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Everybody Appears To Confess To Failing, Except Nikol Pashinyan

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Everybody Appears To Confess To Failing, Except Nikol Pashinyan

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On November 17th, the head of the General staff of the Armenian armed forces took responsibility for the army’s failures in the war for Nagorno-Karabakh against Azerbaijan.

“As chief of the General staff of the Armed forces and direct commander, I am responsible for all the successes and failures of the Armed forces,” Onik Gasparyan said.

Artak Davtyan, head of the military-industrial Committee of the Ministry of high-tech industry of Armenia, has been dismissed from his post.

There are also reports that the Armenian and Karabakh defense forces are to be profoundly reformed and changed, in order to avoid future “disappointments” such as the fiasco in the war against Azerbaijan.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on the situation in Armenia after the signing of agreements on Karabakh said that the power structures cannot afford to have a society split from inside.

On the reasons for Armenia’s defeat in the conflict:

“A country that is at war or is in danger of renewed hostilities, as it has always been the case over previous years, cannot afford to behave in such a way, including in the sphere of organizing power, in order to split society from within. This is absolutely unacceptable, counterproductive, and highly dangerous. In my opinion, we are witnessing [the consequences] of what has happened recently”

Armenian President Armen Sarkissian distanced himself from Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and said that he regrets that his experience was not used.

At a meeting with the residents of Hadrut, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian stated that he has nothing to do with the ceasefire statement signed by the Armenian Prime Minister and the presidents of Russia and Azerbaijan.

He also noted that he regrets that his many years of diplomatic and negotiation experience were not used by Armenia in making a decision.

Representative of the Armenian Ministry of Defense Artsrun Hovhannisyan was attacked by unknown individuals.

“Since the 9th, I have received various threats, but I did not pay attention to anything. I do not even respond to calls for explicit revenge. I refused to file a complaint against these people with the police. Last night I was attacked by two people, fortunately I was able to protect myself, I am not afraid of anyone, I do not consider anyone an enemy. However, since the calls and threats of revenge continue today, I have to go to the police,” Artsrun Hovhannisyan claimed.

Some pressure appears to be mounting on Turkey, which has been quite active in Nagorno by supporting Azerbaijan.

Turkey’s recent actions have been very aggressive, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said.

The US administration and Europe must work together to resolve Turkey’s actions in the Middle East over the past few months. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the French newspaper Le Figaro.

“French President Emmanuel Macron and I agree that Turkey’s recent actions have been very aggressive”, Pompeo said, referring to Turkey’s recent support for Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, as well as military operations in Libya and the Mediterranean.

Pompeo arrived in Turkey on November 17th, but hadn’t yet spoken to the Turkish leadership when he made the statement. He arrived there from Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital.

Washington welcomes the cessation of hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan, said in a statement by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The statement says that the US will provide aid in response to the humanitarian emergency in Nagorno-Karabakh.

“Since the beginning of hostilities, the United States has called for an end to the violence and condemned the military escalation, which has resulted in heavy casualties, including among the civilian population,” the statement said.

According to Pompeo, the United States urges all parties to respect their obligations under international law, including international humanitarian law.

At the same time, he notes that the end of the recent hostilities is “only the first step” for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.

“We call on the parties, as soon as possible, together with the co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, in accordance with the principles of the non-use of force and threats, territorial integrity, self-determination and equality of peoples, determined by the Helsinki Final Act, to re-engage in the process of finding a long-term and sustainable political solution to the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh,” the statement said.

It notes that the United States, as the co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group, remains fully involved in these efforts.

“In parallel with our diplomatic engagement, the United States will provide $ 5 million in humanitarian aid to support the actions and work of the International Committee of the Red Cross and other international partner organizations and non-governmental organizations in assisting the war-affected population,” Pompeo said.

On the ground in Nagorno-Karabakh, there have been no reports of new Russian peacekeeping deployments, however, 502 refugees returned to Nagorno-Karabakh from the territory of the Republic of Armenia.

