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Europe’s Military Is In “Appalling State” – Experts

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Europe’s Military Is In “Appalling State” – Experts

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The next generation of American politicians will be more consumed by China than Russia.

Written by Ahmed Adel, Cairo-based geopolitics and political economy researcher

Western pressure to provide Ukraine with military support has not only exposed the “appalling state” of Europe’s defence capabilities, but has also demonstrated the overreliance that the continent has on the US, Foreign Affairs magazine wrote in a scathing article titled “Why European Defense Still Depends on America: Don’t Believe the Hype—the War in Ukraine Has Led to Little Change.” In addition, the authors believe that the next generation of American politicians will be more consumed by China rather than Russia.

According to the publication, the conflict over Ukraine has exposed the “appalling state of European defense.” This is because European countries “underinvested in its armed forces for the past 20 years, and what little funding it did commit was focused on building forces for humanitarian, counterinsurgency, and counterterrorism missions far from the continent, such as in Afghanistan.”

“European militaries thus lack the basics needed for conventional warfare in their own backyards. Most countries lack basic ammunition stockpiles,” added the authors of the article, Max Bergmann (Director of the Stuart Center and the Europe, Russia, and Eurasia Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies) and Sopia Besch (Europe Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace).

As an example, the German Armed Forces only have enough ammunition reserves to last a few hours or days of combat. Spain, like Germany, has more than 300 Leopard tanks, but a third of them are no longer active and in poor condition. In addition, it is Europe’s own fault for having a lack of artilleries due to their decision to empty their stockpiles for the sake of supporting an illiberal Nazi-sympathetic regime in Kiev.

“NATO sets targets that it hopes its member states will meet on their own—and no one explained how the organization would collectively meet such an ambitious goal. And even those European leaders who are determined to support Ukraine and ramp up their own capabilities to deter Russia do not have the kind of arsenals, supply chains, production capacities, and procurement procedures that the task at hand requires,” the article states.

Meanwhile, the European defence industrial base has been depleted – the root cause being low European defence spending. This is compounded by the fact that Europe does not have a common defence market that meets European security needs. The European defence sector is also under pressure because American military industry profits from signing contracts with the EU, meaning that European companies lose out.

European forces also use different equipment from each other, which makes it much more difficult to operate together.

The authors highlight that because the Europeans use 29 different destroyers, 17 tanks or personnel carriers, and 20 fighter planes, “yawning gaps” are created and thus it “then falls to the United States to fill these gaps, meaning that European militaries remain dependent on Washington for even the most basic military tasks.” They cite the example that during the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021, American troops were responsible for airlifting European evacuees.

Beyond highlighting that “European forces are in worse shape than previously thought,” perhaps the most damning conclusion from the authors, and remembering that Bergmann served in a number of positions at the US Department of State (such as a member in the Policy Planning Staff), the EU’s militarization has not been as “transformative” as we are led to believe.

Although European countries are self-sabotaging their own economies to sanction Russia amid skyrocketing energy prices and high inflation; maintain widespread support for Finland’s and Sweden’s admission into NATO; and provide billions in military equipment, the authors believe that “the current spending bonanza might suggest a transformation, [but] it may amount to little if underlying issues plaguing European defense remain unaddressed.”

If the authors are to be believed, “a generational change will eventually come to American politics.” Future generations taking leadership positions in the US will be grown up on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, counterterrorism, and now China – not the Cold War and the Balkan Wars, like President Joe Biden.

The immediate issue is that it means another generation of Russians have grown up experiencing immense American and European racism, othering, and disdain. Although the next generation of American politicians might prioritise their focus on China, and many likely realize the mistake in having hostile relations with Russia, the damage has already been done, especially as Moscow and Beijing continue to deepen their ties, something that the US will find difficult to untangle, particularly as their European partners are in economic and military disarray.


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Lenin the Disgusting Mummified Face

Russia has no military anymore. It’s just worthless cannon fodder. Appalling wouldn’t even start to describe it.


Learn some geography idiot. The article is talking about the EU and NATO Europe. Russia is in neither.

Last edited 15 days ago by Leviathan

Former Warsaw Pack countries are in the EU and NATO, so you learn some geography. Russia is as European as Poland is.

Last edited 14 days ago by Christopher

4 steps of regime change by communist (here by UN / globalist) . demoralisation (brainwashing, lower ethics..) . destabiliation: politics, economy, MILITARY (thats my point here) . crisis (take over by communists) . normalisation So western countries are on course for external take over

jens holm

our dumb military has been trained by pygmy special forces in condom warfare


Meh, europe also has smartpeople who know how to communicate and can accomplish more in a positive sense to establish and keep good relations thus precluding the need for big military buildups. Between the information age and cruise missiles that can fly over head at mach 4, ground forces are all but obsolete thus a big waste of time human resources and money whereas digital diplomacy and information sharing can be powerful tools to cause peace and civil relations to break out and problems to be solved that dont involve carting Berlin away in a dump truck. Again. Let’s learn from history, skip the re-enactment, right…

End Ukraine once and for all!

Who the hell is supposed EU to fight and why?!

Russia was a good business partner and had no intention and no reason to attack to the West.

We should fought Africa?! Why?! There is a poverty menace from there, not a military one.

China is way too far and having Russia as Europe best friend, there would have been no threat. More advantages would have come if we kept the industry and production here, in Europe, and kept the good relations and trade with the Great Mother Russia.

Europe needs energy and wisdom, not a huge army which is just a burden.


But murica wants europe to fight russia and since all the polititians in europe are handpicked and trained through some of the countless pro us “ngo’s” they of course want the same as murica.

Last edited 15 days ago by kotromanic
Mexican Beaner 🇲🇽

It is the parazytyzm that is a left over from Ottoman Empire. The whole Eastern Europe has been infected and only parazytes left. It is the same in Western Europe now. You are infected too. Inca and Aztec Empires were all about mass genocides as a celebration for hundreds of years before their collapse in 1500s. Africa was always infected. Asia since Confucius. It is no mistake that our species is called Homos and faggots are called homos, and faggot is the same word as phage.

Florian Geyer

Very well said. If NATO had not been used to fight its wars of choice in the developing and asset-rich nations of Africa and the Middle East, the waves of refugees and criminals would not have flooded Europe.


The US is controlled by pretend members of a minor religion who’s holy book the Talmud says they will control the world, the EU and NATO are their obedient vassal, and Holy Russia and China are standing in their way. That’s why.


^says the sfgay military anal-ist

Chris Gr

Is the HTS in good military shape?

L du Plessis


Chris Gr

It is funny that America, Europe and Russia are considered different powers, despite all having European influences.


Ešte len bude, keď z ňou Rus skončí, ha, ha, ha …


Hell will freeze over before these authors or Foreign Affairs magazine would give credit to Trump for warning Europe and NATO about exactly this lack of military preparedness. Trump tried, and they hated him for it.

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