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Evacuation Of Third Batch Of Militants From Northern Homs Delayed, Mut More Weapons Were Handed Over


An evacuation of the third batch of militants and their families from the northern Homs countryside pocket to Idlib governorate and the northern town of Jarabulus was delayed due to logistical problems, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on May 9.

The Hezbollah media wing in Syria said that more than 6,194 militants and civilians had been evacuated from northern Homs during the last few days under the reconciliation agreement, which was reached on May 2.

Despite the delay in the evacuation process, Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups in northern Homs continued handing over their weapons to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), according to the SANA. The source said that the SAA had recovered a BMP-1 vehicle, 107mm rocket launcher, 14.5mm and 23mm heavy machineguns and several mortar canons on May 9.

During the last week, the militants handed over loads of heavy weapons to the SAA including six battle tanks, three BMP-1 armored vehicles, two Shilka vehicles along with anti-tank and anti-aircraft guided missiles.

Syrian pro-government sources believe that the evacuation process may not be finished this week because of limited number of buses and the bad weather.



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  • You can call me Al

    The amount of weapons these vermin have / had in just mind boggling.

    PS and the bastards still got battered….bravo my Syrian heroes.

    • Maciek Gutkowski

      It’s no surprise when you find out that the weapons are directly or indirectly coming from the center of the evil empire … the United States which has the biggest military budget in the world by a long shot. Of course not only as other NATO countries like Britain and France are no doubt selling the rebels these weapons as well.

    • Rob

      UK invaded and then injected atheist to Palestine where they became Israel. Then Israel spread into Middle East and became ISIS. Then ISIS occupied Iraq and Syria and became Peshmarga and SDF. Now watch next what is their further conspiracy.

      • neil barron

        Pull the corkscrew out of your anus then suck it up buttercup and just maybe it will put some brain residue back into your skull. Drivel Goebells.

        • Merijn

          Burn Motherfucker Burn….go Suck your Khazarian Master’s Dick

  • kraaiiii

    BREAKING NEWS: Reports of new Israeli air strikes near Damascus, Syria.

  • Merijn

    Another Load of Weaponry Confiscated before shipping the Headchoppers with a one way ticket to Idlib’s “Final Paradise”…
    Busses on the Way… what colour do you guys prefer this week?

    • Java Ape Timelord

      Why don’t they use garbage compactor trucks? You can fit more in that way.

      • Merijn

        Great Idea… I’ll start painting them Green…