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JUNE 2021

Evacuation Of Civilians From Duma District Stopped – Report

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Evacuation Of Civilians From Duma District Stopped - Report

Illustrative image, Jaysh al-Islam fighters in Duma district, April 5

The evacuation of sick and wounded civilians from the Duma district has stopped and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has pulled off the evacuation buses from the entrance of the district, Hosein Mortada, a journalist of the Iranian al-Alam TV, reported on April 5. Mortada said that the process had been halted due to internal problems within the Jaysh al-Islam leadership.

Earlier, the Russian TV netowrk RT revealed that a new negotiation round between Jaysh al-Islam on the one side and Russia and the Damascus government on the other side was held on April 5. While the results of the new round are unclear yet, RT said that most Jaysh al-Islam fighters had rejected any agreement with the Damascus government.

Some Syrian pro-government sources believe that Jaysh al-Islam has used the evacuation agreement to get rid of anyone who oppose it or constitutes a burden on it, including sick and wounded civilians, militants from other armed groups and opposition activists.

Mohamad Alloush, the political leader of Jaysh al-Islam, denied on April 3 that Jaysh al-Islam had agreed to withdraw from the Duma district and described such reports as “a devil’s dream”.

Russia gave Jaysh al-Islam in the Duma district a 5-days’ notice on April 4 to accept a full evacuation agreement or it will launch a military operation against it. Facing the stubbornness of Jaysh al-Islam leadership, a military solution appears to be closest option now.

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Ice Icegold

Tigers are ready !!! The shithole shall be cleaned !!!

Michał Hunicz

Very well, the SAA will kill them all without showing mercy!


Now just do what the Americans did … like to Ragga/Mosul.


The Russian-backed SAA forces should, for a change, show mercy. After all, these are brothers, Syrians fighting each other, this is a civil war. Without some civility, there cannot be peace and reconciliation. This war is not for bloodthirsty sadists, pan Hunicz. I suggest you leave your lack of compassion at home. The comments here are a stunning assemblage of hate and disregard for humanity and the country of Syria which most of the commentators probably don’t even know. May her ‘craters’ be filled with the bones of these haters. عاشت سوريا حبّي

Richard M

These Jayshtard Orcs are mostly foreign mercenaries.


Washington and UK have destroyed Syria and Iraq completely through ISIS and moderate rebels. Now the questions is when Washington and EU member states will leave these both countries without further vandalizing them and when they will pay for the rebuilding of infrastructure and defense industry of these both countries. How much will be the first installment, at least US$10 billion to each country.


When will Mohamad Alloush be given a one way ticket to meet his older brother?

Joe Doe

Now, when most of the civilian left I would bomb them to the ground. Specially now, when SAA discover that the Jaysh al-Islam killed SAA prisoners before they left the other packets


Right .. just carpet bomb the entire places to reduce casualties to SAA soldiers.

Follow what the Americans did …


Seal it up…when 5 days are over…get them all

Eskandar Black

Douma should be turned into a crater, it should be known as the douma valley when this operation is over. Any militants and their pieces that are recovered should be fed to the dogs.


Mohamad Alloush, the political leader of Jaysh al-Islam can only leave Douma when Tel Aviv order them. It means that Jaysh al-Islam key is with Netanyahu.




Too much time wasted to know that they chose to die.

northerntruthseeker .

IMHO, the fraud “terrorist” group is now realizing that without their civilians as human shields, the SAA will kill them all and show them no mercy!


With all the sick, wounded and reasonable jihadis out of the way, maybe it is time to bring in the TOS-1A’s and give these Jihadis a proper roasting as they make their way to Hell.


Just wall them in, shoot anyone that Pops out.

Empire's Frontiers

These week long periods to mull it over are massively generous.

The lack of sense to accept reconcilation is reason enough to wipe out the subhuman horde.


Saudi Arabia’s last stand! lol
They know they’re FOOKED!!!


… Are these the guys who wanted to take their $900M with them?
….. Reckon they’re holding out cos they still believe in American promises.

Richard M

Once the human shields are removed the Douma Cauldron will boil and burn. No Orc lies about schools and bakeries will slow the eradication!


Together with lions.

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