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Exclusive Interview WIth Leader Of Bulgarian Border Militia Intercepting And Turning Away Illegal Migrants

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The situation with the illegal immigration in Europe still remains complicated. The EU bureaucracy’s policy has failed. The Southern and Eastern European countries are forced to implement own measures to cope with the crisis. There are different points of view on the measures needed to regulate the migration flow in the societies of these states. SouthFront continuously covers this problem providing various points of view on the issue.

In Bulgaria, many groups of people started volunteerly guarding the border with Turkey to stop the flow of migrants. Two of the main groups which rose, and made quite a few headlines, were the Bulgarian People’s Militia “Shipka” and the Military Union “Vasil Levski”. SouthFront’s Viktor Stoilov spoke to the leader of the two organizations – Vladimir Rusev. He spoke about the two organizations, the problem Europe faces and offered some solutions.

Exclusive Interview WIth Leader Of Bulgarian Border Militia Intercepting And Turning Away Illegal Migrants

Vladimir Rusev is in the center. Source: https://twitter.com/i/web/status/840282608143605761

Hello, tell us more about the Bulgarian People’s Militia “Shipka” and the Military Union “Vasil Levski”. When were they formed? Why were they formed and what are their goals?

The two organizations were founded in 1994, however they had worked many years without registration because we didn’t want to expose the people who we were organizing in a united Bulgarian force until we had enough power, number of people and capabilities. This took us years of travelling from town to town, from village to village to meet with the people person in person, to buy them the needed books and learning materials to open their eyes about what’s happening around the world and in our country. Many gave up in the beginning because while others were doing business and wanted to become millionaires, we were making them think about the Bulgarian state. Others taught that they’ll just become millionaires and couldn’t see that not everyone can become one because money doesn’t fall from the sky and it cannot be for everyone. And they couldn’t do the easy math – in order to have 100 millionaires, they had to rob millions of their countryman.

We officially registered the organizations in 2014 when we had enough members and force, and we were actively taking part in the protest that led to the resignation of the government of GERB (editor: the ruling party back then, led by PM Boiko Borisov, who is again in power today). Or in other words, we tested our capabilities in a real-life situation. The Military Union is mainly uniting former Bulgarian soldiers and police officers – people with experience in the military field. The Bulgarian People’s Militia is uniting teachers, doctors, historians, workers and all kind of other citizens including your man and women who don’t have any military experience and haven’t been conscripts.

We know that you’re patrolling on the border with Turkey almost daily. What’s the situation there? How many migrants are trying to cross the border illegally on a daily basis?

The situation on the border with Turkey and on the whole Southern border is alarming and almost hopeless. Due to the lack of funds (everything is taken from the food for our children and from our miserable salaries) we guard only the most dangerous areas and we take back the migrants to Turkey, however at least two times more people successfully cross the border from the unsecured forests and gullies. Right now, hundreds cross the border from Greece, because their authorities are smarter than ours. They don’t register them and just let them go wherever they want to. They even help them get from the islands to the continental parts just to get rid of them.

Our fence on the border is laughable and with a miserable foundation (in order to save and steal more money for bribes and luxuries for those crooked, grave-diggin creatures with power to fix the public tenders) and because of this, often it collapses or has holes in the gullies. Not to mention that the migrants are cutting it as easily as Swiss cheese or they just go over it with ladders. At least a few hundred people cross our borders illegally on a daily basis, however the authorities are denying and hiding the facts because they don’t want to “scare” the people. Due to the tragic situation with our fence, and in order to hide the truth, they made a secret everything related to the border. That’s how they hide the huge embezzlements. The proof of their lies is the difference between the number of people they say have crossed our border and the ones that are being sent back from the Serbian and Romanian borders. Probably our authorities think that the ones which the Serbians send us back have fallen from the skies with parachutes and haven’t crossed the border from the South.

How many volunteers are currently serving in the two organizations?

Right now we have about 47 thousand volunteers and supporters in the two organizations. We don’t make them regular member on purpose because we don’t want them to have problems and to not give their personal information to the security services which question us regularly due to complaints by the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee and the Soros-funded, full of lies, “Protest Network.”

What is the reaction of the people in Bulgaria. Do they support you? And what does the government security services think?

