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JUNE 2023

Evidence Builds That Audio Tapes Provided By Ukraine To MH17 Investigators Were Altered

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Evidence Builds That Audio Tapes Provided By Ukraine To MH17 Investigators Were Altered


The authenticity of the phone tapes provided to the investigation by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) have long been questioned. Audio analyses done by an expert on two of these phone tapes published on YouTube have already shown that there is evidence they were tampered with.

The audio tape concerning the involvement of Igor Bezler (nickname “Bes”) in the downing of flight MH17 was one of the most clearly falsified pieces of ‘evidence’. In the first place, the supposed conversation begins with the end of a sentence (“I understood, damn”), which shows that the recording was not of the entire conversation, but just a piece of it. The risk to have an extract put out of context was then very high. And that’s exactly what happened.

Here is the discussion we can hear in the extract provided by the SBU:

“I understood, damn.

We just shot down a plane. The group of “Miner”. It fell behind Enakievo. I went…

Pilots? Where are the pilots?

We went to look for and photograph the downed plane. It is smoking…

How many minutes ago?

Well, about 30 minutes ago.”

The SBU published this phone tape as ‘proof’ that Bezler admitted they shot down the MH17 (even if they never mention it was a Boeing, or a passenger plane, the ‘context’ is given exclusively by the assertion of the security service of Ukraine, a country which is also a suspect in the case).

But there were quickly several problems. The location where the plane mentioned fell (near Enakievo) was not the location where the MH17 fell (the area near Grabovo), as you can see in the map below.

Evidence Builds That Audio Tapes Provided By Ukraine To MH17 Investigators Were Altered

Click to see the full-size image. Image: donbass-insider.com

However, the location indicated by Bezler in the audio tape does correspond to a plane that was shot down, a military aircraft downed by the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) militia one month before.

Both of the media agencies Interfax and TASS reported on 17 June 2014 that the DPR people’s militia claimed to have shot down a SU-25 while it was attacking Golmovsky. This village is on the periphery of Gorlovka, several kilometres from Enakievo.

Another anomaly from the audio tape is the question about the pilots. One would expect to search specifically for the pilots only in the case of a military aircraft, not a civilian one, because there is no ejection seat in a passenger plane.

And when you hear the full phone tape, you understand the whole picture.

Watch the whole video of Anatoly Shary subtitled in English:

Here is the full discussion about the shot down plane:

“Yes, Vasily Nikolaevich?

Igor, tell me, well, what is there, is it decided for this 200 [dead soldier]?

Yes, they are bringing him to Crimea, everything is fine.

Oh … Well, I just understood, damn.

We just shot down a plane. The group of “Miner”. It fell behind Enakievo. I went…

Pilots? Where are the pilots?

We went to look for and photograph the downed plane. It smokes…

How many minutes ago?

Well, about 30 minutes ago.

About half an hour ago, right? Which kind? Sukhoi again?

Yes, Sukhoi.”

The SBU eliminated all the parts of the conversation which could help understand what Bezler was really talking about, and that it has absolutely no relation to the MH17 crash. Bezler and the man with whom he speaks mention clearly it’s a Sukhoi (a military aircraft) which was shot down. As reported in the incident mentioned by Interfax and TASS on 17 June 2014. One month before the MH17 crash! Which means that the SBU falsified the date of the recording in addition to cutting essential parts of the conversation.

In this full phone tape, you can clearly hear the piece of sentence which is at the very beginning of the SBU extract provided as evidence in the MH17 case: “I just understood, damn”. The presence of this sentence seems to indicate the file received by Anatoly Shary is the one from which the SBU ‘evidence’ is extracted.

The two audio files (the full one published by Shary and the one published by SBU) were compared by Michael Kobs (a researcher who has investigated the MH17 case, and has already produced several reports on it, like “Haunt the BUK”), with audio analysis software. And this comparison shows that the two files share the same level of noise, and the same audio profile. Which means that it is most likely that the SBU file was extracted from the very same file published by Shary.

Evidence Builds That Audio Tapes Provided By Ukraine To MH17 Investigators Were Altered

Several independent experts have analyzed the audio tapes. Source: donbass-insider.com

Moreover, the facts available in this full phone tape correspond to the events of June 2014, and are corroborated by the testimony given by Bezler to the investigation team and to the Dutch court in charge of the MH17 case.

And last but not least, another phone tape presented by the Dutch court on 8 June 2020 confirms the facts on which Bezler testified:

In this audio tape dated 16 June 2014, Dubinsky announced that “Bes downed a Sushka” (“Bezler downed a Sukhoi” ) in Gorlovka in the evening, and that the “pilot ejected” and “is being searched for”. It is exactly what the full phone tape with Bezler is talking about! This discussion involving Bezler had nothing to do with the MH17, the SBU knew it and edited the phone tape to deceive the investigation team and the Dutch court.

