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Ex-Rebels Attack ISIS-Affiliated Group In Northwest Daraa In Response To Deadly Ambush (Video)


Early on May 28, former rebels fighting in the ranks of the Russian-backed 5th Corps launched a fierce attack on an ISIS-affiliated group in the northwestern Daraa countryside in response to a well-planned ambush that targeted members of the governorate’s reconciliation council.

The ambush, that took place late on May 29 near the town of Muzayrib, claimed the lives of prominent members of the reconciliation council, Uday al-Hasheesh, Adnan Yousef al-Shanbour and Raafat Al-Barazi.

Three others members of the council were injured, including Mahmoud al-Bardan. The local commander, who is known as “Abu Murshid,” enjoys excellent relations with Russian forces.

Daraa’s former rebels held a small ISIS-affiliated group in Muzayrib, led by a man called “al-Shaguri,” responsible for the ambush. The former rebels launched an attack to capture or kill the terrorists. Heavy clashes took place in the town for several hours.

The attack on Muzayrib reportedly ended with the arrest of several suspects. Nevertheless, the situation in the town is still tense.

The ambush was not the first attack by terrorists in Muzayrib. Earlier this months, nine policemen were brutally killed in the town.

Daraa’s former rebels and the Syrian Arab Army could launch a large-scale operation against ISIS remnants in northern and northwestern Daraa in the upcoming few days. A curfew was imposed in the town of Tafas, a known stronghold of radicals, by the reconciliation council following the attack on Muzayrib.




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