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European Union, the CIA, and Nord Stream 2

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European Union, the CIA, and Nord Stream 2

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Written by Steve Brown

When it comes to war, bankers don’t care about death and destruction — only that the funds keep flowing and their deals keep happening. Few know the agenda of the Bank for International Settlements during the second world war was not just to keep all sides fueled with funds for war, but to plan and determine Europe’s future as well.

Adam Lebor’s book on the bank makes this clear with his narrative on plans for founding of the European Union (1946):

‘From Paris to Washington DC the postwar committees and movements pushing for European federalism presented themselves as new and innovative… but they were deeply rooted in the old ways of doing business: powerful men gathering over lunch or dinner to reshape the world as they saw fit.  During the war Allen Dulles (OSS-CIA) had met with McKittrick (BIS president) and Per Jacobsson (future IMF head)  to plan the postwar European economic order.  Per Jacobsson had traveled to Berlin to share American plans for the postwar European economy with Puhl, the BIS director, war criminal, and Reichsbank vice president. None of these discussions were made public, even though the plans hatched would shape the modern world.  The US involvement in the European project continued the tradition of secrecy and covert action well into the 1960’s.  A State Department memo, dated June 11th, 1965, to Robert Marjolin (French president of the EEC) recommends that he pursue monetary union without public discussion. The memo advises him to suppress debate until the “adoption of such proposals would become virtually inescapable.” ‘LINK

Lebor continues:

‘In May 1948, eight hundred delegates met at The Hague.. to create the European Movement. At the same time Allen Dulles (OSS-CIA) and William Donovan (“Wild Bill” OSS head) were using their OSS (CIA predecessor) contacts and expertise to setup the American Committee for a United Europe (ACUE).  The ACUE’s role was to channel funds to the Euro federalists and use new techniques of psychological warfare, such as the Harvard Plan.. to push for a united Europe. Donovan was appointed chair of the ACUE and Dulles his deputy. Bedell Smith director of the CIA also sat on the board.  As Professor Richard Aldrich (an intelligence historian) notes, the European Movement’s officers and directors included at least four CIA officers.’   *

Today some still argue for European federalism and claim that American involvement in EU federalism was simply a matter of “to the winner go the spoils”. However, as Lebor points out, the true reason for US control of Europe is precisely what we see today — not pursuit of peace — but US aggression toward Russia.

One major issue regarding US v Russia relations is an energy conflict. The United States pushes its LNG shipments to Europe but has been slow to export Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) to Germany because LNG port capacity there is minimal. (2017 article: LINK)  Market conditions during the past two years have impacted US exports of LNG to Europe too, which is more expensive there than Russian and Middle Eastern gas. But US State is pushing Europe hard to take American LNG anyway, most evident by American opposition to Nord Stream 2.

Nord Stream 2 is of course the Russian gas pipeline just completed to Germany despite major objection and obstacles engineered by the US, for example its influence on Denmark whose waters the pipeline passes through. LINK German certification expectations for the Russian gas pipeline were set years before, despite rejection of the NS 2 project by the European Commission and post-facto legal work to stall it, also backed and inspired by the United States. LINK, LINK Now in an amusing and stupid US State move, America hopes to expand its NS 2 subversion by demanding Ukraine participation in the Russo-German project.

European Union, the CIA, and Nord Stream 2

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What about Germany?
The new government is not in place yet, and its potential composition looks a bit strange,  with potential for more US meddling in German affairs. LINK Likewise a German media conglomerate unfriendly to Russia – most similar to Rupert Murdoch’s Britain-US media nonsense  — is ever ascendant in Germany. LINK Regarding Nord Stream 2, Germany has pushed back certification at a time when natural gas prices are exploding in Europe, and severe shortages experienced. For its part, Russia has said it can turn on the gas tap as soon as the German government approves, but with the transfer of power there the US government has leveraged stalling measures. LINK

The CIA, federal Europe… and Nord Stream 2. With the decline of the global hegemonic, interference in Europe and Eastern Europe becomes ever more urgent for an ever more desperate hegemon. The Atlantic alliance’s decision to oppose Russia rather than compete honestly with it, echoes the dark past of Allen Dulles and the CIA’s devilish chessboard. Just as the US aggressively interfered and pushed for the creation of a federal Europe from a position of opportunity, now in decline, the US opposes the positive development of Nord Stream 2, at a time when a European key ally needs that energy supply. The perfidious Albion indeed.