Impartiality and expertise of the investigation team and the Dutch court put into question

The information published by Anatoly Shary not only put into question the reliability of the evidence provided by the SBU in the MH17 case. Once again, it is the whole investigation which is put into question.

Because, as Donbass Insider emphasizes it is not the first forgery to be proved in this very sensitive case. The JIT published as ‘proof’ a discussion from a fake VK account, Vladimir Tsemakh was kidnapped by the SBU and presented as a key suspect after one of his swear words in an interview was conveniently “misinterpreted” as the word “BUK”, and testimonies of several witnesses were deformed or completely falsified by western media (watch the documentaries from Bonanza Media).

The media outlet Bellingcat has also been discredited by subsequent events, as it scammed a witness who testified that he saw fighter jets in order to suggest he was a fraud. Moreover, the US refused to provide the satellite pictures they claimed having, and the Russian data about the fact that the missile pieces shown by the JIT belong to a Ukrainian army unit was put aside by the court without any real analysis of the documents by the investigation team (they never came to Russia to verify the documents on site). The data of the full scale experiment of Almaz Antey was not included in the file, there are a lot of discrepancies and inconsistencies in the official version, and most of the witnesses that are relied on in the trial are anonymous (even when the witness in question is Eliot Higgings, from… Bellingcat), which makes it impossible to check their testimonies.

Donbass Insider also points out that in the recording of Bezler testimony to the investigators, you can hear one of them admitting that he does not know Ukraine’s geography well, perhaps as an excuse for the fact that they did not immediately realize that a plane which fell near Enakievo, could not be the MH17 which fell much further to the east.

What then are the competencies of the investigators, if they don’t know the geography of the crash area after three years of investigation. How can these people can assert, like in the court hearing of 8 June 2020, or in the article published by Bellingcat about Bezler, that the reliability of the phone tapes was checked by experts or by crossing the information with other elements, when they are not even able to check the location of the crash?

What kind of experts can state that phone tapes are reliable when a part of the conversation is obviously missing?

How could a Dutch Prosecutor claim on 10 March 2020, that “the complete intercepted conversations that are contained in the case file” “have been thoroughly investigated” and still take evidence provided by the SBU as proof? If the Dutch Prosecutors really investigated the complete phone tapes, they would have seen the falsification of evidence, and not base their case file mainly on what the SBU provided.

And the full phone tape of Bezler published by Shary indicates that the SBU provided falsified “evidence” about the MH17 crash to the investigation team and to the Dutch justice. And neither the “great” couch experts of Bellingcat, nor the JIT and its professional experts saw it was forged. Not to mention the investigators who don’t even know where the locality of the crash area is. LINK

The publication of the full phone tape of Bezler proves that the official investigation was completely flawed, based on staged fakes and forgeries, that the experts relied on during the trial do have not the competencies to assess the authenticity of the evidence, and that the court in charge of the MH17 case should immediately stop the hearings and restart the investigation from scratch with an impartial team of competent people. LINK


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Russia’s worth as a world power is at play right in its heartland region at this moment, the terrorist Ziocorporate global forces that drive the collective Western foreign policy haven’t responded all that well to Russia’s; Germans buy some more cheap Russian natgas but NATO positions more soldiers in Poland and the Baltics, Isreal says its relations with Russia are excellent but bombs Russian allies fighting ISIS/al-Qaeda in Syria. Then there’s the Ukrainian issue.

“Partnership” with the Ziocorporate West comes at a cost it seems funnily enough, even for Russian oligarchs with overt pro-West tendencies.

Assad must stay

those oligarchs are holding back russia its so ridiculous


@ shit.ockracy here we go again, attacking Russia for not being at service to everybody!

And what on earth is Russia’s “heartland region”?

And how is Russia’s “world power” status “at play”? Because nobody like you say so?

And because people feel frustrated so Russia MUST fulfill some “expectations”?! I don’t think they have any obligations they do not fulfill.

Russia has no written obligations to anybody including Assad’s Syria. On top of everything, will they take risk to augment the conflict in this situation when we look into possibility of Lebanon’s war and war between Greece and Turkey? I really don’t think so!

