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European Union Pushes To Re-Write WW2 History

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European Union Pushes To Re-Write WW2 History

Warsaw in 1945. Click to see full-size image

EU states continue their WW2 history re-writting attempts.

The Polish Embassy in the UK is making some questionable statements regarding the reality of events during the Nazi occupation and the subsequent liberation of the country by the Soviet Army.

In answer, various Russian Embassies, including the ones in South Africa and Estonia are recalling historical facts and documents, regarding the situation in Poland, as well as Nazi death camps in Estonia.

Essentially what is taking place is a rewriting of history, in which the Soviet Union is made entirely responsible for what transpired in Poland, while the Nazis are just simply mentioned as being there temporarily, possibly as guests.

It all began with this tweet, alleging that the Soviet Union “joined” Germany in invading Poland.

September 17th marks the 80th anniversary from when the USSR began its assault on Nazi-occupied Poland, liberating it in the process.

Poland furthermore maintains that the government remained in the country, which was simply not true.

Here are other examples of the claims made by the Polish embassy in the days since the 17th.

There was a reminder of one of the biggest tragedies in Polish history, entirely blamed on the Soviet Union and the entire responsibility is shifted on it: Katyn.

The Strategic Communications Division of the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also joined in.

The Polish government also “never officially capitulated” it simply escaped the country, abandoning the people, with the armed forces falling apart, many of which serving the Nazi army.

The “German-Soviet Invasion” is how the events of 1939 are referred to.

Many of the claims furthermore contradict themselves, Germany failed to capture the now-Ukrainian city of Lviv, but the Soviets captured it. Despite Poland not “capitulating” the Soviet Army “broke the terms of capitulation.”

Russia is attempting to discredit the Polish claims by presenting various documents and historical data. Of course, MSM is presenting it as if Russia is actively trying to rewrite history and not the other way round.

It is reminding of the death camps that operated in Estonia, which appear to be forgotten.

It reminded that on the very same day that the Soviet Union began its offensive, the Polish government abandoned the country, and by then Poland had no actual army.

The French military back in 1939 confirmed that the Polish army was defeated just two weeks after the war began due to using military equipment produced in Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia.

Which once more returns the conversation to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, which was presented by Russia in a museum exhibit and Poland accused Russia of attempting to rewrite history.

The Russian Ministry of Defense furthermore released historical documents showing how much help Poland was provided by the Soviet Union in the years after the war.

These includes massive amounts of various food products, including various grains, as well as livestock.

One document, a GKO Decree of October 1, 1944th prescribed to provide 15 million boxes of matches to the Polish National Liberation Committee.

In her briefing on September 20th, 2019, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova gave a small overview of what the Soviet Union provided to Poland in the years during and following the war. In brief:

  • During the war, the USSR handed over to Poland 700 thousand rifles and machine guns, 3,500 guns, 1 thousand tanks, 1,200 aircraft, more than 1,800 vehicles;
  • 600,000 soldiers died in liberating Poland from the Wehrmacht;
  • At the end of 1944, the USSR granted Poland an interest-free loan of 10 million rubles;
  • In January 1945, an agreement was concluded on the provision of loans to Poland in the amount of 50 million rubles. and an additional $ 10 million for foreign trade needs;
  • In July 1945, between the USSR and Poland, a trade agreement and an agreement on mutual deliveries of goods were signed according to which the USSR undertook to supply 250 thousand tons of iron ore to Poland, 30 thousand tons of manganese ore, 25 thousand tons of cotton, 3 thousand tons of tobacco, 2.4 thousand tons of flax, 40 thousand tons of apatite, cellulose, paper;
  • In 1948, an agreement was reached on the supply of Soviet industrial equipment to Poland in the amount of almost $ 0.5 billion (ultimately, free of charge);
  • The first three-year recovery plan for the Polish economy was implemented ahead of schedule. By 1949, industrial production in Poland grew 2.5 times, the economic return from the sale of industrial goods increased by 200% compared with the pre-war period.

In conclusion, Zakharova also answered a question by RIA Novosti regarding the newly-adopted resolution on the importance of European remembrance for the future of Europe.

Zakharova expressed the official Russian position on the matter. The entire statement, translated from Russian is the following:

“The Russian Foreign Ministry is trying to refrain from commenting on the activities of the European Parliament. However, in this case, it is forced to make an exception, since we are talking about the next round of gross falsification of history.

This resolution is nothing more than a set of revisionist statements. The European Parliament marked yet another outrageous attempt to equate Nazi Germany – the aggressor country – and the USSR, whose peoples, at the cost of huge sacrifices, liberated Europe from fascism.

The statement of the European deputies that the Second World War began because of the signing of the Non-aggression Treaty between Germany and the USSR on August 23, 1939 has nothing to do with history. Moreover, the resolution does not mention the policy pursued by Western countries to pacify the aggressor with the aim of reorienting Hitler’s aggressive plans from West to East and about the culmination of this line – the Munich agreement of 1938. Its participants gave the sovereign state of Czechoslovakia to be torn to pieces by the Nazis. Against the background of numerous references to the “difficult fate” of Poland – which, incidentally, took part in the said “dismemberment” and concluded a non-aggression treaty with Berlin back in 1934 – such selectivity of historical memory is striking in its cynicism.

We would like to emphasize once again the danger of the course towards politicization and the revision of historical facts. By hushing up the pages that are unpleasant for themselves and interpreting the “retouched” version of events at one’s discretion, the European Parliament finally loses touch with reality. But it is such that in a number of European countries they rehabilitate Nazi criminals, mass rallies of Waffen-SS veterans and their supporters take place, neo-Nazi organizations feel at ease. This is a true threat to the fundamental principles of democracy and human rights.

Attempts to build the EU’s internal agenda on the foundation of distorting historical truth will not lead to the victory of intolerance on the European continent. “Juggling” facts for opportunistic purposes cannot be a moral and political guide. On the contrary, it is more likely to undermine the faith of Europeans, especially young people, in the very “European values” that Brussels loves to talk about.

We consider unacceptable a distortion of the past. History, in our deep conviction, should remain the destiny of responsible professionals, and not politicians who use it for their narrowly selfish purposes.”


