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Evacuation Of People From Al-Rukban Refugee Camp Will Begin On September 27


Evacuation Of People From Al-Rukban Refugee Camp Will Begin On September 27

The Rukban camp, sandwiched between Jordan, Syria borders and Iraq, Feb. 14, 2017. Raad Adayleh | AP

Work to resettle refugees from the Rukban camp in southeastern Syria will begin late on September, the representative of the joint Russia-Syria Coordination Center on Refugee Repatriation announced on September 18.

During a meeting of the Russian and Syrian interdepartmental centers on refugee resettlement, Col. Leonid Antonik said that the Reconciliation Center in Syria and the Refugee Migration Monitoring has received an updated plan on the evacuation of all refugees from the Rukban camp from the U.N. Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Syria Corinne Fleischer.

“The plan’s implementation is scheduled to begin on September 27,” the TASS news agency quoted the Russian commander as saying.

The al-Rukban camp is located within the U.S.-occupied 55km zone around the al-Tanaf base. In the last two years, the camp witnessed several humanitarian disasters due to the lack of aid.

Evacuation Of People From Al-Rukban Refugee Camp Will Begin On September 27

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Head of the reconciliation center, Maj. Gen. Andrei Bakin told reporters that the Russian Military Police will oversee the evacuation of refugees from the camp.

“Thirty five Russian military police and twelve pieces of military and specialized equipment have been commissioned to arrange for the centralized evacuation of refugees from al-Rukban through the JIeb checkpoint,” Bakin said

The time line for the evacuation process and the refugees’ final destination have not been disclosed by any side, so far.

If successful, the evacuation plan will put an end to the suffering of tens of thousands of civilians who have been trapped inside the camp for years now.

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  • Ray ” Uncle Sam”

    a lot of spies will be among them!

  • Toronto Tonto

    What will Syria and Russia do to them ???? gas them or hang them ???? .

    • Rafik Chauhan

      They will trained them and sent them to take revenge from the Terriost based in al tanaf

    • xTheWarrior22

      These refugees will return home. These people had to suffer under the western states’ policies for years and then you post this sh*t. You’re the biggest meme of this site and every new comment from you makes more people laugh about you.

      • Toronto Tonto

        And assad and his father treated them like gold right dikhead .

        • xTheWarrior22

          They treated them million times better than the Jihadi orks and their master. Even if all of the refugees died in the camp they wouldn’t care.

      • John Wallace

        I don’t laugh at his comments. I just shake my head and wonder who he gets to type them for him. Probably the same person who dresses him each day and ties his shoelaces.

    • John Wallace

      Can’t gas them Tronto. That method has been patented by the Jews for use on Jews only. That is why American prison executions are either electric chair , needle injection or hanging. Notice no gassing included. There is a big shortage of rope in Syria at the moment so hanging looks like it is out of the question as well. So I believe Corinne Fleischer has been contacted by John Tory who has offered too take all of them. He did say it will require moving a few residents out so they intend to get rid of all the dickheads and allow these people a free home. So I guess your new name will be Timbuktu Tonto or Fukyu Tonto for short.

  • goingbrokes

    Good, the American facilitated concentration camp, with endless abuses against those trapped there, will end. Allowing the existence of this camp has put US in the same category with many lawless regimes.