Who gives fuck about US sanctions of North Stream 2 except big mouthed morons like you?! U.S. didn’t stop North Stream 1 and they will not stop North Stream2 and not because Russia say so but because Germany can’t survive without that gas! Also, Russia has China and whole Asia for exporting gas why would they be obsessed with Europe?! And even if the EU becomes insane and rejects Russian gas they need. It is billions of European corporate money built in the North Stream 2 so if they are US slaves and they don’t mind losing those billions they have invested and not having Russian gas they need… How can Russia force them?!

But how would ignorant and biased twat see things from that angle when you seek any opportunity to vomit your anti-Russia poison?! All you are interested is barking against Russians and complaining that they don’t fight and win wars strictly for Iranian and Assad’s interests ! If Syrian’s doesn’t give fuck that their country is occupied why would Russia care? If Iran wants to pretend to be some kind of big Shia regional power and have influence in whole region why don’t they DECISIVELY help Assad than ?

Russia has her bases and for Russia situation is within limits of acceptable. So why the fuck would they do anything at all?


I watch Russian news and I get Impression Russians are interested in Russians… Sometimes their relatives in Baltics and Ukraine or even Transdniester… Not World Power…really coverage of Syria quite limited…


Fucking insanely strange! Russians are interested in Russians and seeking Russian interests. Instead of helping Iran to become very big power (and because of that) sending Russian sons to get killed in Syria for such noble objective !

Being “world power” is important for every Russian because they know (by now) very well that Russia must be very strong if they want to keep the enemies of Russia outside of Russian borders. Plenty of people will say “Russia is not world power” but NATO (1billion military budget, 900 million population ,greatest military alliance of all times is sitting there on Russian border scared to attack or do anything.


What is “world power” in your book? Neocolonialist power that makes regime changes and wars& military interventions every year?! Russia is not like that.

It is great burden for Russia to finance her status of the world power and they don’t go around robbing countries for their oil and what not, to compensate their expenses… So they can not make spending in military budget like there is no tomorrow! They don’t have printing machine of global currency and license to print like US !


As we both realise, Syria without Russia’s airpower and logistics would have been US terrorist controlled now. It’s true to say that Iran , Hezbollah and other brave allies have also played their part, BUT Russian airpower,intelligence,special forces and missile capabilities have been vital.

In case you missed it as JewTube have deleted it, here is another link for SHADOWGATE by Millie Weaver. Please circulate ass you wish.


Thanks Florian very important video SHADOWGATE much more important than the bollocks we can read here (including my own of course)

Florian people must understand that Russia with their limited budget can not get invested too much in this war (that is the reality of the moment) Price of oil is in the basement and Russian budget is not in good shape. Russia will not save the world and maybe not even Syria (not at least as much as we all would want it to be saved now – completely free) Syria will survive but for full liberation they will need even bit of luck also, that things start to go in good direction…


The old adage, ‘Act in haste, Repent at leisure’ is pertinent in all that we do. Even in wars.

The US has got away with acting in haste against micro states, but with determined opposition the US NEVER wins the peace.


“but with determined opposition” And where do you see this “determined opposition”? Naturally Russians just like Iranians are “determined” to die for their own country not for foreign land so much.

I do not see majority of Syrians “determined” as nation, but above as weak and divided nation because they are not united in fight for freedom of their country.

The proof is in numbers. SAA is always in very small numbers, comparing to size of Syrian population, before the war. No country can win the war fighting like that. Of course majority here (for their own reasons) think that Russia must do dying for freedom of Syria and the planet. I do not agree with that.

After 27 millions of dead during WW2 and many millions during WW1 “October revolution” and civil war …After all that I think that Russia did too much, when it comes to dying already.


Angry with pain of conscience, yokoso

Lone Ranger

I dont think Ukropnazis have conscience…


You don’t think goys have conscience.

Lone Ranger

I don’t think Ukropnazis are Humans…


Indeed, because there are not such thing as ukropnazis on this planet.

Lone Ranger

Denial is the first step…

Lone Ranger

Of course it was altered, since Ukropnazis shot it down. They probably wanted to shoot down Putins plane an Il-96 which looks very similar to an 777 even the color scheme was the same. You don’t have to go any further just ask yourself why was every radar station in Ukraine offline when it happened, no radar data, how convenient… U.S. won’t provide any radar and sat Intel even tho they have it, why?


Did Russia provide radar and satelite data?

Lone Ranger

Yes they did.

Gary Sellars

..and the US and their Euro-peon satraps & vassals refuse to consider it as it blows the doors off NATOs propaganda.



Lone Ranger


Lone Ranger

The Truth will come out, same as with Siberian Air 1812.

Gary Sellars

Yes, but they can string it out for deacdes… the truth over Lockerbie and PanAm 103s downing as revenge for the shoot-down of Iran Air 658 (ie not by the Libyans) still is unacknowledged in the Western propaganda-space.