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AM Hants

Look at who is running the EU and where they came from. Isn’t Donald Tusk, a Polish politician, one of the many EU Presidents, yet, who was his grandfather and what role did the Polish branch of the Wehrmacht and didn’t they create their own Waffen SS Brigades?

When the Soviet Union fell, how many nations, with ‘professional victim’ status and begging bowl, galluped over to Soviet Europe, run on exactly the same ideology as the old Soviet Union. Funny, how they blame Russia for everything and World War II never ended just moved onto the next chapter, with the losing team running the show. Was WWI and WWII all about trying to take out Russia, divide the mighty nation and pillage all her resources, which is where we appear to be now?

Zionism = EVIL

The Jew Bilderberg global plunderers like Goldman Sachs of the Greek plunder infamy have openly declared their agenda to covet Russia’s immense wealth, as if Russia is like the Saudi drone shithole. Russia is a major nuclear power with many allies so the EU can fuck themselves.

Jens Holm

Arrrrh, Bilderberg. Here we go again. As usual no hesitation. Others then You and Your kind of lazybugs are responsible. Well, that where You are.

Here we all are responsiblke and mainly do well. Bilderbergers has not plundered us. Maybe You have nothing because You are not able to produce anything Yourself.

Albert Pike

“Isn’t Donald Tusk, a Polish politician, one of the many EU Presidents, yet, who was his grandfather and what role did the Polish branch of the Wehrmacht and didn’t they create their own Waffen SS Brigades?”

Well that matches Frankist descendant Angela Kazmierczak-Kasner-Merkel, who had a grandfather in the Anti-German, Anti-Russian – ‘Haller’s Army’: ‘Ludwig Kasner (né Ludwik Marian Kaźmierczak; born 1896 in Posen, Germany (now Poznań, Poland), died 1959 in Berlin) was the paternal grandfather of Angela Merkel. He served as a soldier in the Polish Blue Army, which took part in Poland’s struggle for independence. In the aftermath of the First World War he moved to Berlin, the hometown of his fiancée Margarethe, and worked for the Berlin Police.’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_of_Angela_Merkel http://www.hallersarmy.com/

But anyway, Gemany and the Sowjet Union had the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact in place: https://orientalreview.org/2019/08/23/the-molotov-ribbentrop-pact-80-years-of-fighting-against-russia/ Therefore in 39 they where working together…

AM Hants

Yep, but, the Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Empire, in order to create the Soviet Union, which Lenin laid the foundations to and Stalin, the Georgian, then launched the Soviet Union. Which takes us back to the EU, a mish mash of the children from the Bolshevik and Nazi elite. Wasn’t Bill Browders grandfather Earl Browder, the leader of the US Communist Party and didn’t he work closely with Allen Dulles, when the created the CIA to provide safe passage to the elite of the Bolsheviks and Nazis, after the end of the War, back in 1947, and ‘Operation Paperclip’? The Miliband Brothers, one who was the Foreign Secretary under Gordon Brown, and his brother, who replaced Gordon Brown, the grandchildren of Trotsky’s good mate Samuel Miliband, who also was involved in the Polish section of the Bolsheviks?

Look at Donald Tusk’s face, before President Putin pointed out a few home truths, with regards the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact.

Putin gives a lesson in history – awkward… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJwoygYdTmY

Plus this one, that so made me laugh:

Putin: We’re not going to keep apologising!… Putin: We’re not going to keep apologising!

I wonder why Bill Browder and Anne Applebaums, both members of Integrity Initiative, work with their Hungarian friends, who run Political Capital, including the National Endowment for Democracy sector. Bearing in mind Ellito Abrams, Victoria Nuland and Ann Applebaum are on the Board of Directors of the NED.

Globalization: UK & Hungary Core Socialist NGO’s For NWO…

‘… The list of partners in association with Political Capital is a Who’s Who of Globalization. Enormously revealing, they include; Chatham House, German Marshall Fund of the US(in affiliation with Brzezinski, Albright, Wolfgang Schaubel, Robert Gates, Erdogan, etc…) Visegrad/Insight, Atlantic Council, Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats in European Parliament, European Values (full circle), European Jewish Fund, Academy of Media, National Endowment For Democracy (whose current President, Carl Gershwin, formerly served as Executive Director of Social Democrats USA), King Baudouin Foundation, etc…’



Thank you for yet more superb research of reality, AM. :)

AM Hants

Thank you.

AM Hants

Really? Are you sure? Funny, how you never provide links to form a basis of your argument.

Three Years After Euromaidan, Naftogaz Remains Hostage To Ukrainian Politics…

‘…Americans have no idea what Naftogaz is, but here’s what makes it interesting: It is always in the crosshairs of the Russians; its funded by the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Everyone’s favorite hedge fund villain, George Soros, who has been involved in Eastern Europe for over 25 years and is a major Obama and Clinton donor, has a hand in Naftogaz.

It is unclear exactly how many “hands” Soros has in there, but he has advocated for the breaking up of the state-controlled oil and gas giant ever since the Ukrainians revolted (again) and kicked Vladimir Putin’s buddy Viktor Yanukovych out of the presidency during the Euromaidan revolt…’


Forbes, a Rothschild publication, with no loyalties to Russia.


George Soros Has 200 Organizations To Attack America…

‘…Let’s also not forget a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet that was shot down, killing all 298 on board.

George Soros was there again to profit from the chaos he created. His reward in Ukraine was the state-owned energy monopoly, Naftogaz.

pays off politiciansSoros again had his paid off US cronies, Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew and US consulting company McKinsey, advise the puppet government of Ukraine to privatize Naftogaz.

The deaths of human life would be almost unbelievable to calculate that have died needlessly because of one of the most evil men to live in our generation.

He uses the cover of philanthropy to carry out his globalist “one world government” plans and policies. He’ll pay off government officials in any country to get what he wants.

Soros’ fingerprints are all over anti-trump lawsuits and the billionaire leftist has teamed up with democrat attorney generals to bury the Trump administration in legal challenges.

George Soros and his hundreds of “destabilizing organizations” under the guise of philanthropy and continuing efforts to destabilize may be the biggest challenge to President Trump, America and the world…’ https://thinkaboutit.news/george-soros-has-200-organizations-to-attack-america/


Rothschilds and Naftogaz


‘… Rothschild has won the tender of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine to provide investment banking services in the unbundling of gas transportation activities and attract a partner to manage the gas transportation system of Ukraine.

