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European Union Destroyed All Cooperation Mechanisms With Russia By Itself: Lavrov

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European Union Destroyed All Cooperation Mechanisms With Russia By Itself: Lavrov

Sergey Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov provided an additional context to his recent remarks that Russia is ready to break off relations with the European Union in response to the meddling and sanction efforts by it.

Then, he said the following answering to the question about the possible halt of relations with the EU:

“Our starting point is that we are ready,” he said answering to the question about this possibility. “If we see again, as we have seen several times before, that sanctions are being imposed in areas that create risks for our economy.”

“Of course, we do not want to isolate ourselves from living in the world, but we must be ready for this. If you want peace, prepare for war,” he emphasized.

On February 15, Lavrov added that in fact the European Union has been consistently breaking off relations with Russi, this began a long time ago and Brussels was the initiator.

“In principle, anyone who is more or less interested in the situation in Europe has long known that for many years, when this break occurs, the EU has been consistently breaking relations,” he said at a press conference in St. Petersburg following talks with his Finnish colleague Pekka Haavisto.

According to Lavrov, “2014 was a kind of turning point, when then coup d’etat took place in Ukraine, and the European Union showed its largely helplessness regarding the agreement that was reached right on the eve of the coup d’etat between the government and the opposition, under which Germany, France and Poland put their signatures”.

“Then the real humiliation of the European Union took place,” Lavrov emphasized.

After this, Lavrov added “the EU destroyed all mechanisms without exception”. This included the de-facto suspension of regular summits at the highest level, meetings of members of the Russian government with European Commissioners and the President of the European Commission, more than 20 sectoral dialogues, and annual meetings of the Russian Foreign Minister with the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs.

“All this has been destroyed, and not by us,” Lavrov summed up.

He noted that only sporadic contacts on key international questions like the conflict in Syria or the Iranian nuclear program have survived.

However, Russia is not going to leave Europe. Instead, Moscow will develop its relations with European states rather than the union itself.

“Don’t confuse the European Union with Europe. We are not leaving Europe anywhere. We have many friends in Europe, many like-minded people. We will continue to develop mutually beneficial relations with them,” Lavrov said.


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Laurent Parodi

“Mutually beneficial relations” is something many western leaders do not understand.
They prefer the “bully approach”.

Jens Holm

Thats a parodi.

Kapitalisme is driven by the market. By that “bullying” we find best to the price supported by stockholders.

Russia is condoms used on bottles of babymilk, because their Leaders ordered only that and too many. Thats bullying very much too.

Hasbara Hunter

The Treacherous Poisonous Snakes in Brussels are eating their own tails…just have to wait until they are finished….Europe & Murica will turn to glass if they attack Russia & they know it…

Jens Holm

They even predicted the sun went down in east and it did:)


“We have many friends in Europe, many like-minded people”

Many business partners of the globalist Ziocorporate terrorists. Putin’s only issue with the New World Order is being given a spot among global Zioterrorist geopolitical designers as a rightful peer and not some junior partner that can be sanctioned and abused at a whim.


Yes… Notice how Pootin gives the zio terrorist free reign to bomb Syria… HIS ALLY…?? ? ? ?


comment image


Looks like an Irish Village…


Europe .. the Zionist West .. exist in a dreamland of 19th Century style Empire .. of dominating the world by pure racial superiority.
Putting inferior peoples and nations in their place by a mere harsh word.
Unfortunately for Europe and the rest of the pompous West .. dreamland and reality do not coincide.


Europe that has accepted ( and still accepting ) tens of millions of people of every color of skin can’t be labeled (white) “racial superiority” society!
It is rather opposite. There is certain anti white racist tendency (promoted by EU elites) that has come from US to Europe.
If rulers of EU submit other nations to their interests it is pure neo-colonial tradition that has nothing to do with race.

While for the “Zionists” every person of any color and every religion is inferior to Judaism!


Correct is ?

Sylvain Jeuland

2/3 of French people did vote for this in 2017 actually. If they like to shoot bullets in their own feet, what to say…


wouldn’t you say they were manipulated into doing it?!
without really understanding the true consequence and negative long lasting effect?!