The Bulgarian citizens, no matter of their ethnic group, gender and religion support us. Bulgarian Muslims serve with us. We’ve told them that the ones coming from the South will first start the fight with them because they see them as traitors to their religion – the one of the Islamic state. The authorities are against us but they can’t smash us because when we registered the organizations we already had hundreds of members and supporters and they couldn’t stop such a number of people. The security services know that we are useful to the Bulgarian people and state and that we have our own agents among the Islamic communities around the world but they don’t have the word because they’ve been turned into obedient servants of the corrupt a***oles illegally and temporarily in charge of the country. And due to this reason, the moment they receive an order, they start interrogating us. However, they don’t act in a rude way because they know that we have the needed force, capabilities, popularity and influence to defend the people and their rights.

We saw Tatjana Festerling multiple times with you. What is the reaction of the people outside Bulgaria? Are there other organizations which support you in defending the European borders?

Tatjana is a member of the Fortress Europe organization and is also a coordinator there. We are also members of this organization. We’ve also made joint-structures with veterans from the other Balkan Christian and Slavic countries. Even the Romanians followed our example. Besides, unlike all other organizations, we are working on internationally-important programs for liberation and revival of the national states, for neutralization of the illegal immigration and the millions of radical Islamists, terrorists and fighters of the Islamic state in Europe, as well as programs to fight the illegal human trafficking, weapon sales and drug smugglings through our territory.

Exclusive Interview WIth Leader Of Bulgarian Border Militia Intercepting And Turning Away Illegal Migrants

Tatjana Festerling. Source: tatjanafesterling.de

These programs are given to all of our international partner organizations, opposition parties and conservative ones as well. This makes us very useful and good for the people and that’s why we’re so popular amongst the people and organizations across Europe. We even have veteran generals from the special services who’ve been in charge of operations against terrorism.

What do you think about the so-called “migration crisis” in Europe? Who is responsible for this? How do you think it should be solved?

The people responsible for the “refugee crisis”, or in fact the illegal occupation and islamization of Europe, are the secret societies and the world bankers. The Kalergi plan was developed and is being implemented in Europe ever since 1922 whit some small periods of pauses. The Bilderberg group is also playing an active role while the European politicians are noting but their voiceless servants who are implementing their satanic plans to liquidate the national governments and to create a new world order – a united government, bank and religion – like a world police state.

The ways to solve the problem are many but the most important is the European peoples i.e. the European citizens to open their eyes and to stop waiting for someone else (like governments or police) to save them, and to start defending themselves. The governments have long ago sold them in slavery and are working against the interest of the people who’ve elected them, giving enormous amounts of rights to the new occupants at the expense of their own people and budgets.

Europe will survive but will first have a lot of casualties because a religious war might break out which would help most Muslims from Western Europe to unite together under the flag of the Islamic State. The war would be long and full of bloodshed but at the end, the common sense and the citizens of the European nations will win. However, it will come with the expense of many casualties, deprivation and a world financial crisis. We’ll have to build our countries and world from the beginning.

What should be done with migrants that already illegally entered Europe? How does the migration crisis impact the security situation in Europe? Is it becoming worse?

The migrants who are already in Europe and are continuing to enter daily will eventually lead to bankruptcy or default the European financial and social systems. Millions of citizens who’ve built those countries will be left without any help, pensions and jobs. Because the migrants have no intentions neither to work, nor to bring any additional value, contrary to for example the Bulgarian Muslims who are honest and hardworking people. Europe will be ruined and will burn in chaos. This is a crisis which is absolutely artificially created and is managed by different secret services with the goal of destroying Europe as a rival to the United States, making it possible to have a united world government. Merkel, sooner or later will be sued by the European society in a new Nurnberg trial against people who’ve committed crimes against humanity and the European peoples. The migrants must be sent back to their home countries to fight for their own rights and freedom. Allowing them to enter Europe is, in fact, helping the rise of dictator regimes in their countries because there’s no opposition anymore.

Why the government does what it does about this?

Because the governments in the EU, with few exceptions like the one of Orban, are serving the interests of the world financial elites and not the one of their own people. The difference between Bulgarian and Hungary is that in Hungary the authorities are fighting against Soros and the illegal immigration and invasion which would destroy them, while here, in Bulgaria, we the people are the ones trying to fight and stop them.

What would you say to the people who are against the current open-borders policies of Europe but are currently doing nothing to stop it?