According to the disclosure protocol in the ProZorro system, Rothschild S.p.A. (Milan, Italy) is ready to provide relevant services worth 98 million UAH. French Lazard Frères also took part in the auction on October 12, and TNN LTD (Great Britain) was not admitted to it.

Naftogaz indicated the expected cost of work at the level of 193.3 million UAH. The services must be rendered until December 31, 2020.


Jens Holm

Yerrrrh Ratchild again. Never heard before. You can take gas on that. Just inject from You behind.

AM Hants

So Joel Harding darling, with his obsession for trolls and dodgy videos.

Jens Holm

I know none Joel Harding.


You are correct, as always , AM.

The Brits were involved in a plan to install a ‘friendly government’ in Poland in 1921.


“Interallied Mission to Poland was a diplomatic mission launched by British Prime Minister David Lloyd George on 21 July 1920, at the height of the Polish-Soviet War, weeks before the decisive Battle of Warsaw. The purpose of this mission was to send a number of high level personages from Britain and France to Poland in an attempt to influence Polish policy, possibly through effecting a change in government.”

In the 30’s the UK signed a defence treaty, in effect a trip wire for war with Germany. The brutal Bromburg massacre of circa 5000 German civilians in 1939 within an area ceded to Poland after WW1 was the reason the Germans invaded in 1939.


“The Unknown History of the 1939 German-Polish Conflict A Brief Synopsis “

AM Hants

Cheers for an informative reply.

Which takes us back to Trotsky and his good mate Samual Miliband, who was the grandfather of David and Ed Miliband.

Whale, wrote an interesting article, which has been removed by Google Clean Up, with a lot of information on Samual Miliband, who allegedly popped over to the US. However, it was alleged it was a cover, for him working with Trotsky, over with the Polish Bolsheviks. Isn’t Adolf ‘Ralph’ Miliband, the brothers father, buried next to Karl Marx, in the Highgate Cemetry?

Just found the Whale article:

WHO IS DAVID MILIBAND?… http://whale.to/c/who_is_david_miliband.html

However, there is another article, just as good, linking Miliband to Trotsky.

Miliband & Trotsky in New York…


The Miliband family of Warsaw established a branch in the United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s. There is a Samuel Miliband, for example, born in 1870, who came to New York and who shares the same name as the grandfather of David and Edward Miliband. The Sam Miliband in New York changed his name to Samuel Miller and got a U.S. passport in that name in 1923. This Sam Miliband also disappeared in 1920, although this Miliband said that he had gone to Baltimore for three years – not to Russia to fight in the Bolshevik Red Army of Trotsky and Stalin.

It is interesting to note that an “Elie” Miliband, a 40-year-old “Hebrew” tailor from Warsaw (Russia) came to the United States on the S.S. Philadelphia sailing from Southhampton and arriving in New York on January 28, 1905, with a person who appears to be the Jewish revolutionary known as “Leon Trotsky” traveling under an alias, Irska Bronstein…’



From the same article, this is interesting, owing to the date.


‘…David Miliband with the “Likudnik” Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert. Olmert is a Betar boy and the son of the Irgun terrorist, Mordechai Olmert. The current Israeli prime minister was in New York City on a secret mission on 9-11. The fact that this Israeli politician with long ties to Zionist terrorism was secretly in New York City on the day of the worst terror disaster in modern times is evidently of no interest to the controlled media. It is, however, of great interest to me and I will be discussing the specific Israelis who Olmert met with in New York on September 10, 2001 and their ties to the Florida-based “hijackers” and fake art students…’


If I remember correctly, the Milliband brothers father abandoned his wife ‘en route’ to the UK from Poland. She has not been heard of since, I think.

I do suppose though that a Jewish wife is frequently on the ‘abandonment list ‘ :)

The Truth of 9/11 will out one day. I just wish to be here to witness that day.

AM Hants

Never liked the Milibands. Isn’t a white streak in black hair a sign of madness? Now was it David, who had the streak? Not forgetting, didn’t David’s Charity get thrown out of Eastern Ukraine and also one of the African nations? Owing to dodgy dealings, was there alleged corruption, plus the usual spies, operating? Do believe Clinton, Blair and Soros trained him well, with regards charity work and the benefits.

Did find the photo of him, in New York, the day before 9/11 strange. Weren’t the Bush Family and Bin Laden family, Carlyle business partners dining in New York, over at the Ritz on that day or was it the following day? Why were so many of the crowd hanging around, on that day of all days, including Sarah Ferguson?

AM Hants

Do think it is coming. Fingers and so much more crossed.


I have learned that the British Government ( MI6/5 ?) has extended the ‘D’ notice on the Northern Irish Kincora Boys Home evidence for 80 years.

There really must be some serious proof of the elite fucking and otherwise abusing little boys from that ‘home’.

“Meanwhile over in Northern Ireland the British government has issued another 80 year D notice on files they hold in relation to the sexual abuse of children at the Kincora boys home in Belfast there have been many accusations about Prince Andrews uncle, Lord Mountbatten and his fondness for young boys along with his partner in crime Ted Heath at the Kincora boys home.”

AM Hants

Did I use the Rense link, in one of your replies at the weekend? If I did, sorry to repeat, and if not, here it is.

Speachless, so comes to mind, together with the 100 year ‘D’ notice for that one. Together with the Jersey Children’s Home, that they tried to investigate, with hands tied. Old ‘Clunk Click’ and TH, who took us into the Common Market, used to do a lot of charity work there, so it was alleged.


Common Purpose, and all they control, have a lot to account for.


Thank you for the link. It is a good collation of the Dunblane affair.

I uesd to follow Michael James reports. He seems to have been silenced in recent years, or am I just missing his reports?

The UK has been made into a Cesspit Playpen for the degenerate Elite, perhaps it always has been.

No wonder the elite live in fear of exposure. There would be literally tens of millions on the streets baying for the blood of the occult scum.

The 100 year + D notice about Kitchener in Sudan really intrigues me. What is so bad that cannot be revealed. A few hundred thousand dead at the hands of the British Army has never worried the UK before ?