Sylvain Jeuland

Maybe, they might be manipulated by TV media in 2017 even if many people want new incomers in France. At one moment, at last voting for the new president (2nd run), there is a part that everyone knows, there is a choice : either let the whole world come into France and share our salaries with new incomers, either prevent the whole world from coming into France and keep our salaries for ourselves. This stake was well known by everyone and 22% of registered people did vote against new incomers (34% of meaningful votes).

Jens Holm

But they still dont get the main issue which was and are a protected inefffective production by the satte or protacted by the state cannot follow the world and by that will produce less usefull products.

Thats well written by EU rapports. You have to let old companies collapse or join with foreigners. Thats how western economics works and mainly is doing pretty well.

And the other way we dont like France can sell anything to us with no probpmes, but we cant go into their markets because they have so many very strange selfcomposed restrictions.

But they and maybee You too forget, that You by that gets a much better investment climate for French as well as foreigners. That creates job, incomes and tax.

AND YOUR INCOMMERS: Even Denmark help muslims much more then the french 50% still are unimplyed after 10 years and remain so trapped and kept by foirce by traditions and family. They not even try to spread out. Having nothing else to do, they infect themself in too much(mainly peacefull) religion as well as the Overvrime from several cpuntries is extremely high.

And we cant send them home. We didnt ask for almost all of them.

Most muslims think we has to axceept them as they were in another country in another continent even they has arrived, because it was worse then worse and not only in having no job.

So there is a high heel problem there. We didnt becolme relative wealthy by dóing like them. So if they want to be relative wealthy, thay have to think and do as us.

The main problems is THINK. Most mulisms always are under command in family structures. That kind of depedensy has declined in France for the French to.

So as it is in the stubbern themself french ones, they look at the slowly declining France and see themself has to share with incommers.

But the correct attitude is make all make the cake bigger. That certainly is given minus by me, EU and others.

I see the exact the same for Denmark. We netto pays a little more then 2 billion Euros extra to them. Why should we???

But the difference in the Danish attitudes is much better. We do much better in those vitales then France doo.

Oiur security systems for people is much better. We have flexicurity, which says unneeded or unwanted emplyed can be fired fast BUT they are compensated relative well. By that we are not cheep laybor hired day by day, but we also are not hit hard by suddeenly unimplyment and also are educated well, sao wehn new jobs are made, we can handle them.

That includes a tax financed health and hospital sector. It includes childcare to less then half price and also schools are free and You can become a doctor or lawyer with hardly no own money(You have to fill out the low income a no tax job only, which makles tiome to study in high and as well as low levels).

By not having that its very difficult for the more poor part of the french and thats an imprtant reason for we see Your yellow wests. Here Makron being some kind of right wing seemes to protect the higher incomes too too much.

Tempting to go bac´k to USA for a last reflexion. Now they got Biden, but they certainly needed and Needs Sanders much more.

Somehow all has to make the cake biggber in France and someone has to d´suffer for severalk years. We didnt spend Your money. You produced not too mujch of it. So You have in the kapitalistic term too much unproductive bad debts

Jens Holm

The others manipulated them to it.

I kind of compare with Hilary versus Trump, even Makron is very sober in everythig compared to Trump.

Oliver Eitel

2/3 really Macrons party is in a big coalition as it is too small…..so no the most French people didn’t vote for that shit….Rotschild boy could manage the corrupt politicians club in his favor

Jens Holm

I disagree. In desperation they voted those away, which didnt dare even to try to make some changes.

Anothert thing is – just as for Biden – so many tell he will do this and that and of course hopes he fails.

Politics in France very much is intensions and moving closer to them with no tricks.

So I dontr expect a miracle. France has many needs of reforms and Makron seemes a little wo right winged for it. But he dare to try and fight for it.