A column of 24 buses from Yerevan proceeded to the main square of Stepanakert, accompanied by patrols of the Russian peacekeeping contingent and military police.

Since November 14th, more than 1,700 residents who had previously left their homes have returned to Stepanakert.

Russian military personnel ensured the safety of buses moving across the contact line to return civilians to their homes in Stepanakert.

There are issues, such as videos of Azerbaijani forces allegedly beating on civilians and so on.

The Armenian population continues to leave the Kalbejar region, which has been their home for the past 27 years. Still leaving nothing behind.

They continue burning houses and destroying property and not leaving anything behind, as can be seen in the videos.



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Ryan Glantz

What a mess. Hopefully those fake “doctors without borders” human trafficking and organ harvesting humanitarians stay out of this or have been neutralized already, and the real humanitarian aid workers are doing their job true to form.


Yeah, they are linching the old because they are mad can’t harvest organs from them.


and is it ok to beat him no?


That’s what you understood?

Ryan Glantz

I wasn’t clear on what he was saying either at first…

Zionism = EVIL

Hopefully the Zionist disgraceful parasites will not organ harvest in the Caucasus like they have been doing in Palestine or even Haiti after the earthquake, when they set up an IDF perverts humanitarian “hospital” and then organ harvested poor children for Jew hospitals in the US and Europe.

Mr T

next is fake Iran Farsi empire, causing havoc on Sunni in Yemen, Syria, Libanon, Iran…

always backstabbing Sunni from behind.

John Brown

Yes the Zionist disgraceful parasites will organ harvest like crazy in the Caucasusas as well as harvesting women and children for their global Soors sex slave businesses.

“Wars are the Jews harvest, for with them we wipe out the Christians and get control of their gold. We have already killed 100 million of them, and the end is not yet.” (Chief Rabbi in France, in 1859, Rabbi Reichorn.)

Zionism = EVIL

Pashinyan maybe a complete Zionist tool and an idiot, but the real responsibility for this humiliating defeat lies with the corrupt out of touch Armenian military that sat on its dumbarse for 25 years in the mistaken belief that somehow they were so “superior” that they could fend off Azerbaijan which was being armed to the teeth by Turkey and ZionistCUNTS. The Armenian fuckwits dud a WW1 style Maginot Line in the bizarre delusion that in the era of drones, ATGM. loitering munitions and UAV, somehow that will defend them. If anyone is serious about their security they should look at Hezbollah/Iranian model of asymmetrical warfare and small team localized C3I. The moronic Armenians did not even mobilize a brigade. However, I don’t believe that Russia is about to handover NK to the Turkeys and their terrorists. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.


If the defeat of the Armenians is due to many factors, which should be
considered at multiple levels, however, some initial (albeit precarious)
conclusions can be drawn regarding developments in war methodologies
and capable and inefficient weapons systems. The form of operations
there, in fact, bears great resemblance to the battles against ISIS in
Iraq and the war in eastern Ukraine a few years ago.

Ryan Glantz

What would you have done without a secure airspace ?


The first thing you buy is modern air defense systems. Then you buy some not so modern air defense systems as backup. Then a lot of guided missiles to take care of enemy vehicles. Then electronic warfare systems to get the aircraft that the aa don’t get. Then some recon drones to operate in your own airspace to give targets to your own highly mobile artillery (which is now secure at least from drones). Then you dig underground bases for your most expensive equipment and your soldiers, with tunnels reaching as close as possible to the frontlines. I think Hezbollah in Lebanon for example is doing this quite well when you consider their ressources.

Toni Liu

Their corrupted defence ministry will not allow that to be happened. Its better for them to be rich rather than helping NK with better equipment

Jack Bauer

They made a deal with the devil and now they are feeling his kock. What’s the problem? Millennials and Gen Z are lost. They will be culled. There is no other way.

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