environment of censorship, legalized total surveillance, violations of human rights under ‘democratic’ and ‘social’ slogans’ and proxy wars.

The instability in Europe will likely be fueled by the increasing cultural-civilizational conflict and the new wave of newcomers that have acute ideological and cultural differences with the European civilization. The influx of newcomers is expected due to demographic factors and the complicated security, social situation in the Middle East and Africa. Europe will likely try to deal with the influx of newcomers by introducing new movement and border restrictions under the brand of fighting coronavirus. Nonetheless, the expected growth of the migration pressure will likely contribute to the negative tendencies that could blow up Europe from inside.

The collapse of the international security system, including key treaties limiting the development and deployment of strategic weapons, indicates that the new detente on the global scene will remain an improbable scenario. Instead, the world will likely move further towards the escalation scenario as at least a part of the current global leadership considers a large war a useful tool to overcome the economic crisis and capture new markets. Russia, with its large territories, rich resources, a relatively low population, seems to be a worthwhile target. At the same time, China will likely exploit the escalating conflict between Moscow and the US-led bloc to even further increase its global positions. In these conditions, many will depend on the new global order and main alliances within it that are appearing from the collapsing unipolar system. The United States has already lost its unconditional dominant role on the international scene, but the so-called multipolar world order has not appeared yet. The format of this new multipolar world will likely have a critical impact on the further developments around the globe and positions of key players involved in the never-ending Big Game.”


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Kremlin walls are shaking of fear

Band Itkoitko

Makes sense. Any man that can survive a direct hit by one of the most powerful WMDs must be a fearsome badass dude… and some sort of an immortal or a wonderworker.


New Marvel hero :) Captain “Nowichok proof” Navaľny :)

namulit emperor

The next Netflix or Prime Video ‘documentary’ about Navalny and evil Putin is certainly already in the works.


I remember many years ago talking to Oleg Gordievsky the former KGB double agent who fled to Britain to his MI6 controllers,it was a radio talk show,he told me i should read his book,my reply was no thanks i will wait for the Hollywood movie,he said what movie? i said there is always a movie with you people,then the radio host cut me off before i could really give him a going over.


lol :))) i hope its irony – because i seriously dont want to believe, that you are that stupid..


… and people are whispeeing: novichok doesn’t work, novichock diesn’t work… and walls are crumbling


Its said to be the most deadly military grade nerve agent known,yet they say four people survived it,whatever they had was not Novichok,only a retard would buy that.


I would buy 2kg just in case.


The west doesn’t realize that the biggest opposition in Russia isn’t this goof. It’s something they’ve always dreaded


Its the Communist party.


lock him up or better yet, ostracize him from russia, like the soviet ostracized Solzhenytsin and made him go and live in the disunited states of exceptional morons where he was miserable to the core.


you need mr 1% to keep poutin straight.. hes not a threat but keeps many people watching over their shoulder.. but he shoudnt be a cia stooge..

Just Me

Russia is color coded target numero uno as senile Biden and his corrupt son cash in the Uki dollars. This numbnuts Navalny is being handled by the puppet German BND. The whole poison baloney was to brief him on the next stage of anti-Russian strategy. Expect more propaganda and even CIA directed terrorism.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Drop the western intelligence asset Navalny bum off in Crimea for a months quarantining.


He must soon be more worth for the CIA dead than alive.


Declare him persona non grata and refuse him entry to Russia because he is a foreign agent.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Looking forward to hearing about the Skripal’s going back too. (safe enough for bum Navalny and his squeeze to do so)


I am not sure the Skripals are alive,something else as well about Navalny,he says Putin tried to murder him,now he is recovered he thought i have a good idea i will go back to Moscow so putin can have another go LOL!!

Tommy Jensen

Good. We never give up. Navalny will go back and continue to undermine the Russian society with demands of LGBT rights, gay parades, a new green deal, and nationwide protests for more freedom. Crimea back to Pentagon who paid $5 billion for the Island. De-arming and de-funding of Russia’s military for global peace…………………………….LOL.

Fog of War

Hes’s going to be killed by the ” Russians “. Very predictable.

Neo Onh

I just hope/think that the next russian leader will make the west long for and love Putin ;-)


Navalny … is flying back to Moscow with a plane load of the ‘free’ Western press/media … the Airport is surrounded by Putin’s secret service agents …

Who are they protecting? LMAO

Washington’s Capitol buildings are surrounded in order to STOP insurrectionists … eh?

That’s the difference with fascist state’s like Putin’s Russia


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