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Every Nation Gets The Heroes It Deserves


Every Nation Gets The Heroes It Deserves

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On January 27th, Mimi Haley, a former production assistant at Weinstein Co., testified in the trial against Harvey Weinstein, with some questionable statements, that spiraled into a wide discussion about consent.

She was the second of six women expected to testify against Harvey Weinstein at his sexual assault trial.

“I couldn’t even get away from him at all,” Haley said. “Ultimately, after a while, I decided to check out and endure it. That was the safest thing to do at that point.”

She was speaking of the moment when Harvey Weinstein allegedly “orally forced himself on her.”

She testified for nearly six hours, and for about two and a half hours she continued to “suddenly” burst into tears.

The reason she testified again was that she appeared to recall, that after he allegedly “raped” her, two weeks later she had sex with him again and didn’t think that it could be considered “rape” again.

It can, by no means, be considered that she simply wants to “milk the cow” some more.

According to her, she was so afraid of Weinstein that she had sex with him two weeks after the date he allegedly raped her, even though she allegedly didn’t want to. She “didn’t understand that it could be considered rape.”

“Mr. Weinstein has a lot more power and resources and connections … I didn’t really think I would stand a chance,” she said. It turned out that back then she worked illegally in the US and paid no taxes.

Weinstein is charged with first-degree rape, two counts of predatory sexual assault, one count of first-degree sexual assault and one count of third-degree rape. The charges stem from Haley’s allegations and another woman’s accusation that he raped her in a New York City hotel in 2013.

Haley first came forward in 2017 at a news conference alongside attorney Gloria Allred, who represents several accusers against Weinstein and has sat in the front row of the courtroom since proceedings began.

During the interrogation on January 27th, defense attorney Damon Cheronis interrogated her vigorously.

Cheronis asked Haley about going public with her accusations against Weinstein in 2017 without disclosing that they had stayed in touch or that she had contacted him for help finding work several times after the alleged assaults.

“The truth is, the reason that you didn’t tell the world the rest of it … is you knew that [the world] would look at you skeptically,” he said.

Haley said she first met Weinstein at the 2004 premiere of the film “The Aviator.” The connection eventually helped her break into the production world, as Weinstein scored her a job on the set of the Miramax show “Project Runway” in 2006.

Haley said it also made her a target of the mogul’s allegedly relentless lust. Before he helped her land the New York job, Haley alleges Weinstein called her into a meeting at his hotel during the Cannes film festival and asked her for a massage. When she declined, he asked to give her a massage, which she refused as well.

She then left. But Weinstein “would not relent.”

He repeatedly asked her to go to Paris with him for a fashion show. He was so intent on taking her, that he even appeared at her apartment uninvited.

Concerned she had fractured her most important relationship in the film and television industry, Haley said she agreed to meet with Weinstein again at his SoHo apartment in July 2006.

Haley said she kept retreating from Weinstein, even mentioning she was menstruating, until she stumbled backward into a bedroom. As Haley recalled the alleged assault, tears began streaming down her face.

“He pushed me down. He held me down by my arms … no, stay, like that … and I said, ‘no, no’ and at that time I started realizing what was actually happening and I thought … this is being raped,” she said.

According to her, he had forcible oral sex with her.

In 2008, Cheronis claimed Haley sent Weinstein a message to the mogul that seemed almost loving. In the email, Haley wrote that it was “great to see” Weinstein and had signed the missive “lots of love.”

However, two weeks following the alleged rape, she went to him once more and had sex with him, and somewhat retrospectively decided that it was rape.

Her roommate, Elizabeth Entin, testified on January 28th, providing absolutely no first-hand knowledge, but simply repeating what Mimi Haley had allegedly told her.

“He started rubbing her shoulders, kissing her, she said, ‘No, no,’ and he wouldn’t stop,” Entin remembered Haley telling her. “She said, ‘I’m on my period,’ and he said, ‘I don’t care,’ at which point he threw her down and she was still saying stop, and he pulled off her underwear, pulled out her tampon, and went down on her while she was saying no.”

Entin also said that before the alleged incident in Weinstein’s SoHo apartment, Haley had also told her about the time when Weinstein appeared, unannounced, at their apartment and barged in. She said the two had initially tried to diffuse the situation with humor, especially given that Haley told her Weinstein had been afraid of Entin’s small chihuahua.

“At the time, prior to the rape, I didn’t realize it was going to go that far,” Entin said. “We kind of saw it as a pathetic old man trying really hard to hit on Miriam, so we kind of laughed it off.”

Neither of the situations she speaks of Entin had any firsthand knowledge of.

Every Nation Gets The Heroes It Deserves

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Both Haley and Entin followed the first testimony by Annabella Sciorra, who gave a similar claim that she thought reporting on what transpired would mean nothing and decided to move on with her life.

She testified that he entered her residence, chased her around and pinned her to the bed during the alleged attack. She said she tried to run to the bathroom, but “he kept coming at me.”

“I felt overpowered because he was very big,” Sciorra claimed.

In cross-examination, defense attorneys played a video of Sciorra speaking with David Letterman in 1997 in which she said she has a “bad reputation” for lying to the press in interviews. In the interview, Sciorra said she would make up “elaborate stories” when she felt uncomfortable talking about her personal life.

Her story took place in the winter of 1993-1994, approximately 26 years ago. According to her story, he kept, more or less, “stalking” her, on and off, for years, but she never said or did anything.

Regardless, the $25 million settlement took place in December 2019, and most of Harvey Weinstein’s property and companies have been dismantled to pay all of the alleged victims, however, it is not surprising that more are surfacing simply to make some seemingly easy profit.




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