Here we have Soros in unisex inclusing muslim women with curley haircomment image

johnny rotten

The EU and Europe are two different things, none of the European citizens intends to antagonize Russia and if for this they do not even share NATO and the EU’s support for terrorism in Syria and everywhere in the world, but Brussels is another history, the banksters and their acolytes rule there, the same as in washington and London, so it’s up to the peoples to cut the head of the snake because nobody can do it for them, but if they don’t, it will be the European peoples, in the front line, to be sacrificed on the altar of dreams of imperial rule.


The ones who control them are called jews, a parasitic tribe from East Europe

Fog of War

” parasitic tribe from East Europe ”
What genetic Slavic, Baltic, or Nordic group do the ” Jews ” hail from ? Which region do they originate from ? When was the mass conversion of Slavic, Baltic, or Nordic tribes to Judaism ?

Jens Holm

They use filled up diepers for their eyes. So thats their visible world of truth.

itibi ra

Dear FogOfBrain, the current “jews” hail from a country called Kazaria that used to be located in the Baltics,. They converted to judaism and managed to piss off all of their neighbors for a long time by antagonizing all of the neighbors to an extreme level. And that ended “Kazaria, nation of morons and greedy megalomaniacs” as a nation, when their neighbors decided to put an end to them. And boy, did they. Kazaria no longer exists. Kazaria is gone, kaput, ended, no longer, no longer a player, a mere footnote in history, no longer anything, a big zero, all gone, evaporated, etc.

Jens Holm

Kazaria was not at the Baltics and Jews never came from Khazaristan as well.

Its well descriebed how the Khazars was destructed or adapted.

Fog of War

” Dear FogOfBrain, the current “jews” hail from a country called Kazaria that used to be located in the Baltics,. ”
In your feeble attempt at an insult you’ve managed to make yourself look like a complete moron. The Baltics huh ?
“It is better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

Jens Holm

And we love it. We all are Jews and makes wellfare for Ourself by education and work, which pays of and also dont drown i Corruption. comment image

itibi ra

Hey Jens, i see that you’re now a comedian as well as incompetent at writing and thinking. I love to read about your hallucinations and your delusions. Delusions of Grandeur, i think it’s called. Keep it up. It’s entertaining and it amuses the rest of us to no end!

Jens Holm

That no comment. Even recycled its till nothing.

itibi ra

There you go again with your delusions Jens…

Jens Holm

You not even give ferytilizer from Your behind, which can be recycled.

Jim Allen


Jens Holm

If true I love it. Where can I send gift and flowers:)

Jens Holm

We actually vote for it. Your version for we are is a very cheep try biasing things into something, which we are not.

Jens Holm

Here should be a snake

Lone Ranger

Lavrov da Man.
Kufos to him.
Best diplomat ever.

Supreme Blyat

Unfortunately not this time. He exposes Russian economy as depending on trade with the West. Then he mentioned ‘war’. Very childish for a diplomat. He should be fired.

Lone Ranger

You should learn to read…

Jens Holm

Reading Lavrov is not needed. We all know him being a Putin Robot.

Sumpreme Blyat more or less tell it too. As long as Russia not even educate their own population to produce more and much better, they only can export low paid non advanced products as well as support dont support their homies.

As a random example Russia is only able to produce 30% of their help against diabetes. Another: They make no real cars of their own anymore.


Lone Ranger

Its time for your evening Thorazine shot Jens…
Dont worry, everything is fine…

Lone Ranger

Reading you is not needed. We all know you being a soros Robot.

Sumpreme Blyat more or less tells it too. As long as USA not even educate their own population to produce more and much better, they only can export low paid non advanced products as well as support dont support their homies.

As a random example U.S. is only able to produce 30% of their help against diabetes. Another: They make.


One of the few nations in the world though that can design and build nuclear power plants, submarines, advanced aircraft, design rocket motors, launch satellites, etc. The Russian automotive industry is quite large with production of over 1.5m vehicles and employing half a million.