AM Hants

Went to see if I could find anything, but, only this, which might explaine a lot:

‘…The Boer War was a dress rehearsal for World War I.

Kitchener ended up commanding all the British forces in South Africa, and he was the architect of the brutal concentration camps for women and children…’ wiki (being lazy)


Whatever the reason is, The D notice has no legal status outside British sovereign territory and possibly British Commonwealth member states.

It would be educational if a truth patriot was able to expose the contents of the file that the UK is still desperate to hide after 117 years :)

AM Hants

117 years, I wonder if it ties into everything that has gone down the last 100 years?


Everything is ’cause and effect’, yet I doubt that the UK realised their empire would crumble at the beginning of the 20th century. Even after WW1 the UK was in denial of her looming loss of status I think.

It could be that Zionism was taking a hold of the reins of power in the British Empire at the turn of the 20th century, and everything that has degraded the fabric and morality of the UK since then is just a result of that.

To put it in todays context, we can now see how easy it is to destroy a nation from within. The Ukraine , Yugoslavia, Syria, Iraq,Libya, pre Hezbollah Lebanon, Palestine etc are all examples of nation destruction at the hands of Zionists.

Zionism is just another vicious kleptocratic cult, and the cult currently responsible for the carnage since 1900. The ruling fabric of many nations is now infested with Zionists and the results are what we can see at home and abroad.

The glue that binds any cult together is control by fear, and the 21 century glue is paedophilia. A cult becomes all powerful when it controls all facets of the state and big business, even the unions.

That’s my opinion anyway:)

AM Hants

Will happily support your opinion. Seriously makes sense.

Jens Holm

In a calender I wouldput the Fashoda affair in 1915 as when many Britts realised, that too much was minus for the Empire.

A repair try was taking parts of the Middle East and try to make a better protected connection GB-INDIA.

They knew most parts of Africa never could be held

Jens Holm

Not only Britts. France and other too.

They didnt plan a big state as Poland became. They just wanted a buffer between USSR and the defeated and amputated Germany.

The state You write about is not small. It was the kings or the congress poland.


Thats much bigger then many other European countries. Britts helping them was an option, but Pilsutsky and other Poles were stromng enough to make Poland much bigger then there was poles in the areas.

Those facts are well known here, butlet me remind You a lot happend there, when Poles arised from nothing and all around them and all were against them.

They defeated the Red army taking a lot of terrain, they took parts of Tjekkoslovakia back, they got acces to the Baltic sea, they voted parts of Schlesia back as well as took a small part of the very small lituania.

They also reformed everything into more modern systems. Let me remind You Poles before thát was in 3 other countries each having their own system as wellas is was runned by the upoperclass and not by the people.

Scratching up Britts like that makes me almost laugh.

The winners of WW1 was the deciders. Those were France, Britts, Italians and USA.

Those wrote a new map for almost the whole world incl. the Middle East.

Those also could have removed the Bolsjevics, but had lost many soldiers as well as economy and energy for it.

They also could have made a Kurdistan or Sudan or Sudan into 4 countries as well as have given the italiens the south east part of Anatolia.

Again funny some 5.000 germns was killed by Poles. Its not correct at all. I am sure poles killed much more jews as well and Poles in the German part og Schlesia had a hard time and worse.

You are like taking a picture of the sun in the horison and then by that proove its always there.

Let me also remind You that several millions in Middle Europe starved to death after the germna defeat and Germans started WW1. I will not try to éxcuse thing like 5.000 bodies, but I do compare it with the millions by Germany. Your link dont work here.

Jens Holm

You might address Tusk and his friends better. They dont represent EU at all. Youare right about cleaning the Polish history for Russian false ones, but making another nationalistic one with Poles as only heroes is just as wrong as number one.

Trying to take Russia out is totally not how it is. Russia never after WW2 should be all the way to Berlin. Never. If they had controlled themselves, they might have kept Ukraine.

It seemes like violent thieves has tobe rewarded in Your world. We didnt make that Iron curtain at all.

If it was there Eric Honnecher would have been the only citicen in DDR. None east of that barbed wire, landmines and concrite walls most theing were even worse the any new chaper by F. Kafka. Theyhad no idea ogfneeds and economies. NONE.

You mighty be blind, if Yo cant see the difference. And correct: It will take decades to repair and renew what Tzars and Bolsjevicks destroyed.

AM Hants

I know English is not your first language, so struggling to understand what you are saying.

You do remember that the Russian Empire was overthrown, back in 1917, laying the foundations for the Soviet Union, which the Georgian, known as Lenin, launched, back in 1923. Remember Stalin and Hitler and the Soviet Union falling in 1991? When 15 independent nations emerged?

Now, how much territory did Ukraine pick up during the Soviet Union and how much from Russia?

Tusk the President of the European Council, which does not represent the EU. Really? European Council – Council of the European Union… https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/european-council/

Do you mean that Russia might have kept Ukraine? They never wanted Ukraine, just peace on their borders. However, Ukraine needs Russia, as they are starting to realise. Especially when the gas runs out in December 2019.

Who created the Iron Curtain and who created the Bolshevik Soviet Union Communist Party? It was not Russia now was it? Remember, unlike most of their neighbours, Russia never had a ‘professional victim’ boulder on her shoulder, whinging, whining and moaning, with the ‘begging bowl’ always in view, that it was so unfair, how the Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Empire and all they did to the people. Now did she. She just knuckled down and got on with things, which is why she is back to being a super power and funnily enough, with the most powerful military, to back her up.

By the way, how much of Russia, including Kiev, did the Tsars gift to Ukraine?

Jens Holm

1) Only a few short comments. I many times has asked people here, if it wasnt a good idea the districts in Ukrained voted for rejoining Russia. Some 2 -3 counties which hardly ever has hasd real Ukrainians it it would vote themselves home in peace and respect. Hardly not even an answer from any here.

Denmark did that with the germans after ww1 and vould have taken anything they once has – but they all were danish/germans and germans and not Danes.

I am sure Hitler treated us nicer because of that and we apart from WW2 has had good relations to them. 2) Tusk dont talk for all EU as You say at all. Something must have gone terrible wrong in, what You write. None ver want the USSR version as stand alone as well as a new constructed Nationalisme fx by Poles but also others. They both are only lies.

