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JUNE 2023

Exclusive Details Of Recent Drone Attack On US Military Base In Syria

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Exclusive Details Of Recent Drone Attack On US Military Base In Syria

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The article is based on the exclusive data shared by our friends Islamic World News

On March 23, the newly established Iraqi group “Liwa Al-Ghalibun” (the Victorious Brigade) targeted the US occupying forces in the Kharab al-Jir military base in the Rmeilan area of Syria.

The Victorious Brigade claimed responsibility for the attack on March 26, declaring that the attack was a response to the assassination of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Deputy-Commander of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units, and Commander of Iran’s Quds Force, Qassim Soleimani. They also claimed their determinance to carry out more attacks against U.S. forces.

“The Americans will not enjoy security in Iraq and abroad until the complete exit of the U.S. occupation forces from our country,” the group concluded.

Liwa Al-Ghalibun hit the US military base near the village of Kharab al-Jir with a suicide UAV. The Pentagon said the intelligence community had determined that the suicide drone used in the attack was of Iranian origin.

Islamic World News published exclusive footage of the launch.




According to a statement of the US CENTCOM, one US contractor was killed as a result of the attack. Five U.S. service members and a second U.S. contractor were reportedly wounded.

However, it was revealed that the US military had hided the real sources. Informed sources told “Islamic World News“ that three US servicemen were killed and eight others were wounded in this attack.

This is not the first time that the US Army hides its casualties or publishes unreal statistics in its statements.

In fact, the strong reaction of the US military and Washington to the strike confirms that the true number of the US casualties is indeed higher than it was declared by the US CENTCOM.

US President Joe Biden commented on the attack, vowing to respond to any attack on U.S. troops in Syria.

In response to the drone strike, the U.S. Central Command hit the governorate of Deir Ezzor with heavy airstrikes. The Iranian Advisory Committee in Syria said that the U.S. strikes had killed seven of local fighters and wounded seven others.

In their turn, Iraqi groups launched three rocket and drone attacks against two bases of the U.S.-led coalition, the Conoco gas plant and the Green Village in the eastern and southeastern countryside of Syria’s Deir Ezzor, between March 23 and 24.

After the drone attack by the Iraqi and Syrian resistance groups on the US occupation base in Syria, a wave of media propaganda by the MSM started against Iran. However, the use of Iranian weapons does not necessarily mean Iran’s involvement in the operation. The US provides weapons to various countries around the world, including for example Ukraine which is not even a NATO member state but is fully armed and coordinated mainly by the US military. At the same time Washington denies being part of the military conflict in the Donbass. In its turn, Iran also provides specific weapons to its allies which they also use to defend themselves.


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Russia won the war a while

Russians should be taught DIY in military training, how to build things from scratch, it is better skill for survival and stuff, basic primitive stuff. Also I think they should use 700$ish Drones to distract Ukronazis air defenses, this will exhaust the Ukronazis air defenses and Russia has been using decoys of KH-55, they should use decoy drones too.


What should be used against those illegal US gangster bases are Ballistic missiles.

Jens holm

Umbrellas and sunglasses is the only option as long as 141 UN nations advices for retreat is not followed.

ut thats mainly censured away in the Putin news by RT TV. 141 countries are wrong and the skinny 5 legs bear is right. They have take patent for right and wrong and the Duma has erased Human ights as well. Your kind are not even humans on paper anymore.

Jens holm

Unfortunatly for the common population and the upperclass there its not possible. There is no sign for that in the best microskopes.

The change is in basics. More and better schools and trusted good leaderships on all levels. The top collpased USSR just as in the time of the Tzars.

And its the same infections for the militaries as well as in the rest. Low educated infabnterist ´s and officaers cant handle advanced warfare at all. The training programs of Your dont exist because they are impossible to follow.

You think about those drones. They solve almost nothing. Again You are wrong ignoring Your enemies are not sitting ducks less clever the the Russian declinings.

Jens holm

The Rusticans of Your almost do everything they can and has no options for gamechangings at all. Thats the result for the Ukras and the donators to them. Russians has no production capasity for more production, better soldiers and updated leadership. They have not.

We even see old tanks been used as well as even older seemes to with replace them.

In the same moment You are talking down old stuff from the Nato friends. Much is newer and in good shape.

Isser Harel

Communist economic sanctions destroy any country or economy: they do against basic Rights of all Humans to trade and sell the results of their labors. Only a totalitarian regime promotes atheist-communist based economic sanctions because they are against Nature itself.


Now, anyone can shrug their shoulders and, trying to make a serious face, say: “Some pro-Ukrainian activists on camels got to the American base in Syria and attacked it with homemade Molotov cocktails.” … Joke RIA Novosti made 😂😂😂

Jens holm

Sure. Israel will make peace with Assad sending all Westbankers to Syria as replacers of local populations.

Biden might be like that too. Russian can be repopulated by Mexicans and the clmate change might make them grow tequila instead of Vodka.


