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Even More U.S. Sanctions Coming Nord Stream 2’s Way

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Even More U.S. Sanctions Coming Nord Stream 2's Way

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The United States planed to impose sanctions on four vessels involved in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and four related companies, Politico reported, citing unnamed sources.

The outlet confirmed an initial report by Axios that the sanctions will not affect the Nord Stream 2 operator Nord Stream 2 AG and its head Matthias Warnig.

According to Politico sources, the imposition of sanctions on four ships and companies will delay the completion of Nord Stream 2. The exact organizations were not specified. It is expected that these measures will be included in the report of the US Department of State, the document can be submitted to Congress today, May 19.

Politico’s sources confirmed the Axios report, according to which the administration of President Joe Biden decided not to impose sanctions against Nord Stream 2 AG and Mr. Warnig. At the same time, a representative of the State Department did not comment to Politico about the waiver of sanctions against Nord Stream 2 AG.

On May 18, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken held talks with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

During the conversation, Blinken reiterated that the United States opposes the gas pipeline project. Nord Stream 2 envisages the construction of a gas pipeline from the Russian coast through the Baltic Sea to Germany. In the waters of Denmark, it remains to lay about 120 km, and in the waters of Germany – just over 30 km. It is planned to finish laying the pipeline by the end of September 2021.

A State Department spokesperson told Axios that the Biden administration had made clear that companies participating in Nord Stream 2 could face sanctions and would “continue to underscore U.S. strong, bipartisan opposition to this Russian malign influence project.”

“The Biden administration has been clear that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is a Russian geopolitical project that threatens European energy security and that of Ukraine and eastern flank NATO allies and partners,” the spokesperson said.

The State Department spokesperson would not confirm the waivers or any details about the imminent report.

Sanctions against firms building or financing the pipeline, which would deliver natural gas from Russia to Germany, has bipartisan support in Congress. But the Biden administration is keen to maintain a good relationship with the German government, which has supported the project.

Republican lawmakers in particular had pushed the Biden administration to use financial punishments to stop the pipeline.

“If the Putin regime is allowed to finish this pipeline, it will be because the Biden Administration chose to let it happen,” Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) said. “I want to be clear: this pipeline is not a simple commercial project that could frustrate our relationship with Berlin. It is a Russian malign influence project that threatens to deepen Europe’s energy dependence on Moscow, render Ukraine more vulnerable to Russian aggression and provide billions of dollars to Putin’s coffers.“

Sanctions against the ship companies building the pipeline could still delay the completion of Nord Stream 2, which is more than 90 percent complete, the sources said. Opponents of the pipeline are also looking to the German Green Party, which has opposed the pipeline, to win seats in parliamentary elections scheduled for September.


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Arch Bungle

Even more Colonial Pipeline hacks on the way …

“A pipeline for a pipeline”

Fog of War

Russia didnt do that one.

Albert Pike

Stuff like the PsyOp Colonial Pipeline Hack (like all the other PsyOp false flag fakes) they do themself, the even pay themself…

Moon Dog

Too late to stop it now will be complete in 3 months

Anti CCP virus
Fog of War

I see Chinese ” pigs ” are as bad as the US ” pigs ” .


The “pigs” are same WordWide: bodyguard enforcer & executioner for the elite.

Erik Nielsen

There was no police but security officers, and the Chinese people demonstrated they have a sound and healthy reaction to unfair treatment.


planned is spelled with 2 n;
planed is the past tense of plane.

Pro freedom

Russia is weak in front of US.Thats a fact whether you like it or not. If he US tomorrow says to Putin to get outta Crimea Putin will listen to the USA

Lone Ranger

Never go full tard…

Ricky Miller

Right. That would never happen. If the USA sent forces to try and make it happen they’d quickly be introduced to some Black Sea sediment.


unfree murkan robot upset that only boyfriend dildo not weak—so impotent Cuba ignores weak LGBT murkan fake military


How many times since 2014 has the Imperialist States of Amerikastan demanded that? And what happened?


The world is sick of these psychotic bullies. Will the US gov. pay my heating bills or what? Obviously not, but they are always ready to put their nose in our matters at our expenses. Back off bastards and mind your business. What if we would tell them how to make business with whoever? Pathetic greedy liars.


I wish South front would get this comment section sorted out,its garbage.

Lone Ranger

Crumbling pedonazi americant empire is becoming more pathetic by the day.

Lone Ranger

Crumbling pedonazi americant empire cant compete anymore.
They are toast.
So they resort to blackmail, piracy and terrorism.
Free trade my a…

Erik Nielsen

“Russian malign influence project”………………….LOL.
Ohh poor boys from “the land of the free market” howling, barking and crying..

Ricky Miller

Exactly. The Americans think that the Russians should be forced to pay higher transit fees for gas and be trapped into those fees. It’s Russian gas, and building a new mechanism to bring that product to market is the very definition of free enterprise. The Poles and Ukrainians aren’t entitled to Russia’s gas or the money from transit thereof. They forced higher transit prices beyond all reason and are being squeezed now for market share. The United States and it’s pet states just can’t get over it, hence the posturing and fits.

Erik Nielsen

Regime change operation ongoing in Germany.


Uh-Ooh! Looks like US & assoc.inc will soon be sticking collective head between legs n kissing (inflated)Petro-Dollar ASSets bye-bye

Trap has turned Gay (and is proud)

I like Putin’s 🍆 and I cannot Lie, other Putinists are in Denial 🍆 so open those hips and spread those lips 🍆 and let’s 3D chess all night 😘😘😘


Germany depends on foreign energy imports. The most convenient way to accomodaze those is via Nord 2 from Russia. Yes, Russia will gain influence, so what? The UK-US (i.e. the sea-powers, short SP), already have overwhelming influence. Why shd G buy far more expensive fracking gas from North America? More importantly, G must remember the importance of the continent and the Eurasian heartland. A more independent future for G lies in closer cooperation with R. It is to be hoped that the Ukraine (UK-reign) will shortly re-join these efforts; at some point the buy-out to the SP must stop. They will realise that they‘re betting on the wrong horse eventually. There is nothing „malign“ here. Just healthy partnership.

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