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Europe’s True Last Dictator: Montenegro President Djukanovic’s Party May Fall After 30 Years Of Power

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Europe's True Last Dictator: Montenegro President Djukanovic's Party May Fall After 30 Years Of Power

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On August 30th, Montenegro went into general elections, which has come following months of conflicts about national identity and religious values. The COVID-19 pandemic also didn’t help.

Eleven coalition lists and political parties ran for the parliament and elections are being monitored by 21 international observers and monitors from local NGOs.

The Democratic Party of Socialists, DPS, has held power for the past three decades, leading Montenegro through the breakup of federal Yugoslavia in the 1990s and the demise of an almost century-old state union with Serbia in 2006.

As of non-final count from the morning on August 31st, the pro-Western DPS of President Milo Djukanovic is leading with 34.7% of the vote, followed by the opposition For the Future of Montenegro alliance with 33.1%.

The opposition alliance is a formally pro-Serbia and pro-Russian party, but rather it seeks to provide independent foreign and internal policies, not based on orders from ‘Euro-Atlantic partners’.

It should be mentioned that the “Last European Dictator” as they call Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, isn’t exactly that, as Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic has been leading Montenegro for 30 years, and much by the same means that Lukashenko is accused by in MSM.

The only difference is that Djukanovic is pro-Western, and worked toward integration into the EU and NATO, and as such there is no way that he can be even remotely considered a tyrant according to the mainstream narrative.

Montenegro’s longstanding President Milo Djukanovic said that his Democratic Party of Socialists has 40 MPs in Montenegrin parliament with their traditional partners, adding that votes are still being counted.

“Struggling for a majority in parliament is going on, and then we will wait for the results of State Electoral Commission,” he said.

The total MPs in Montenegro’s parliament sits at 81, so he is 1 short of having an actual majority.

Three opposition parties, however, are set to win at least 41 seats, according to preliminary counts.

Leading up to the election, the biggest dispute was related to the law on ‘religious rights’ introduced in late 2019 that is staunchly opposed by the influential Serbian Orthodox Church.

The church is concerned the law allows the state to confiscate its property as a prelude to setting up a separate church. This open secret has been denied by the government.

The Serbian Orthodox Church remains Montenegro’s largest religious institution and a third of its population identify as Serb. Nonetheless, the government prefers to blame Serbia and Russia for the developing crisis.

Ljubomir Filipovic, a policy analyst and former mayor of Budva, said the protests held in the country “all have to do with the church, with inter-ethnic tensions, with the divisive media campaign coming from Serbia, Russia and [Bosnia’s Serb-run entity] Republika Srpska in the last couple of months.”

Of course, according to Djukanovic’s Party and media structures loyal to it, a win for the opposition would mean that Montenegro’s foreign policy would immediately mean the country has become a Belgrade or Moscow puppet.

“We would have a problem with the recognition of Kosovo, with our NATO membership and of course the very existence of the independent state of Montenegro is in question,” Filipovic said.

“Not only once, the main parties in the opposition have questioned the rationale for Montenegrin independence.”

By all means it appears that the pro-Western DPS would not have the necessary majority, but it is interesting to track how it would be spun by MSM and Montenegro’s foreign allies that the elections, which were heavily monitored by all sides were, (potentially), not as honest as initially advertised.

The stage is set, more or less, prior to the elections there were car rallies and protesters waving Serbian flags.

Djukanovic, who is no tyrant, but rather a “custodian of stability” (at least according to the NATO and EU), has used the chance to stoke fears of threats to Montenegro’s sovereignty.

The opposition parties are “the political infantry of Greater Serbia nationalism,” he said recently, referring to a Serb ultra-nationalist dream to unite all parts of the Balkans to form a Greater Serbia.

Zdravko Krivokapic, leader of the For the Future of Montenegro alliance, said that he expected “a new day for Montenegro which will take a different path”.

Krivokapic said his grouping wants to unite a divided nation and “distribute this wealth we have equally for all”.

Of course, the vote has some questionable points, with more than 770 irregularities reported.

The Centre for Democratic Transition, CDT, recorded accusations of vote buying and political pressure on voters. The Centre for Monitoring and Research, CEMI, said that in polling stations in the capital Podgorica and in the town of Rozaje, voters were caught photographing their ballots.