“To the winner go the spoils” has resulted in US dominance in Europe for over seven decades. As we have seen, the security state’s creation via its bankers of this monetary entity still maintains dubious political union at best, and whatever union there is might fail at worst. Who will care? …the same folks who meddled in the EU’s creation: the Central Bankers with their perpetual fiat dreams. No one else.

But we won’t see any new sovereign referendum similar to Brexit any time soon.

Whether the EU will simply fall apart after seventy-six years of US-CIA ambition has yet to be seen. The only real long-term solution for Europe is to stand up on its own feet (as de Gaulle once did) oppose the US Warfare State, and abandon its toxic derivative partners, who are the criminals of Wall Street.

Of course that’s not bloody likely. Europe is weak. Europe is owned by corrupt bankers. Just as the United States is. Ultimately the west’s bankers call the shots for war and aggression. We won’t mention peace because the west’s bankers long ago calculated that they cannot profit from it.  But if Nord Stream 2’s taps are ever switched on — there may be at least some hope.

*Adam Lebor The Tower of Basel  about the Bank for International Settlements pp 173-174


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US LNG 2X the cost of Russian nat gas. The choice is obvious. Many Euro nations benefit or only the US benefits.

The americans have proven themselves as unreliable degenerates as have the swiss. On the opposite side of reality the Russians work with discipline and professionalism to ensure they remain a reliable partner.

Tommy Jensen

You cannot be equal partner as we are exceptional, and you are a gas station with balalaika music.



Last edited 1 year ago by Fordem

Why does SF weary us with such dilettante scriblings? Much detail could be added to how the EU, as it is now, came about. In my eyes, it’s not just the military-fiancial aspect. Anyway, why does the article talk about the US and then says “perfidious Albion”? Albion is Britain. Also, what is _post facto_ supposed to mean? Post factum or ex post facto? If you try to use Latin, at least do it correctly. Lastly, the EU is more bankrupt and corrupt than actually weak. Anyway, some interesting sources have been mentioned. Thanks.

Jim Allen

It’s called history, and you too can learn how shit work’s, and why by reading actual history. But, you must dig for that, something you’re not going to do. You’d rather bitch about what can be done for you, but isn’t, than to go do the search to find actual history, where you’ll find the detail you appear to want, but not search for yourself. “In my eyes,” well tiger, you can’t see shit from your view point. Everything about this topic is in plain sight, if you know where to look. What you personally see is dependent on what you know, or think you know. There’s so much fake history written on this it’s not easy to locate, and identify the actual history. The writer of this article knows actual history, I’d say you know what you were taught is history. It’s not history, it’s the winner’s version of history, and the winner write the history. It’s written to glorify the winner, while hiding his war crimes, treachery, and other criminal act’s. The blame for his war crimes is projected to the losing side, and proceeding’s such as the Kangaroo Court’s at Nuremberg make them stick. To a point no one want’s to hear the truth when it’s inevitably uncovered. People are confused by fact’s. The “Albion” comment is valid, as US Government is a wholly owned subsidiary of the criminal banking cabal at the City of London. (if you know what that is) The cabal wants Russia destroyed, as well as Iran. The banker’s have carried a grudge for 900+ year’s over something they brought down on themselves, but blame Russia, and Iran (Persia) for. The details are in the actual history, if you’re curious.


The USA only agreed to commit bodies to WW2 in Europe after it was certain that the Nazi’s were going to lose to the Soviets.

Once the Nazi’s were defeated the USA recruited Reinhard Gehlen and his network of Nazi intelligence officers to provide intelligence on the Soviets while they plotted nuclear war on the USSR.

Around the same time the USA hired Franze Halder to write the ‘official’ history of WW2 in Russia which painter the Germans as honourable crusaders against vile communism who could easily have defeated the Asiatic hoards if only Hitler and his henchmen hadn’t meddled in their war.

Then there was operation paperclip … the operation that allowed Nazi scientists and engineers into the USA despite their past or their crimes. The USA also looked the other way as thousands of Nazi’s escaped justice and fled to North and South America via ratlines.

Now we learn that the USA was also in cahoots with Nazi bankers. It’s plain to see who the USA really backed during WW2 … they just paid lip service to supporting the USSR against the Nazi’s.

Jim Allen

Not exactly.


O nazismo continua através da OTAN!

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

CIAtrolls and Ukropnazis are crying and raging 🤗 Most excellent 👍

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