Séamus Ó Néill

……and even more important, learn to understand what he’s read !

erwin vercauteren

you have a serious cognitive malfunction and this is the result of western induced brainwashing greed jealousy and humiliation are now the west turn to swallow and this time the all world have witnessed the complete incompetence arrogance and shameless lying of American and Western Europeans governments Lavrov is the king of the ring and Putin is the emperor of the last stronghold of sane healthy traditional real European cultural heritage contrary to those western debauchery and miserable despotic fascist weak cowards in place like senates and parliaments but from idiots like your kind talking with their A;; its no surprise

Supreme Blyat

You remember me of the priest that tried to kiss Putin hand.



Lone Ranger

CIA trolls and ukropnazis will cry and rage ?

thomas malthaus


Sputnik has reported this in like temperament.

I expect the relationship will acutely deteriorate when the ECB dumps euros like the US is dumping when the Western hyperinflation becomes too conspicuous to ignore.

Russia won’t ignore it because they’ll likely demand oil and gas transactions consummated in either physical gold or silver.

What’s the worst punishment the EU will assess against Russia other than sanction? If you’re a compromised Russian bureaucrat with significant financial assets in Western nations, you might be experiencing a come-to-Jesus moment.

Tommy Jensen

EU did it that way, they made a big investment deal with China and Germany offered US to be their partner.
Now come the squeeze on Russia who are in between and no longer needed, saying a new try to put a wedge in between Russia and China.


They take Juan convertible to gold (in China) and all other convertible currencies while they keep their reserves mostly in gold…they buy more gold which they produce themselves


No Second Batch of Rafale Jets? India Could Follow Egypt’s Example and Choose Russian Su-35s Over French Fighters

The MiG-29M, although coming at a around one sixth the cost of the Rafale, came

equipped with more powerful air to air missiles – the first in Egyptian service with a range over 100km – as well as Mach 3 sea skimming anti-ship cruise missiles which were far more sophisticated than anything in French service.

Although the jets had weaker radars and slightly shorter ranges than the Rafale, they were much faster, could operate at higher altitudes, and benefitted from a superior thrust/weight ratio and overall much better flight performance.
The Sukhoi (SU-35) jets are thought to have been purchased in place of further Rafale units, and eclipse the capabilities of the French aircraft across the spectrum. The Russian jets carry a much larger and more powerful sensor suite and benefit from a far longer range, access to much longer ranged air to air missiles and a superior flight performance.


Migs are good tough and cheap… Sus more complicated to fly


3 MiG-29M is clearly better than 1 “Rafale” not to mention SIX of them !
Cheap (but still good) fighter jet and cheap flight hours, maintenance, is considered quality in itself these days.


.””” However, Russia is not going to leave Europe. Instead, Moscow will develop its relations with European states rather than the union itself.”””

Italy, Hungary, Austria and to a certain degree Germany have good relations with Russia.

Supreme Blyat

On diplomatic level yes but on economy, the European Comission has a veto.


There is more to it than investment in the energy sector.

Supreme Blyat

Tell me all your secrets.

Hasbara Hunter

Me too….I am Holland…Holland is mine…Russians are me brothers….

Band Itkoitko

This is like a lesson in masculinity. We can learning gladly, I definitely am learning. We need more proper strong male (also proper feminine, but that is a more unknown field to me) examples. God give strength to Mr. Lavrov.

Supreme Blyat

Very feminine comment.

Band Itkoitko

I hit a nerve there, didn’t I?

Supreme Blyat

The one from the tip of my dick

Supreme Blyat

First of all Russia should’t have put its economy ‘at risk’ by trading with the West.

Zulubal Andre

fortunately russia left open the gates of cooperation to china…


India Africa W. Pacific Latin America

Jens Holm

Typical Rusaian way, which partly was by Trump as well.


I thought socialisme was uniting all the little ones against the big bad ones.

In Russia they just as fx Syria one kind of grabbers replaced another. And of course Russia collpased in 1917 as well as 1991.

Camels cant fly, even they want comment image to :(

thomas malthaus


The Russians might choose to withdraw their offer of selling the Sputnik V vaccine to Europe.

This smacks of an EU propaganda operation taking flight. Let Brussels purchase the questionable vaccine produced across the pond where the American people view its efficacy and side effects as troubling while they’ve performed their due diligence.