Leading up to the elections, on August 23rd, a large rally took place with Orthodox faithful protesting against the “persecution of the Serbian Orthodox Church.”

Zdravko Krivokapic addressed the crowd, and despite authorities’ best attempts, he said that “Our victory is inevitable; we are righting for the future of all citizens of Montenegro, and August 30 will be our victory day,” he told the crowd.

“Let prayer unite us,” he said, after which the crowd prayed the Lord’s Prayer together.

Police opened criminal cases against Krivokapic, five priests and two other citizens for violating the ban on mass gatherings due to the pandemic. This was an expected move, which went fully in the framework of Djukanovic’s policy towards the opposition and the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Despite the public rhetoric about some constructive position towards the situation, the Djukanovic has been employing a variety of censorship technics designed to suppress any resistance to its course. It labels the opponents as foreign puppets (Serbian or Russian) and claim that they want to divert the ‘European course’ of Montenegro. As a part of these efforts, the government has been conducting its wide-scale campaign against the Serbian Orthodox Church, as one of the cornerstones of the conservative Montenegrin society that does not support the ongoing neo-liberal transition.

Earlier, Djukanovic’s counterparts from Ukraine already did same by creating the US-backed ‘independent’ Ukrainian Orthodox Church. This led to the deepening of the social and political crisis in the country. The pseudo-church organization created in Ukraine gained no real support among the population, but this was enough to allow the Kiev regime to indict a new wave of religious hatred and religious-based persecutions.

The Montenegrin leadership apparently wants to repeat the Ukrainian case in order to tighten the screws on all forces that it sees as an opposition to its own power and the policy, which it provides in interests of the Euro-Atlantic elites.


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Awwww. Someone is still upset that Montenegro got into NATO.


Few hundred thousand people population membership could “upset” Russia? How?!


I live in the UK and I would be overjoyed for the UK to leave NATO :)

And for all the US bases in the UK to be closed down.


Glad to hear that we are on the same wibe in so many things Florian. I wish I can say the same for many others as well.

Антон С

Do you know who was real F.Geyer? He was a minor noble and the leader of uprising in Germany 500 years ago. Later there was SS division with his name, because nazis posed themselves as socialists (national-socialists) to trick the people.


I know my basics on history Anton S.

Hitler has risen to the power by framing-falsely accusing the communist party, for burning of Reichstag that they did themselves. That was the best example, that have showed, how much they were “socialist”. I didn’t know about F. Gayer and I don’t find it that important. I am not professional historian, I don’t have to know every German mentioned during WW2. Anyways I could teach you about thing or two on WW2 in my part of the world.

Антон С

It’s impossible, because british nuclear weapon is not british by origin. Same as many other weapons and intelligence assets. Alliance with Washington is vital for interests of London. There is no more colonies to robe by brute force, so England will not rise again as superpower with 30 (or even 33) million square kilometers of territory. It means that London is number 2 in the alliance with Washington and could be number 16, if playing independently against China, India or Russia.


I fear what the US may do far more than I fear Russia or China. As yoy rightly say, all the low hanging fruit has been stolen by the US and friends and only the wholesale looting of Russia and China can save the US Empire of Chaos from oblivion that will come sooner than we think if the US further descends into a Iraq 2.0.


Same as me,but you will know with all the bullshit propaganda we are fed through the MSM many people don’t realize its a criminal enterprise.


I agree. I have found though, that there is now a glimmer of thought with a greater number of people until the realisation that not all is well in UK ‘Democracy Land’.

As these people are confronted by the fact that their governments, past and present have been lying and cheating, they then prefer to ignore what they can see in plain sight .

This angst is akin to finding that a long term spouse has been lying and cheating, and it’s emotionally easier and less traumatic to pretend that all is well in their fantasy land.


Good sign that Telegraph is not optimistic in this ditty by Tommy Jensen’s spiritual doppelganger John Bolton on situ Belarus:


There are also reports of further atrocities in the village of Sychkovo village by Lukashenko death regime in this bone-chilling report from Bobruisk:


??Hudson Bay

Keep DREAMING floss boy


I said Russia? I said someone. And you just became one of those someone:)))

??Hudson Bay

Oh come on those poor love the new policy They could never clean up GRAFT SOCIETY REVISIONIST GEO POLITICS HURT DONT IT


Go away you twat ! I haven’t got clue what are you mumbling about ! Just go away !