‘Another anomaly from the audio tape is the question about the pilots. One would expect to search specifically for the pilots only in the case of a military aircraft, not a civilian one, because there is no ejection seat in a passenger plane.’

That’s not an anomaly, they thought it was a military plane.

Lone Ranger

The size of a 777…? Planes of that size usually don’t have ejection seats be it military or not… Aside from that tempering is tempering…


‘miners and farmers’ cowboys don’t know this kind of details.

Lone Ranger

Ukropnazis maybe dont. Others had an actual education. Even miners and peasants…

johnny rotten

Even if one day the truth was made public the sacrifice of the people on the plane has already paid off its authors, in fact it led to the perennial indictment against Russia by the Nazi €U, that was the purpose and it worked, after all, that the Nazi €U lies, cheats, steals and kills is well known for those who do not allow themselves to be stoned by their stupid propaganda.

Gary Sellars

Ukropi learn to lie as babies, even before they open their eyes.

Doom Sternz

Big Lies after Big Lies…………….

I am referring to the lies that Russia used Novichok to murder an ex spy and his daughter on British Soil. I am referring to the “lies” about Saddam Hussein producing yellowcake uranium from Niger, I am referring to the “lies” about Saddam Hussein’s milk factories being anthrax facilities ready to bomb the West. I am referring to the “lies” that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and posed an immediate threat to the USA and its “allies”.

Big Lies after Big Lies…………….

I am referring to the “lies” that Muammar al-Qathafi was bombing his own people. I am referring to the “lies” that the Syrian Government was using chemical weapons. I am referring to the “lies” that Russian tanks and armoured personnel carriers were rolling over the borders in their thousands.

Big Lies after Big Lies…………….

I am referring to the “lies” that the Malaysian aircraft was shot down by Russians. I am referring to the “lies” that the Crimea referendum was illegal and was carried out under threat of guns.

I am referring to the lies that Russia attacked Georgia in South Osetia. I am referring to the lies that the ‘mujahedin’ were holy warriors and Osama Bin Laden needed US weapons and training to bring democracy to Afganistan.

Its just goes on and on…..Big Lies after Big Lies


so the west gave us a failed state, ukraine, and now they want to give us another, belarus, to be added to the long list of destroyed countries. like lybia, syria, iraq, afghanistan, venezuela and also lebanon (soon to be completed).

Doom Sternz

Big Lies after Big Lies…………….

. MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian airforce SU25 fighter and covered up by Western criminal governments. UN/NATO/EU are all international criminal organisations.

I could never work out why MH17’s course was deviated over a war zone. Now i know it was so that NATO could occupy the Donbass. Cold blooded premeditated mass murder, NATO purposely shot down MH17 as a cover to place 9000 troops in the Donbass.

The leading independent investigator of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 disaster, has revealed breakthrough evidence of tampering and forging of prosecution materials; suppression of Ukrainian Air Force radar tapes; and lying by the Dutch, Ukrainian, US and Australian governments.

The Malaysian Government also revealed how it got in the way of attempts the US was organizing during the first week after the crash to launch a NATO military attack on eastern Ukraine. The cover story for that was to rescue the plane, passenger bodies, and evidence of what had caused the crash. In fact, the operation was aimed at defeating the separatist movements in the Donbass, and to move against Russian-held Crimea.

It was revealed that a secret Malaysian military operation took custody of the MH17 black boxes on July 22, preventing the US and Ukraine from seizing them. The Malaysian operation, revealed by the Malaysian Army colonel who led it, eliminated the evidence for the camouflage story, reinforcing the German Government’s opposition to the armed attack, and forcing the Dutch to call off the invasion on July 27.

Why was MH17 altitude reduced? For the record the SU25 manufacturers have indicated that a variant of the SU25 sold to Ukraine can operate at the height levels that MH17 was reduced to, that of course is the point in asking why the decrease in altitude, ie to make it within strike range of the variant SU25 sold to Ukraine.

For the damage to occur on the left side of MH17 (as it flies) it is impossible for the damage to occur as it has if it was BUK missile fired from the location indicated, ie the JIT report is complete fiction.

Also why was a large group of air defense systems deployed to the militia-held regions just before the tragedy? Especially considering that the self-defense forces have no planes. Also on the day of the crash Kiev intensified Kupol-M1 9S18 radar activity, key BUK targeting system components. Where they providing targeting information to the SU-25’s?


Nothing new ,cia/poroshenkio/criminal/unekects + their vile homosexual allies trying to frame russia!

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