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Ex-ISIS Terrorist Who Fought For Turkish-Backed Group Was Behind Recent Al-Bab Bombing – Report

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A former ISIS terrorist who fought for a Turkish-backed group was behind the recent al-Bab bombing which claimed the lives of many civilians, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on November 17, citing sources affiliated with the situation.

The sources told the UK-based monitoring group that the terrorist was originally from the town of Jablat Al-Hamrah, which is located near al-Bab in the Turkish-occupied part of northern Aleppo.

“He is a former ISIS operative, he fought with the group in the battles of Manbij and al-Bab,” one of the sources said, “After the Turks managed to capture al-Bab, he joined the [Turkish-backed] Hamza Division of the Syria National Army (SNA). Then, he also left the division.”

Syrian activists confirmed the information revealed by the SOHR and identified the terrorist as 30-year old Ali al-Yousef. Some of the activists even claimed that al-Yousef was very close to the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Military Police and even the Turkish intelligence.

Ex-ISIS Terrorist Who Fought For Turkish-Backed Group Was Behind Recent Al-Bab Bombing – Report

Ali al-Yousef

The Al-Bab explosion claimed the lives of at least 19 people and injured dozens others. The vast majority of the casualties were civilians.

Al-Yousef was reportedly apprehended by the Free Syrian Military Police early on November 17. Thousands of angry locals gathered near the police headquarters in al-Bab demanding the execution of the terrorist following reports of preparations to hand him over to Turkey.

The Turkish Ministry of National Defence had accused Kurdish forces of planning the bombing in an official statement. This accusation appears to be politically-motivated.

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Hasbara Hunter

Sounds like a great time for a good ol’ Lynchmob… Drag’m out…Hang’m high…Epstein-Style


A Turkish False Flag bombing gone wrong?

Where are the White Helmets when a professional ‘False Flag Fuck Up’ is required :)

Ishyrion Av

Turkey sends the isis terrorist to bomb the civilians then claim it was kurds then justify some action against kurds. On the other line, Erdo is pumping Syrian refugees in large concentration camps then threatens Europe they will release them in Europe if Europe doesn’t pay.
Only its not Europe, but its mainly Greece, already suffocated by the turkish flow of refugees.
And its not refugees but carefully selected rapefugees and dissimulated muslim terrorists.


That’s right. And when Merkel-scum “invited” refugees to Germany, she invited them to all the countries between Germany and Turkey too. Clever, satanic plan from globalist EU traitors.

Ishyrion Av

yes, indeed
the plan is to destroy entire Europe, not only Germany

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The poor Turks have to rely on outside news whenever they want find out what the truth is, their own news has nothing at all to do with the truth.
Here’s the Turkish take on the very same story.

“The YPG terrorist behind the latest attack in northern Syria believed to have killed civilians on Nov. 16 has been captured by the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MİT) in an operation, according to Turkey’s Defense Ministry.
“The PKK/YPG terrorist, who massacred 18 civilians and wounded at least 30 people in a car bomb in al-Bab, was caught in a MİT operation,” the ministry said in a tweet”.

Most news propaganda either omits important details or add’s separate issues to conflate the story and confuse the reader, not the Turkish news, they just change the whole story to suit their own narrative.


With credentials like that, he must be Israeli :)

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