??Hudson Bay

Go back to russian skirt Im sure.geo policy sucks for you..no one force me for supporting syria & Ruaf not monolithic Geo policy suck when u blind The west the west We all dont think alike

It allowed your dad the plumber to enter England u poor sod


West is decadent and obsolete, spent already. Your global dominance has expired. Denouncing US now when things turn bad doesn’t make saints out of you all.

You are all hes bin’s on every level, just like left over of your would be “Empire” Your opinions are totally irrelevant just like your country.

And who the hell are you to tell me where to go? You think because your ancestors were the slaves that you are competent to talk on subject where people belong you miserable nitwit? Get lost!


Obvious ye kweer brigade has no future,nor direction,why waste taxpayers money on useless?


We can argue about whether it is a waste or not militarily, but not knowing the future money it is about. because money is plenty. NATO countries have 65% of world wealth. 2% per year is nothing.

Servet Köseoğlu

his fall started when he engaged endless discussions with serbian-orthodox church…hint:population of montenegro 630.000…1/3 serbians.. https://balkaninsight.com/2020/03/10/serbian-church-montenegro-govt-to-discuss-disputed-religion-law/

Anduin Lothar

HInt, population of Montenegro, 90% orthodox christians.

Антон С

They are all ethnic serbs except albanians. Bosnians and croatians are serbs also, but muslims and catholics. Montenegro (Black mountain, Crna gora) is region of historic Serbia, populated by orthodox serbs. The same as Austria and Prussia/Germany. Both are ethnic germans. The difference is inside their historical path of state-building. Austria was founded earlier, it’s ancient state with their own dynasties of rulers in the past.

Servet Köseoğlu

enlightening info..thank you..

cechas vodobenikov

in crna gora–Kotor, Herig Novi, Budva, etc everyone speaks —I observed few Albanians


It is much more than 1/3 of Serbs.

The number is reduced for simple reason because current stooge government was anti-Serb and anti-Russian by definition. So those who wanted a job or to keep their job had to declare themselves “Montenegrin” instead of Serbs. Being declared “Serb” was automatically disadvantageous. That government did that to reduce Serb and Russian influence in Montenegro by pressure and artificially. And those methods have functioned because of US and Western support ( like everywhere else)

Servet Köseoğlu

maybe..ı dont like balkans..full-of back stabbers except serbia..they are friendly,loyal and real men and good fighters..the others are rubbish


You are very bizarre for a Turk. Normally Turks don’t like Christians, doesn’t matter which kind of Christian or from which part.


I’m pro-serbian, so what the fuck are you pretending to be my enemy troll?


Who the fuck was talking to you fucking NAZI?!? I don’t care what you think.

Fuck off you effing monkey!


you brighten my day. I bet serbians are ashamed of you


you are most defiantly sick in the head and you should seek psychiatric help if you didn’t alredy


learn to write english jens


you seem to talk out of experience


Dying color revolution after 30 years of domination…

Winds of changes are blowing from the East to the West this time!

Антон С

Not even change actually, but restoring common sense, sanity. Last 30 years were insane, organized by criminals, traitors and spineless politicians inside Yugoslavia. But western criminals from the Atlantic past at the first place.


I do not agree with you there in every detail.

Once universal common sense and stability is screwed up it is almost impossible to return it on previous state of the normality. This planet and common sense, normality is screwed up for good this time… And it can get some periods of calm and illusion of stability only but not for long time before it gets much much worse. Last 30 years are nothing comparing to what is ahead of us. Braking up of Yugoslavia was entering point of the New World Disorder in which we have entered with no hope to return ever to normal.

??Hudson Bay

My god go gloss yourself.new world order does that include the jews of russia who sit around putin table


You will go back to Africa to your ancestors once US goes in flames of civil war. Why would anybody give fuck about opinion of another AmeriCunt?

johnny rotten

We have to be clear, the €uropean route, the €uropean dream or whatever the hell everyone wants to call it, is the great scam of the century.


Even greater scam of the century coming by systematic replacement of the population through illegal immigration imposed by policy of open borders. They want to rejuvenate Europe and destroy European identity, sovereignty of the countries in the same time to easier control now heterogeneous society without national, racial, ideological or religious reference.