Tommy Jensen

The Tass article shows Russia like Bob refuse to respect women in power, and also refuse to pay for the plastic bag pollution the Russians are throwing everywhere in our nature.comment image


Maybe he and his colleagues should stop sending their kids to study in evil EU..?..


Russia is not China to use methods like that …
Even China was systematically sending their students to US universities to get as close as possible to the Western knowledge base


yeah but Chinese are smart. instead of complaining about evil EU, they quietly copy the know how and carry on business as usual.


empty talk… China and Russia are 2 different countries with completely 2 different .
situations.. For EU, China is 1.3 billion people market (10 times bigger than Russian )

Trap Is Not Gay

China is a great country.

The Soros’ USA democrazy ruined the world for decades.

Now the Jew-free fake politics has only led to the end of the remaining.

China is right again.


The Chinese are “smart” because Nixon and Kissinger gave them key to development (And all the best Western know how for free ) ?!
NO it is more like …that Americans are stupid (greedy ), than Chinese are particularly “smart”.
Chinese communist style regime is not something good and it never was.
Yet still, even that is better to what US has to offer today.

Trap Is Not Gay

Paid shill,

Your mask has slipped down, the long time you’ve written on here means nothing anymore.

These CIA-made repetitive tired LIES (lies) don’t fool anybody.

China is smart, capitalist, rich, technological, pro-family, pro-tradition, hard working, free, with rich heritage and moral values.

China is 3.000 years old of culture (very few can claim it), a country with HISTORY.

What is the USA? The circus USA is nothing but Jewish/N3gr0 mob ruled by Soros.

If the whole world is going like that, it’s because of the USA.

China would be a world power anyway, even Hitler said that back in the 30s.

No circus USA needed by China.

On the contrary, the USA has sabotaged other countries’ economy and science – to prevent them from developing. Check out the USA “sanctions” and predatory practices imposed on dozens of countries.

Nobody needs the USA “know how” of DEGENERACY, WARS, SABOTAGE, LIES, SOROS…

If the USA didn’t exist the world would be much better.

The USA is a stain on Europe and on the world.

NEVER existed the “West” (CIA fake language), that term means nothing. What exists is the USA and the unable to defend themselves (and many would if able to), nothing more.

Even if China was “communist” and “dictatorship” (what China is NOT, and NEVER was), we would RATHER support China than the mob ruled by Soros, aka USA.


what communist style regime has in common with merits of “3.000 years old of culture”?

I will not even read that crap you wrote!

Trap Is Not Gay

Paid shill, everything you wrote are the usual tired LIES from the CIA/Jewish propaganda.

Those LIES are bullshit.

China is 3.000 years ongoing old of self-reliance, history, discoveries, philosophy, politics, moral values and wisdom.

America was a copy-colony of Britain and now ruined Britain and the world for DECADES straight and turned a Jewish mob ruled police state.


you are blocked you retarded c u n t !

Trap Is Not Gay

Couldn’t care less, paid shill.


Markets are not calculated based on the population only. You need to look at geography, specter of products and competition, buying power and etc. As import and export partners of EU, China is around 2 times bigger than Russia. Not 10.
And political relations also have little say in this. Your country has 10% imports from and 5% export to Russia, while trade with EU is more than 50% in both.
Interestingly US is not even in top 10 of countries you country trades with, despite Aleks flirting with Trump like Sharon Stone. Couple of Dinars make magic.


you are twisting the words again …In numbers China is almost 10 times bigger,( thus deduction is clear) market potential is in the same proportion.

if you continue posting I’ll simply block you
good bye


nooooo. dooon’t. I will be very sad

Rodney Loder

Biden is about to capitulate on Iran sanctions, so China might give the process a nudge in that direction by offering to break with Russia a little bit,
China is like that, fortunately Trump was a God a Send and pushed China into the China Russia Iranian Entente, if you want to help preserve that relationship just sign-up to telling the truth and force the Australian Government to acknowledge their criminal insanity against me Jesus Christ and my family.

Also follow me Terry Loder on Quora, Terence is my middle name, I got 188 followers and nearly 1•4 million views.

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