Stop sleeping and open your eyes widely in order to rise and unite – to save their motherlands, to bring back the whole power in their hands, freedom, dignity, resources and future of their own children and peoples. Soon a new global financial crisis will break out which would make the world bankers, due to the absence of liquidity, close their banks for years. This will cause conflicts all around the world and will completely wipe out many countries and nations or will just make them colonies and slaves. The only nations who’ll survive are the ones who today start uniting, self-organizing and working on the future of their country and their survival.

SF’s comment: While we were translating the interview from Bulgarian to English, the main Facebook page of the Bulgarian People’s Militia “Shipka” was blocked due to complaints by liberal organizations in Bulgaria. The page had 42,000 subscribers.

Exclusive Interview WIth Leader Of Bulgarian Border Militia Intercepting And Turning Away Illegal Migrants

A screenshot of the blocked page

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Gabriel Hollows

European Hezbollah! Soon every continent will have their own movement of unyielding opposition to the international jew!



Petar Kovincic

“The people responsible for the “refugee crisis”, or in fact the illegal occupation and islamization of Europe, are the secret societies and the world bankers. ” Those are lunatic ideas from Nazi Germany adapted to our society. No wonder the militia is connected with other fascist scum from across Europe. Those people are hardly better then islamist extremists.

Politolog Externista

it was simplified ideological stuff, with all sorts of “prophecies”. Šipka is a dart, hungarian horthy fascist regime used 4 of such arrows/darts. Jewish is an understatement, satanic/freemasonic is more appropriate. Liberalism is the carrier of liberal lack of values, or the antivalues. Satanism is always about perversion, turning stuff upside down. Liberalism is the same. You dont call freemasons, satanists scums, but these, probable self-defenders as reactionaries fascists. They might be better than isil extremists, but they need understanding. Islam has a culture jihad and this migration is part of it. If Soros pays, it means you want the opposite. Soros means evil, most pure in this day.

Tudor Miron

Petar, may I ask for your opinion – who’s responsible for refugee crisis?


Faux Holocaust survivors ? :)


Let’s see who will be right at the end…

Solomon Krupacek

these are fascists. like their ukrainian brothers.

Heinrich Löwe

Yeah, Slohmo, your’ right. We must support IsraAID to flood europe with trash from all over the world.


Referring to Refugees as “trash”, and the refugee crisis as a result of Israeli policy. Classic fascist language! REFUGEES ARE PEOPLE, regardless of their religious beliefs!

Politolog Externista

who knows. Křupáček knows best right? What about the militant apartheid in south-eastern mediterranean?

Solomon Krupacek

i read lot of materials about these guys. also officials, which you will never see.

Bobo Voxar

Solomon…stop spread your zioview disinformations…


You can read ???????? Well you must be able to do something useful, because you can’t write…………….and then again I might be wrong, perhaps you can’t do anything useful knobwit.

Bobo Voxar

only right view is jewish?…you are trockist as f@#$k


Commentator perspective most commonly found on Southfront:

“All the world’s problems come from the global Jewish conspiracy”

What a joke! These are the ideas espoused by Hitler and the entire upper echelons of the Nazi party. The fact that the Russian nationalists who read and post on Southfront adopt the ideas of the German fascists is quite ironic, considering the Nazi goal of “Liebenstrom” was to enslave or starve/destroy the majority of Slavic peoples.

Of course Israel is a neo-fascistic state, but average Jews are—wait for it—actually normal human beings! Use your brains, and stop scapegoating people for their religion/ethnicity.


We get it Julian, you’re a Troll, a spiteful little Zionist fuckwit who is paid to pump out Israeli Fascist Propaganda. We wish you an early demise when the Hezbollah come to settle some old scores.


LOL. Somewhat who points out contradictions in your political perspective must be a troll!


I have the benefit of living and working and observing and thinking for over 60 years………… and that is a whole lot long then you. The fact that I have family living in the Donbas, on both sides of the ATO line, gives me a darned more of an insight as to what is going on there than you can, or ever will have. You try to talk big, but your arguments are full of more holes than a emmentaler cheese. As for the Jews…………… you are either one, and are blind to any criticism, or you have been living under rock for the whole of your stupid life. Calling the Bulgarian militias names, makes you look foolish. They are the final line to stop a wave of human detritus from washing over their land, caused by Israel and the US, who in turn control the EU and allowed the collapse of the shengen and national borders. But I am done with talking or communicating with morons, so I will not reply to you ever again, you simply aren’t worth the effort.