Maybe from some jokes we can create reality. I would leave all terrorists in the desert, no food, no water. Let them drink what they find possible to use, don’t want to be rude saying what they can use. One drone would observe their last days in the desert. If we drop them to island with snakes, it would not be interesting and their death would be imminent.

Jens holm

You are right. But are we there – yet.

It has been normal for the world to relocate millions of people as well as replacing others.

Thats no european thing. But the main parts of North and South American is emmigrated Europeans from Spain/Portucal and up North.

Australia, New Zrealand, Sout Africa and Rhosedia is same thing.

Right now so mantý prefare USA and Europe. We cant handle it well and its tempting to shoot them, when they try.

Jens holm

The Romans rook most of The GB in the hard way. When their Empire collpased there was empty space for the Saxons in the norther Germany(+Hollad and Denmark).

later on Skandinavia was overpopulated most likely by warmer climate and they expanded to GB, Kiev Russia qand even to Greenland and North Amria.

So its about handling it.

Some has tryed with succes and some with fiascos , but I thik we should try. Another version of course is lowering the population growth. So many dont accept that. Its a right for them expanding like lemmngs and rats.

I dont want them here too. Wrstern Europe is Western Europe because me made it. They dont and are the opposite.


Lowering growth population in a way of deliberate de-population ? Or educating people who live in poverty not to over-populate because this brings problems to theirs future generations ? I agree with my second question. First is forcible and I disagree with it. On the other hand, people who live in poverty have not decided to be born in poverty. We all should have equal rights when we are born, how we handle it later in life when we grow up if no pressure no wars no man-made disasters etc. I think most people would have normal quality of life. Some people are born rich, some born poor … and this very disturbing and unfair.


Poverty is greatest where religions dominate public everyday life.


Tell that to africans, where no rules of law for decades to protect africans living in poverty, but only dominates that Africa was for decades test ground people to live in poverty and Bill Gates’s vaccine test ground. I have been telling to people what was happening in Africa to pay attention because we all going to have same in our countries around the world. I was right. Africa was also test ground for de-population agenda by westerners. You calling yourself “Lucifer” so I guess you bow down to devil’s governments for more test grounds. Wonder why you hiding behind fake username, only cowards do this.

Luckily some african governments start using logic and turn to Russia and China for help. So in next years, decades we will see progress.

Last edited 2 months ago by Gordana

Emmigration most of time occurs because of wars, sometime man-made they call it natural disasters. Sometime poverty makes people to re-locate which is not much shown in emmigration statistics as the cause. People are not to blame, they have no option. Governments are to blame.

Madam Defarge

If “pro-Ukrainians” can’t operate tanks, what makes anyone think they’d do any better with camels?

Jens holm

Handling things is very much about culture and educastion level.

I dont want those which use more time making children then time for feeding them the next 18 years here.

Those people shold not destroy Our way of build up.

I came from very poor farmjers hands hands and fisher men. Many of them had no choise and went to USA and Argentina as emmigrants.

BUT entering here is no choise for that kind of people or us. We only need well educated people working and living in our version of wellfare, which we have created by that.

None of us are born to be Unicef or Santa Claus. And we again tell them: Do like us or partly do like us.

But they say OH NO. We have Our own culture, religion and tribe thinking working hard to homogenize for local peace. So be it, but not here.


Compare how cheap are seeds to prizes of food we grow from seeds. Imagine every street in the city in the village in the country with plants of seeds for veggies and fruits … so easy if we all plant seeds, we all would have free food. Poverty would be erased. Economy would grow. There would be no unemployment. Because when people are not hungry, they are fit to work and they use common sense, if we all do a bits helping each other world would be beautiful place. That is start of education. In poverty people don’t think, its survival of fittest, to survive until next day, more worries, when people are hungry, homeless and lack health care, they don’t have basic needs, so things happen most of time because they have no help, they are not to blame. Give them help and see the difference. No reason for de-population because on Earth a lot of empty lands where more billions of people could start life.


I fear what you said about tanks, because if they can’t handle to operate it, there will be a lot of dead on both sides, they will by mistake point at both sides. I think camels sound better.


So… nothing about the fire that rained on the US occupation bases from Syrian side of the border? I heard >80 rockets, missiles and drones hit at least 3 of their bases. I could be wrong. ;)

On another note, do you smell what the [fill in the blank] cooking in the occupied lands? If yes, let me tell ya that you saw nothin’ yet. Wait for tonight and tomorrow… If 2 years ago somebody told me that one day we try to keep Bibi in power while the Americans try to overthrow him, I didn’t believe it. Anyway, I really wish he survives this week. So much to do… Ta!

I’m not sure if this comment survives, please consider saving it by not letting the trolls down-vote it too much. I might return for more fun facts.

Florian Geyer

Well said Garga. It’s good to see you again.

Isser Harel

Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies…They can’t speak truthfully about anything. They serve the father of all lies now.

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