??Hudson Bay

Ok shylock,you one more sentence for full wikipedia correction


And why are Lukasenko and Putin less dictators than him?

Anduin Lothar

Cuz he personaly killed many, many ppl, cuz he is criminal mogul, ranked 20th richest president, cuz his Kavcan criminal gang kidnaps ppl, cuz he is in charge of all smugilling in Adriatic, shall i go on?

Lone Ranger

Because they arent CIA toyboys. Aside from that Putin had international observers during elections. Unlike U.S. Presidents…

Антон С

Foreign observation in the US is prohibited. Minister of Justice or the general prosecutor threatened to jail the observers, if they come. There is no democratic elections, but only that foggy scheme with electors. H.Clinton got 2 million votes more, but lost. True democracy, yeah. And remember Bush with his cousin – governor of Florida, the final point in votes counting.


Regarding Clinton in 2016, US Presidential elections arent determined by the popular vote, but electoral votes on a state-by-state basis. This is to keep densely-populated states from being too influential vs. less-populated states, and thusfar it’s helped retard the process of left-liberalization.

Антон С

Yeah, I know this. But modern democratic standard is 1 people = 1 vote and direct elections without mediators. Because it’s easier to influence on thousands electors than millions of people.

cechas vodobenikov

no—there r vast differences in parliamentary vs presidential systems where less popular parties are excluded from governance (USA)…the peculiar nature of the legal system in the anglosphere regards nostalgia (precedence) in other nations reason is used to interpret laws….direct democracy only functions in small groups, something Kroptotkin observed…there are many other differences


US Presidents are mossad ladyboys, get your fact right


So called independent Montenegro was a brainchild of our great friend and brother V.V. Putin and a logical continuation of the longstanding anti-Serbian policies of the Russian government. After 15 years of arming Croatian fascists and supporting Western policies throughout 1990’s it was supposed to be the last dagger in the back to the Serbian nation and people destined to slowly disappear. After investing lots of money and political influence into its independence, in the year 2006, six years after the civil war, the “independent” Montenegro was recognized as such almost instantaneously by Russia, much faster than by the most other countries. But the acts of the false brother didn’t bring much happiness to him either. The Serbian nation seems to be much harder nut to crack than expected. However, the shame will stay! https://vidovdan.org/info/rusi-finansirali-referendum-odvajanja-crne-gore-od-srbije/

Lone Ranger

CIA trolls are crying and raging :)

Furkan Sahin

we need Gaddafi family again and Julius Malema new president in South Africa so CIA trolls is more crying


am sick off these Quislings in the Balkans,as far as i understand it Montenegrans ARE Serbs,why would ANY Serb want to collaborate with those Nato bastards?

Anduin Lothar

Brainwashing tro NGO’s. In Balkans those NGO’s target kids in schools…

Антон С

Could be the first brick out of the wall which ruins whole wall. Good luck to decisive people of Crna gora, get rid of that corrupt marionette Jukanovic.


Thats the clinton/european union installed dictator,right? Another reason why blowjobbing vile hyppocrites+trolls have no future,scrw euepp/soros/imf/cia/incests:

??Hudson Bay

So fuckin sick of these same insert Can i repeat Soros,paedo cabal,new world order, imf Clintons, i find it funny Not one of these imbecile Even know soros before Three jews created CAMPAIGN boogieman for Orban.too bad soros NGO’S powdered milk save half of them. 2/3 putin cabinet are jews Seem to exclude that always

Icarus Tanović

Djukanovic is a Nato/American dog.


Orthodox Church did him and his cronies in. This regime had passed a law to take their centuries old Churches and Monetaries. Create a new Church like Ukraine People were not going to have it. McCain, Ukraine, and Russian defectors were created another rift. Church members said enough. Took to the streets. Ukraine former President, Candy Man was from this country.

cechas vodobenikov

when I was las t in cherna goria there were so many US spies——they call themselves NGO’s, journalists —anyone that has been to Ostrag is aware that most are orthodox–unlike the hrvatska that r catholics

??Hudson Bay

Funny im reading into the quiet mafia state that no one pay attention. WHAT A CORRUPT DRUG SMUGGLING HEAVEN,YES.


Milo Djukanovic – something between Enver Hoxha and Al Capone but worse than both.


Wasn’t Orban a dictator according to churchill-like drunk/junkie jean-claude JUNK’er?

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