Hey man,

You have lived past 60, and still refer to some ethnic groups as “human detritus”? Don’t you realize that everyone is a human being? Do you really want to go to the grave with so much hate for other people? That is sad!

I’m sorry your relatives are caught up in the Donbass conflict, really. However if you don’t know that the Azov battalion is a fascist organization, then have a look at their insignia, and let me know what you think.


You clearly don’t know what the meaning of the word “Fascist” means, don’t you? Just open a book for that for ones! Or Wikipedia!!!

Solomon Krupacek

i know.

and i read official documens about these bulgarian fascists.


Good news. Man obviously has a good grip on reality. The Banksters & their minions want to destroy ALL countries including Israehell & the mad U$Asylum Empire to establish a world Nazi Govt. They’ve had their arses kicked in Syria, now they’re trying to fcuk up Myanmar, cnuts. The pattern becomes clear.






Good on them, when the gutless EU and even their own government fail, tens of thousands step up to help solve the issue themselves. Could you imagine the British doing that today? All their men seem to care about is the latest immigrant-infested, mercenary-football match.

It’s a shame their government hasn’t been helping them.


Sounds like America First Bulgarian style.

Uğur Demiral

Bulgarian version of Ukrainian Azov and Polish Never Again fascist thugs.


There is no comparison between a peoples militia and Oligarch controlled entities such as the murderous Azov Battalions and the Polish Fascist organisation.


Sure there is! They are both rabidly anti-semitic militias and have fascist leanings, whether they are demonizing refugees, Russians, Jews, etc..


Prove to me that the peoples militias of the Luhansk and Donbas are rabidily anti-semitic………………..and then explain to the audience why a group of Israelis are fighting with them against the Fascist dictatorship in Kiev.


Dontlietome— I was comparing the Bulgarian militia to the Azov batallion, not the DPR/LPR movement.


The political elites they call criminally corrupt are having a laugh watching working-class Bulgarians hunt down working class turks while they enrich themselves further off of the state and their business empires.

Really these border milita people are speaking and acting as fascists. This same crap is happening in the “volunteers” shooting at people crossing the desert from Mexico. Surely they would not hesitate to lead their own families out of a war zone and into a more stable country if they were compelled to by different circumstances.

Also, if you want to look at the true source of ISIS, it has much more to do with the geo-political interests of American foreign policy establishment than any islamic principle.


Have you even readed the thing?! RADICAL ISLAMISTS! NOT TURKS!!!! They even say, that Bulgarian Turks are participating! There’s even a video of it on their page!


Do you mean to suggest that everyone fleeing war in Syria is a radical islamist?

I should have referred to “working class Syrians” in my original comment. In any case, my point is that these working-class Bulgarian people are spending their time hunting desperate Syrian refugees, while their real enemies sit in government buildings in Sofia and Brussels.




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1XBq2B9eDU https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJkbcGC-0inAHlaooJQFFBA/videos





Chris Sedlmair

“millions of radical Islamists, terrorists and fighters of the Islamic state in Europe…” lol… those guys are nuts

Tom Tom

47,000? Need over 100,000 to do the job right. Need to recruit more. Political meetings are the only way to go from here.



Peter Franssen

Southfront is asking for my financial support. To publish more nazi stuff like this?


A note on Southfront in general (especially articles re-posted from “The Saker”

I read the site because it provides accurate information on military/political developments in the Middle East and the Ukraine.

However, one consistent theme that is impossible to miss is an assumption that American and European foreign policy flows from an international Jewish conspiracy or “Anglo-Zionism”.

Do the authors of the content on the site (and many readers/commentators) realize that these paranoid ideas were exactly those adopted Hitler and the entire upper echelons of the Nazi party? The fact that the Russian nationalists/Pan-Slavic boosters of Southfront adopt the ideas of the German fascists is quite ironic, considering that the Nazi goal of “Liebenstrom” was to enslave or starve/destroy the majority of Slavic peoples and replace them with “racially pure” “Arians”?

Of course Israel is a neo-fascistic state, but average Jews are—wait for it—actually normal human beings! Use your brains, and stop scapegoating people for their religion/ethnicity. Persuit of global hegemony of the United States is a policy that flows from the entire American ruling class, which includes Jews, non-Jews, blacks, etc. Is it really necessary, for example, to point out that there is no shortage of non-Jewish deep-state figures in the US like Cheney, the Bushes, etc.?



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