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Evil Russians & Kind Terrorists – West Continues Information War Against Russia & Syria

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Western media have launched an information campaign to discredit Moscow and Damascus, reporting about Russia’s and Syria’s violation of the armistice agreement, before the signing of the agreement.

Evil Russians & Kind Terrorists - West Continues Information War Against Russia & Syria

Photo: Reuters / Khalil Ashawi

Only a few days passed since the signing of the peace agreement on Syria on Saturday, but Western media have already launched an information campaign to discredit Moscow and Damascus, publishing false information about what is happening in Syria.

The armistice agreement on the territory of Syria, signed by representatives of Russia and the US, provides for a cessation of armed confrontation between the Syrian Forces and a ‘moderate’ opposition. According to the agreement, the truce comes into force on September 12 and provides a complete cessation of hostilities and flights of the Syrian Air Force over the areas, where the opposition is.

However, leading US and European periodicals with headlines, reporting about Russia’s and Syria’s violation of the armistice agreement, were issued before 12th September. Besides the fact that Russia and Syria were accused of violating the truce in absentia, without waiting for the armistice itself, content of these articles gives rise to unfavorable criticism.

So, an article, published in The Washington Post on September 12, reported about massive bombing of residential areas in Idlib by the Russian and Syrian Air Forces. According the editorial board, the attack resulted in the killing of 85 civilians, including 2 children. A photo to the article depicted two unknown neatly dressed men, carrying two babies in a ruined city’s neighborhood.

An article, posted on the АВС News information portal on September 11, once again accused Russia and Syria of violating the truce and killing of civilians by bombing Idlib. The author is not confused by the fact that the only source of information for the article was the Syrian opposition, for which such charges are beneficial.

An article, published in The New York Times on September 11, read that Russian airstrikes killed 91 civilians. A source of the information once again was the Syrian opposition. No less interesting is the fact that news portals of the opposition published information about 60 killed. The author borrowed a photo for the article from The Washington Post.

No one of these media reported about Sunday’s large-scale offensive of armed opposition groups, numbering up to 500 people, in the province of Hama, as well as about the fact that they used artillery and mortar launchers during shelling an airfield and residential settlements. They also keep silent about execution of Aleppo residents, who decided to leave the combat zone.

In this way, Syria is in a real blockade – not economic, but informational. This prism of opinions interprets cruelty and meanness as kindness and heroism, and somehow makes inhumanity and fratricide to become a tradition and a pursuit of democratic values.

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Divesh Kumar

Western leaders and media are no less when compared to their head chopper “moderate” terrorist allies all over the Syria and world. They have done every thing to foment terror by strengthening these scums. They can never be trusted


I gave up a while ago : Afro Americans in active US Armed Forces service, argue with me “of the tactical needs” of this type of warfare, and “the need to swallow the blue pill” !! …like it was a goddamned movie !! They deserve to suffer and bleed like previous generations did after Korea, Vietnam, etc, etc !! People don’t learn until they are homeless vets or go around with artificial legs the rest of their miserable lives !!

Rodney Loder

Three reports of adverse happenings concerning the War, Not reported on any main stream media including RT ,1. The downed Israeli fighter jet, 2. Syrian declaration to shoot down Turkish aircraft violating Syrian Sovereign Territory, 3. Terrorist and armed opposition violation of Temporary Cease Fire. I think the reactionary elements supporting US hegemony in the ME believe that Western public opinion is a vital factor still, just goes to show their living in the past. I think it would take a Jewish Messiah Event to get another 2003 type Invision a ME. Nation. Only the fallacious promise of such an event caused the invasion of Iraq.

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