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Ex-NATO General Secretary Says US-led Military Bloc Would Like To See Ukraine-style Changes In Belarus

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Ex-NATO General Secretary Says US-led Military Bloc Would Like To See Ukraine-style Changes In Belarus

Anders Fogh Rasmussen. IMAGE: rasmussenglobal.com

Ex-NATO General Secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen says Belarus should follow expirience of Ukraine and Georgia in determining its future.

In an interview with Polskie Radio, Rasmussen de-facto stated that Belarus, afer some reforms, would be able to exploit its geographical location (close to Russia) and play an important role in the NATO strategy to deter Russia.

The ex-NATO General Secretary further claimed that Russia’s alleged will to establish military bases in Belarus poses a threat to Europe.

He stated that Belarus is not a democratic state now, but it should move in this direction “like” Ukraine and Georgia. Rasmussen stated that it’s highly likely some opposition forces appear in the country that will force it to become “democratic”.

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Jim Bim

What a moron. A true hawk, warmonger and Neocon. He was the worst Danish Prime minister ever…and the worst NATO general sec.


Am I the only one to notice that out-of-work Scandinavian prime ministers can always rely on employment at NATO?

Tudor Miron

Thats because they are always ready to serve as talking heads to get those 30 sheckels.

Jim Bim

Not this moron, he was Prime minister in Denmark when he secretly was offered the job from his friend POTUS Bush.


Well the Scandinavians have always had a Nazi streak, many supported Hitler, but that was airbrushed out of history.

Zionism = EVIL

Actually this is deluded pervasive “western” and Zionist puppet thinking that they can break up Russia like they did with USSR. Belarus and Armenia are the only thorns left in their dumbarse. The Zionist Kaplan plan for Ukraine was a test case as Russia showed hesitation in supporting the Donbass freedom fighters. Now they will use Ukraine Zio-Nazis to destabilize Russia. The Zionist efforts to destroy the Orthodox church is part of the effort. Putin needs to wake up and start beefing up alliances as a combined soft and hot war is being waged against Russia and its allies.


Why do you think he became NATO secretary general in the first place? Only European politicians who have proven to be exceptionally loyal vassals to Washington will get rewarded with this position. In the Netherlands at least two foreign ministers became secretary-general of NATO in the past, and both were staunch US vassals. I reckon whenever we get a new foreign minister there is a secret ceremony in the basements of his department where the US ambassador anoints him into the position, akin to that scene in the Return of the King where the Steward of Gondor anoints Pippin into his guard.

Either that or its invasion of the Body Snatchers, because some of these people used to be independent and outspoken thinkers before getting the position. Before becoming a loyal US vassal as British foreign secretary Boris Johnson used to be quite outspoken and even critical of Western foreign policy in regards to Syria. People who have joined religious cults have changed less radically then some who became foreign ministers.

Jim Bim

Maybe you should read both my comments.


democratic? you mean attacking its own citizens and supporting Neo-Nazis?


“..should follow expirience of Ukraine and Georgia in determining its future.”

I’m sure he would like to see it follow in Ukraine’s footsteps. These psychos hate to see any people free to pursue their own destiny, especially if it benefits the people of the society targeted by these sickos, for they desire only profits from death and destruction in OTHER people’s countries.


So Mr Warmonger Rasmussen considers Ukraine a Democratic country.

You can call me Al

Now, I believe that if a violent coup happens, this could be the event that kicks it all off. The US needs eradicating now.

Bigaess Wangmane

I’m sure that after observing what NATO’s been getting up to in Eastern Europe over the last several years the people of Belarus would be more than willing to trade in their somewhat-crappy but stable President for a Zio-Nazi Junta.

Dušan Mirić

Miroslav Lazanski, military analyst from Belgrade, said that Belarus is only other country Russia would go nuclear

Zionism = EVIL

Russia needs to arm Iran to the hilt and watch the US and Zionists shit in their kippas.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Anders “fool” Rasmussen is a Snake of the worst kind!!
He is NOT a Dane Denmark can be proud of, he is disgusting and would spill any amount of blood and waste any amount of lives for a payraise or a better position.

NEVER EVER trust anything that filth is saying!

Kelli Hernandez

Another Maidan adventure in Belarus to force regime change so US can put more nukes in Russias backyard?

Albert Pike

They don’t leave much choice how the bear could react, because they know he can’t survive without a fight.

Putin can not allow a destabilization of Belarus. That’s going to be an interesting Trump/Putin converstion on the 11.11. …100years after WW1.

Kristina Rain Mcleod

“Forced to become democratic”

Excellent choice of words.

Just like NATO “forces” Libya to become ‘democratic’?
just like The US, French, and GCC were aiding ISIS and Al-Nusra in trying to FORCE people in Syria to accept an American Democracy?

Because our political system is so perfect, INFALLIBLE, and impervious to corruption that its worth making others die for, yes???

Yes, yes! Perfect! If they don’t WANT to replace WHAT WORKS with WHAT SOUNDS GOOD then it MUST be FORCED. Its like Manifest Destiny 2.0

Most my fellow citizens in America think its their fucking duty to FORCE people to do things our way because it SOUNDS GOOD and not because they have any idea what ACTUALLY WORKS or has been working for some time.

A coin only has heads on both sides in my country according to most ppl out here…

peter mcloughlin

Any such suggestion regards Belarus is very dangerous, it is another step towards world war. It is important to remember: at the core of this rivalry is the defence of core interests – and survival. When core interests are threatened and existential threat looms nations go to war. There can be no compromise on these.

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