Dont You dare telling a lie like that anymore. You seemes not to understand EU as construction. It was meant as trade of course but also very much declining nationalisme AND respect minorities as well as it goes. Thats why we can cross borders free too. If a french monority is on both sides, You only need to show Your ID which often is Your passport, and hardly that. 3) Ukrainians need devellopment. Russia cant help them with that. Ukrainians has iron, nikel, coal and the best farmland in Europe. Its relative clean coal having low sulphur in it. We buy some of it. 3) You say someone outside made the Bolsjevisme. True, but Russia already systematicly was made weaker and weaker by the upperrclass and the Tzars. So dont blame some jews or a man from Georgia for that.

By the way Lenin was not from Georgia but Russian born not so far from Kaazan at Volga. 4) I see Russia as a declining superpower. 5) I dont need to see Russian history and probatly know it much better then You. And I have had maps from internet showing very well how Ukraine was during time i details. I also have maps from before that showing how Russia slice for slice took over the Kiev state and even before that more skematic maps for viking trade.

Many danes know a little about that. Vikings also was guards for the rulers og Byzants by the rivers there. Thats why we have so many silvercoins from Iraq and east of Capian Sea. 6) Kind of funny again. USSR never builded the Iran curtain. Oh Yes Stalin already had planned it under WW2 and made the proxies do the job. Hard for me You not even know that.

AM Hants

Must admit to finding your comment seriously funny. A Dane putting Russia down. Now besides the children’s writer, who wrote a decent fairy tale, what else is Denmark famous for?


Sorry, Lenin, who led the Bolsheviks in 1917, but, did not launch the Soviet Union, that was his replacement, the Georgian Stalin. Typing and I do believe around 1923. That was a typing error, or brain cell error, thinking about Lenin, whilst typing about Stalin.

‘Don’t you dare tell a lie like that anymore’ – sorry, Pinochio, have no idea what you mean and what have I lied about?

Do you mean Donald Tusk being the European Council President, which defines the EUs overall political direction and policies? Well that is actually fact and I wonder which one of the kinder fuehrer will replace him, when he has to stand down?

With regards Denmark during WWI, well just like WWII, was it not neutral? I wonder why I always suspect neutral nations and question their relationship with those that played us all, especially getting both wars up and running.

Didn’t your Royal Family, have exceptionally good relations with Adolf, along with many other leaders and Royals, till it was obvious that it was not going to plan?

Remind me, who exactly speaks for the EU and why do they need three Presidents? Including the Wehrmacht leaning Tusk. No wonder he gets on so well with the Ukrainians. Must remind him of memories of his grandfather.


Jens Holm

I dont think, I am putting Russia down. I have seen Your propaganda history books. A lot is misguided, biased on not even there.

Thats what those East Europeans says. They also say they dont celebrate being parts or colonies of Russia again after WW1 and before that the annexion and its Russian terrorregime – best described for Baltics, Poland and Finland here.


And from whoome.

And we do have a lot of documentation for, what russians did BEFORE Barbarossa. And we also do have documentation for, what happend AFTER Nazis left.

We after 1991 have seen it was much, much worse mainly by RUSSIAN ARCHIVES.

So we – maybee mainly as western europeans, where I live – see a lot in higher resolution and also new of the terrifying things done by Russian.

But we were in our own part, remember that. Its also long time ago. Calming sown about such things takes generattions and a lot of that is long time ago.

“Tusks” has not calmed down. They not only have to make a distance to Russia from Russia taking them by the dividing before Mr Hitler arrived and for re-expansion. NO, they also have big internal problems, because minorities in those countries actually supported communists in those says and after counting great parts of their oen population as spendable objects too.

So Poles and the other “Easterns” has to remember to clean their own houses too and not – as several do – make a new hiding of facts.

Thats what the rest of EU make clear TOO. You should not replace a lot of lie with something semilar and even create more from dirty air.

The best history nooks about ehat happend in Eastern Europe is already written very well outside “Eastern Europe”. Here we have reduced pur lies about things here as well as where USSR was until 1991 and in Russia as well.

So as a western we have a lot of good facts looking at the same scenaries from different perspective. By that we dont se e changes in the mainpicture. We see – as written above – higher resolution as well as even more nasty things.

We also have pwn sources, because we got a lot of refugees here and many well educated. Several has been high ranked here as well esttimated journalist even in Russi for out TV, Radio and raqdio. They dospeak russian as well as the different Balic language and Polish. We also have Hungarian settling here and they and their childen are well assimilated.

So You cant say we have no sources or lie. We so many, that we long time ago has taken out the “too creative ones” – Just as for the heroisme and whatever in The West.

On that we have very good descrptions for Ukraine under WW1 in the last days of the Tzars fx by the antibolsjeviks there and their general. We have details about the suffering there by the Zars as well as under Bolsjevics and details for Trotskij supporting the Menchevics, socalled reforms, millions dead, 100.000 s dead of them dies by starvation.

Jew killings . So many was killed. Even so Kharkow and Donets had 30% Jews, when Hitler arrived.

I dont need maps for Ukraine. I just want the never Úkrainian Russian parts populated by people from the outside back to Russia.

My oppinion to Crimera is clear. Whoever lives there, it was a part of a big big trade, so when Russia takes that part back by force, Ukrainians or other new countries should be compensated. I have no idea about value in money or land or where.

An exelent small one could be Finland getting a harbour at Nikel to the arctic sea. They then could catch some fish and trade there, because of less Ice. Russia of course never will give up land north of St Petersborg.

Jens Holm

And yes. Denmark tryed to be neutral on the same side as Neville Chamberlain being neutral and almost unarmed.

We did that well being neutral in WW1 and hoped for the same for WW2. Unfortunatly Norway and Murmansk/Archangelsk was very important for Germans., so they took us and by that also could close the straits to the Baltic sea.

We had no defence against them. They had just crushed Poland and our Goverment would not accept, we was bombarded and 1000s might die as they did. None even tryed to help us. Britts had no soldiers for that.

And no the very old King Chr.10 in 1942 was given a birthday letter by Hitler. The ansvar was no good for Hitler but written as You sign for a package to the Postman.

