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Ex-Afghani President Now In Dushanbe, As Ex-Afghani Army Transfers Positions To Taliban In Kabul

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Ex-Afghani President Now In Dushanbe, As Ex-Afghani Army Transfers Positions To Taliban In Kabul

Ghani. Illustrative Image

The information that former President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani left Afghanistan was confirmed. After having signed his resignation, Ghani took a plane to Tajikistan.

Sajjad Nuristani, an official in the Government of the President of Afghanistan, claimed that Ashraf Ghani was accompanied by his National Security Adviser Hamdullah Muhib and President’s Chief of Staff Fazl Mahmoud Fazli.

According to the available information, Dushanbe is not the final destination of the former president. He is going to stay there for a while and will likely meet Afghan Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum, who crossed the border with Uzbekistan yesterday and is now temporarily staying on Uzbek territory.

After Uzbekistan, Ghani will move to the third country. As we wrote before, he is expected to go to one of the European capitals, likely Berlin or Zurich. After Europe, he will probably fly to the U.S.

Ex-Afghani President Now In Dushanbe, As Ex-Afghani Army Transfers Positions To Taliban In Kabul

Ali Ahmad Jalali

Former Interior Minister Ali Ahmad Jalali will be appointed head of the transitional government of Afghanistan.

Who is Mr. Ali Ahmad Jalali?

Ali Ahmad Jalali is 80 years old. He is former journalist of the Voice of America radio station and directed radio broadcasting in Pashto, Dari and Persian in Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asia, Abcdef.wiki reports.

He was the ambassador of Afghanistan to Germany and from January 2003 to September 2005, he headed the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Afghanistan.

In 2005, he became an Emeritus Professor at the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies (NESA) at the National Defense University in Washington. In 1987, he got the U.S. citizenship.

It is evident that his candidature at the post of the head of the interim government was a consensus between the Taliban and the U.S. He seems to be appointed in exchange to a fast fleeing of Ghani, who left almost all of his supporters, officials and soldiers.

However, he will stay in office only until main positions in Afghanistan capital, including security and traffic police checkpoints, police stations, military infrastructure facilities, will be transferred to Taliban forces.

Thus, Julali is expected to hold this position for a couple of days or even for a few hours only.

The administrative management of Afghanistan is transferred to the council, which includes the head of the Supreme Council for National Reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah and ex-President Karzai.

Ex-Afghani President Now In Dushanbe, As Ex-Afghani Army Transfers Positions To Taliban In Kabul

Abdullah Abdullah

Abdullah Abdullah is a key political figure in Afghanistan, who has held numerous prominent positions during his illustrious political career. In 1992, Dr. Abdullah served as spokesperson for the Defense Ministry of
the Islamic State of Afghanistan. In 1996, he was appointed as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Government of the Islamic State of Afghanistan, which was recognized by the United Nations, and the
international community as Afghanistan’s legitimate Government, despite the Taliban’s occupation of the capital, Kabul. In 1998, Dr. Abdullah assumed the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan. Dr. Abdullah subsequently served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan from 2001-2006. You can read his biography here: LINK.

Ex-Afghani President Now In Dushanbe, As Ex-Afghani Army Transfers Positions To Taliban In Kabul

Hamid Karzai

Afghan politician who was the first elected president of Afghanistan (2004–2014). He is also the leader of the Popalzai Durrani tribe of Kandahar. You may read his biography here: LINK.

Meanwhile, in Kabul, soldiers of the former Afghan army hand over all military posts to the Taliban. Militants take control over police checkpoints and military headquarters left by soldiers in the capital.


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Blinken is right, it won’t be like Saigon.
Its worse.

Peter Wallace

Just saw video of the airport and tens of thousands of people trying to get on the few planes on the ground.


Meanwhile, what’s amazing is Karzai genuinely believes he is still in position to carve out a role for himself in some form of power sharing deal. Not so sure how that will pan out as he expects.

Last edited 1 month ago by SevenUps

They remind me of hitler in the final hours in the bunker,moving armies on a map that no longer existed when the Russians were about half a mile away in Berlin,they are totally deluded.

Séamus Ó Néill

Once again we see the treacherous American cowards and the traitors who worked for them, fleeing like rats…..same old Yankee story….steal, murder, pillage and then run when the going gets tough. The whole world is laughing as this exceptional and indispensable nation of cowards , liars and thieves scurries away under cover of darkness…..what a pathetic sight.


ZioP1gs are crapping in their Diapers as their great Protecter and Satan’s handmaiden USA runs away from the Middle East. When Hizbollah invades Israel in the next round, Yankees will abandon these pathetic babykilling thieves. Watch how Yankee dogs are expelled by force from Iraq, then Syria in the coming months. How can they be a superpower if they were defeated by ragheads with Sandals and AK47’s?

Last edited 1 month ago by YankeeGoHome

Taliban dont have a choice but to include some government officials from past regimes -They have no experience in running the country so its gonna be rough sailing at first.


Nonsense. They have been ruling large parts of the country for a long time, and were in command for a long time. What on earth makes you think they need US-puppets and nit-wits?

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