But we did Nazis a lot in trade. We were, as today, big food exporters to them, and we could not sell to GB, so we sold to them. Or else it would be confiscated as in Holland, where many 1000 starved to death.

We also made relative many weaponsfor them. We made a lot of the only famous danish weapos at that time named “Madsen machinegun”. Its easy to make and hardlyu ever malfunction.

We also made a lot of the advanced things to the german airplanes and other things of the military kind. Denmark was known by the German soldiers a kind of oasis. They all got relative good foof and there was no war apart from relative making sabotage and some air bombardmenrts here and there(factories and airbases).


EU is like a big and complicated country, so You have 3 kind of speakers for EU. 1) The parlament, where every country has seat adter their seize and the samllest ones get compensation in seat. 2) The Ministers, which is one top Minister from each couuntry(the can decide a lot very fast) and 3) The administration now having a German women as Top, top. You might know danish Vestager from there too trying to control taxpayments and communication, big companies are not allowed to be the only company.


Donald Tusk i Leader of the ADVICERS for the Top-Topministers(Premiere Ministers). That group also have the new German Leader of the administration included. By that advicers and administration got connected. Those only meet a few times a year.

But the job is very trusted, because Tusk and them has to talk for all, fx United Nations and by that the whole world. And thats where I say he only partly does that and it might be usefull Poles cleaned their own too and made less new dirt.

Zionism = EVIL

Sad FACT is that the Jew scum liars have brainwashed the dumbed down EU sheeple and rewriting history is nothing new. From fat homosexual murderous pig Churchill in tiny lapdog UK to the midget Macron today, the EU is a collection of arselicking lapdogs who have not really given up their hostility to Russia since the days of USSR and their support for the reactionary “white Russians”. They only put up with Russia in WW2 because they could not defeat Nazi Germany without colossal Russian/Soviet manpower. The USSR suffered over 26 million casualties, 1,000 towns, cities and villages were destroyed, but still prevailed. Without Russian victory over Nazism, most of these EU faggots would be speaking German and yelling Seig Heil. In any case most of the western Europeans collaborated with the Nazis from the Vichy French to the Danes, Dutch and Belgian faggots.


from a swathe of experience in poland and with poles in and out of the country I can testify that poles are dumber than dumb, they lie (even when it ain’t necessary), they steal (unashamedly in broadest daylight) and they squeal on any other party (even if its serves no purpose). it’s their natural state of mind to betray and lie and cheat and in general behaving with no moral.

Ishyrion Av

Well, I suppose you met a lot of 50 millions of them since you can make this characterization.


what 50 million, thought it was some 30 or so which is about 29.89 million too many anyway. but no, not all of them but quite a few in vital positions and they sure as a klucking bell have a problem with the truth and how to avoid it to the benefit of poland and their own tawdry lives.

Jens Holm

You must have been in a polish jail.

I have a socalled “godsin” having a poilsh mother. They are not like that at all.

True a lot of poles in theri countryside sometimes dont know much. They are in theold days and some even use horses for tractors. I dont see them as dumb from that even they refer a lot to vírgin Mary.

I know they have thieves gangs. So do we but smaller units, but for sure the rest is not criminels as You declare.

They stil has fear for polic and other goverment officials and they do have corruption almost all over.

Poles living and working well here in Denmark mainly are fine people. We do see a little overcrime.

Tiresia Branding

“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” (George Orwell – 1984)

Bob Starsky

U need to educate yourself. there was joint nazi soviet invasion on Poland. There was no such thing like liberation until 1989. Hello Katyn massacre! Hello Gulag! Hello war crimes of red army!


Poland today is a breeding ground for NATO aggression and hostility to Russia. It is an artificial country that has been used for European destabilization for centuries. Soviet Union liberated Poland.

Ishyrion Av

NATO today is of no importance for the time we are speaking about. That time, Germany and Soviets shake their hands and invaded a lot of Est European countries. I don’t know how much artificial is Poland, actually I think they are pretty homogeneous today. Of course, if you speak of Polish empire, that is a different matter but that happened in another centuries.

Jens Holm

They are not artificial at all. Their main areas is King Poland also named as Kongress Poland. During time it has been much bigger as well as even smaller and in alliances and unions with several others.

But things like that has been the same all over Europe and other places.

Italy was no state until a Garibaldi made it to it. Spain was several countries. DEnmark several times has been gone or almost gone. Germany for many centuries were many, many states. Actually USA has 52 United States. Yougoslavia twice.

Tommy Jensen

Europa, part of Russia and more were once part of the Great Danish Empire. If we can dream it, we can do it again. Therefore be careful when you are talking about Denmark because it is a Viking nation like the Spartans!

Jens Holm

Actually it was 3 main groups expanding comming from Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

The vast majority for Kiev Russia was Swedes having danes among them too.

They were accepted as rulers because they kept the trade routes free makingwealt and relative peace for all. As upperclass being soldiers they as usual also took their part. Many others lived there and had no structture for it.

By the way there is a new theory for why silvertreasure comming home by that trade are untouched in so many graves. Its about religion. The silver was needed in the next world, therefore the relatives didnt take it up for themselves but started their own “collecting coins”.

Haha. Spartans might be correct. All Danish Spartans died like them, and the Viking age was over :)

Tommy Jensen is a Scandinavian – Nordic name. Is it an Avatar or are Your ancisters emmigrated from here ?

Jens Holm

Poland is no artificial country at all even it has had its ups and down. No wonder they dont like Russians. Who likes Russia of today. So many women try to be married to anybody in the west to go away from there too.

Russia didnt liberate Poland. They took it back after having lost it in WW1. Here Russia for centurie´s also systematicly has used it for destabilisation finally splitting it up in 3 with Germany and Austra-Hungary.

There is no Nato agression against Rusia. Poles and others like we are defending our own rights to make own decissions and do it for them too. Why should they ever join a collapsed system like Russia.

I am proud to announce danes for the momenet has 4 F16s in Estonia to be themselves as they wish.

Russai started by Moscow and Kijev. Mloscow by war defeted Kiev and then expanded. Only Mongols almost defeated the Russian expansin fromVladi´vostok to Berlin.

AM Hants

Thought it was the Germans that they were bred to hate?

Funny, how they now have to change the script, owing to the Wehrmacht loyalists of Poland.

Didn’t the Nazis, even find the work of the Wehrmacht, objectionable, even to their standards? No wonder Poland was up and running when the US asked them to set up a few torture chambers.

Jens Holm

They hardky know true fragments about. Even they know jews better the jews do, they lie about that too.


A revisionist fake view of history comes naturally to the fabricating so-called western world. Their animosity to Russia is historic. These ungrateful wretches were saved by the supreme sacrifices of the Soviet people.


Same in WW1.

Jens Holm

And the same goes for WW1. You know nothing. The Russian Empire declined and collapset itself very well by aqt least 50 years not even having any reforms for giving all the unimplyed million jobs to feed themselves day by day.

Bolsjevics made Russia loose faster. And by that they made an USSR having exact the same mistakes as build ins. That collpased in 1991. They not even tryed to save it. Older and older men being alert during WW2 should not decide only by themselves even in a stupid totalitarian system as it was.

And now we see a light sytem,but the same system and the winners takes all – until it probatly collapse too.

Very strange Your internet connection can take well descriebed things in text, pictures and videos.

Jens Holm

You know absolutly nothing about that too. Many of those dead for nothing people was not even Russians but became so by taking Baltics and all the way to Berlin. Iddiot.


Cry more ruskie commfags

Ishyrion Av

I really don’t know how much history you know, guys, but indeed Soviet Union joined Germany in invading Poland. That is a fact. It really doesn’t matter if the Polish government ran out for their lives when Germany took Warsaw, the capital. Heroic or not, cowards or not, it was still a country crossed by foreign armies against its own will. The Red Army crossed the border and took as much as they could until they met the German front line. Let’s not forget Hitler and Stalin were friends that time. Liberating “Belorussian friends” is a bs. Like US is liberating Syria today. Or at least they tried to.


See Pisudski-Hitler Pact 1934 and Polish ultimatum to Benes (CZ) in 38 after Munich and you will find the answer to the Pact you mention.



Ishyrion Av

I’m not a historian, neither Pole or Czech but as far as I know, things were like that: after the first war, Czechoslovakia annexed a small region called Cieszyn Silesia. It seems Poles were majority there, but for small Czechoslovakia region was strategic. Things were pretty fluid there until 1938 when finally Poland annexed the region back with the blessing from Hitler, who was happy to divert the attention from his own invasion of the same Czechoslovakia. I don’t believe Poland was in hands with Hitler that time, rather they played Hitler’s game. Also, I cannot tell who was right there, who’s belong those territory. Not mine for sure. However, Soviet Union used the event to justify his own invasion over Poland one year later, after Germany already invaded Poland. Worth to remember Poland had a non-aggression pact with both Germany and Soviet Union at that time, also Germany and Soviet Union had a non-aggression pact between themselves – the infamous Ribbentrop-Molotov pact. The invasion of Poland from both invaders started very soon after the infamous pact was signed. So, let’s see the big picture. Poles were not saints, of course, no matter who was right in their small fight with Czechoslovakia. But Germany and Soviet Union invasion over Poland has nothing to do with Pilsudski-Hitler Pact in 1934 and Polish ultimatum to Benes in 1938.


More than mere justification, PL was cooperating with Nazi Germany since its inception and Poland had already invaded Soviet territory in the 1919 war, preceding the 1920 Warsaw battle, that battle also extended the PL territories well beyond the Curzon line up to Minsk, Belarus, not Polish lands…so there is a decent rationale to cross the Poles after the Poles had already conspired with Hitler.

Ishyrion Av

Yes, probably true, the reminiscent of the old Polish empire, which was as evil as Austro-Hungarian empire. But my point remains, Poles didn’t conspired with Hitler, rather their ambition was used by Hitler. For Hitler and Stalin the invasion of Poland was strategic (different rationale but same outcome).

You can call me Al

Meanwhile they increase the number of Jews gassed by the Russian Nord Stream II gas to 36 billion.

yep, yep, yep, we all believe the Pollaks.


………..And no matter how much the flow of Nord-Stream is, we’ll never get rid of all the Jews……………what a shame………………but we shouldn’t give up hope…………..perhaps we should buy some yankee LNG too ??????????????

Jens Holm

If You talked and infantil counted less, we might get the correct numbers. You followtheinflation of the lira or Your own eating and weight. Something like that.

Bilderberg is comming to get You haha haha.


Bilderberg already have you Jens, didn’t you know they started with the dumbest first ? You just have to stop vaping your own excrement, it’s not going to make you any smarter.

Jens Holm

If Bilderberg and all jews in the world too has me, I feel fine about it, when I look at the rest of the world.

What should the replacement be. I see none.


…………..Revel in your delusion you spastic…………….eugenics will eradicate any further chance for you too add too the gene pool you cretin.






SouthFront just censored many of my links…

Raptar Driver

S.F. is controlled opposition.


Thanks…fuck ’em and I hope a goddamn Houthi drone finds them. UP YOURS SF


Is that because of an Anti Nazi trolling me?

Raptar Driver

No Nazis are death but freedom of speech is more important, censorship is what Nazis do, not free people.


Don’t agree with you and that is why I posted links. Jews and their allies censor…not a ‘Nazi boogyman’. The ones who push ‘nazi’ are jews.

Jens Holm

None of that is correct at all. Its no question about agree or not. Its like You say You throw a stone and it soint fall down again. Stines do even on the moon and mars.

And dont come with things dont fall in the spacelab. It runnes 60.000 km pr hour.

Raptar Driver

Hitler was part Jew and a Zionist. Nazis and Zionists same coin different side, see them work hand in hand openly in Ukraine. Your hatred betrays critical thinking.

Jens Holm

I am sure You hardly knows what nazis are.

Jens Holm

More like garbage, dirt cleaners. Of course they throw a very small poece of gold out now and then too.

If You wrote less crap, there would be no filter. Less timewasting as well.

Only dentists like bread with stones.

Jens Holm

They do a great job. Hip-Hip South Front.

If You could effort it, You should send a banana or two for Sparrow and Co, and they might write more as You wish. Its not forbidden yet to hope …


I’m fairly pro Russia and against the anti Russian narrative in the West but this article is full of historic revisionism and whitewashing of Soviet warcrimes. If my own government did this of what the Netherlands did in Indonesia I’d be fucking ashamed of my country. And just so to be clear, I say Soviet not Russian warcrimes because Russia is not the USSR. Because the Polish government fled the country the Soviet invasion of 1939, where they engaged, fought and captured Polish forces and afterwards murdered thousands of them and shipped them to Siberia was somehow not an invasion in cahoots and previously agreed upon by the Nazi’s? And the Red Army was invited into the Baltics and Finland in 1940 too? And we know that thousands of Polish soldiers were captured and shipped to Siberia because that’s where they ‘reappeared’ in 1941 when the USSR got invaded and first allowed the Polish government in exile to form the nucleus of what would become the II Free Polish Corps and where later Soviet government formed the 1st Polish Army. All from Polish POW’s captured in 1939. And the Red Army did not liberate Poland in 1944, because wherever it drove away the Wehrmacht the NKVD immediately started to arrest, murder and ship off to Siberia anyone they suspected of having ties to the Polish government in exile. And where the Red Army installed the Polish communist government.

The Russian need to whitewash the Soviet warcrimes of WW2 because the Great Patriotic War is now the Great Unifying Myth of Modern day Russia, and where everything the Red Army did in that war was magical and good and cannot be questioned in any way, or else you are not a good Russian, this is not good for Russia. Because there is a reason why NATO now sits on Russia’s border and it has EVERYTHING to do with how the Red Army ‘liberated’ Eastern Europe. And Stalin and the Red Army leadership got a LOT of Russians and other Soviet peoples killed needlessly by the millions.

Russia should be proud of how the USSR, of which it was a part, defeated the Wehrmacht, but it doesn’t have to own and defend everything the Red Army did. Because the USSR under Stalin was a brutal and evil regime on par with Hitler. And Russia could easily absolve itself from Stalin’s crimes by saying Man with Mustache from Georgia bad, Russia good. We were his victims too.

Ishyrion Av

This is exactly my opinion too. Thanks for putting it so clearly.


“the policy pursued by Western countries to pacify the aggressor with the aim of reorienting Hitler’s aggressive plans from West to East”

I think that Maria really hits the nail on the head with this statement. My view is that this encapsulates the essence of WW2 in a single sentence.

Unlike today when Russia is portrayed as the bogeyman, which is complete nonsense. The Euros were watching the Bolshevik Jew genocide of Russians and Soviets, that killed a minimum of 20 million, and their efforts to replicate this in Germany and elsewhere, with genuine horror.

And viewed Hitler as the lesser of two evils. And were only to glad to have the Weremarcht as a powerful counter measure to Stalin, to keep the Jews from doing to western Europe what they were doing to eastern Europe, Russia and the Soviet states. As long as they could turn him east. Which they did.

Jens Holm

EUROPEAN UNION pushing every thing is a total lie. If You subtract the western history books about it for some minor mistakes and add some addings, its quite sober.

The problems are, where USSR where and Russia are, where everybody learned to much very deep manipulated as well as hard censured. By that it s easy to understand, that Baltics as well as Poles know know from west as well as own old documents, that theings they learned was written for them as Kamrats for the Fatherland winning the war for and with them being the nice and also terrifying opart of it.

But we see the cleaners now re-write their history book taking away their own bad doing in those days as wekll as adding other things being much better, then they were – or even lie as theywish.

I have seen Hungarians here telling they were attaced just before Russia was attacked, but maps shows, that HUngarians got landslide after landslide by Hitler and friends – Facts tell HUngarians by Nationalisme rewrite.

So the real story – as sober as it can be – should beby the western ones having several corrections in eastern Europe and not into a polish, and Ukrainian or Hungarian nationalistic ones.

EU do try to correct several eastern europeans countries but for creating things or only bias a lot. Thats a very good thing trying to get facts and proof be calenders and documentations about it.

Whatever You in east has learned after Molotocv-Rippentrop was signed, it was the Germans which defeated the Poles being clever having overwheliming mobility and modern forces. Because of that USSR only met very few sporead out troops in their part.

And even some say the polish goverment left, which is true taking 200.000 soldiers with them, their military forces went on fighting by good militarry leaders from the old days. Having a Goverment in that meant nothing.

I also well say, focusing on katyn is totally wrong. Poles as well as Lituaniens hated jews and made progroms themselves before any Nazi or Bolsjevic wast there. There also was big tensions even people like PIlsutski as DE Gaulla later on in France, had some succes controlling the center, By that Nazis as well as Russians just opend the door and poles did a lot of revenge on poles as well. Many antinazis was killed in the nazisex´ctor by poles and many anti communists were killed in the USSR zone.

Thats what Polish Leaders try to write away in their books

The only time Poles ever counted Jews as citicens was as areas being polish, when they defeated Russia after WW1 and took a great part of Lituania, White Russia and Ukraine. Jews didnt speak Russian language but Jiddish.

So correction: EU try to avoid writings of another nationalistic agenda.

Ceasar Polar

When you have people crying about 6 mil kikes dying in the holohoax, of course they will start rewritting the whole thing slowly until painting the USSR from savior (truth) to attacker (lies).

Tommy Jensen

The Polish Government, people and Military were NOT running away with the tail between their legs after 14 days. Russia has been making psychological warfare against the Polish people PLUS Electronic Warfare against all Polish water, sewage, electrical, food and TV stations to throw the Polish people into the arms of Nazi Death Concentration camps after Kremlins agreement with Hitler.

Facing hunger, Nazi Zyklon B gas, freezing without coal and no vehicle functioning because of Russias EW systems, the heroic Polish government, military and people decided to fight backwards to defend their country.

Fighting backwards step by step the Polish military succeeded to occupy large Nazi and Sovjet forces while waiting for US to arrive, wasting $billions for Sovjets and the Nazis because of slow progress, and the Polish Government and Military suddenly found themselves in Romania without knowing it because they had been going backwards. Here they settled and were heroic leading the defences of Poland from behind.

Also Poland has signed a defence treaty with London where America should come and defend Poland, but they were late because they should first drink tea. Therefore its not our fault that England didn’t show up, and we had to retreat to Romania and wait for the Americans. We can lose our land and money to the Nazis, but we don’t wanna lose our Polish soul to the Russians. Therefore Russias did it because they didn’t understood that.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x