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‘Not Foreign Meddling’: European Parliament Rejects Lukashenko As Belarus President


'Not Foreign Meddling': European Parliament Rejects Lukashenko As Belarus President

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On August 17th, the EU’s High Representative and Vice-President Josep Borrell issued a statement saying that the European Parliament does not recognize Alexander Lukashenko as President of Belarus.

“With more and more shocking reports of inhumane conditions and treatment in places of detention, the European Union expects a thorough and transparent investigation into all alleged abuses, in order to hold those responsible to account. The European Union Delegation to Belarus has conveyed our expectations to the Belarusian authorities.

As agreed by the EU Foreign Ministers at our recent video conference, the EU is working on new listings for sanctions against those responsible for violence, repression of peaceful protests, and the falsification of election results.”

Separately, a fundraiser for the opposition in Belarus collected $3.3 million. Apparently, a fund that supports the “victims of repressions” managed to amass the sum from donations and it keeps growing.

So, for those who lost their jobs, they raised $ 710 thousand. Almost 14,000 people have ‘donated’.

Fundraising continues for ‘victims’ of violent repression. This relates to individuals who have been allegedly subjected to violence from security forces. The collected amount exceeds $2.6 million.

“Today, more than ever, it is important to support everyone who lost their jobs because of their convictions and to extend a hand of solidarity with those who want to live in a free and democratic Belarus,” the organizers of the fundraiser emphasized.

According to them, the fund accepts applications from those who need help and distributes this assistance “on the basis of the principles of openness and transparency, accountability to donors and respect for the rights and freedoms of citizens.”

Pro-government Belarusian sources say that these ‘donations’ will in fact be used to fund protests and  further.

About 700 people complained about abuse of power by the security forces. Because of this, the Investigative Committee of Belarus will conduct inspections. The deaths of two people have been officially confirmed. The opposition claims that not two, but rather five have died.

The Nexta Live channel, which was revealed as a Polish-led campaign to organize the opposition in Belarus, continues pumping propaganda.

The following is the schedule for today’s activities for the opposition, as published on the Telegram channel:

  1. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya is ready to become a national leader. She launched the creation of the Coordination Council.
  2. The heroic workers of the MZKT directly to the face of the dictator expressed everything that they think of him. He did not expect this and was very frightened.
  3. MTZ workers came to the aid of their colleagues and marched together throughout the city.
  4. The EU announced its readiness to provide financial assistance to the strikers, and a Solidarity Fund is being created for these purposes (it will support with labor money). Also, the EU does not recognize Lukashenko as president.
  5. The doctors very rigidly put Karanik in his place. And so that he barely stood on his legs.
  6. Near BT, ONT and STV thousands of people gathered who support honest workers. And on state TV they showed how the workers of the MZKT loudly shouted “LEAVE!” whe met the psychopath [Alexander Lukashenko].
  7. Two brave workers went on strike at the Foreign Ministry.
  8. A national flag was flown over the Nesvizh castle. [This is particularly interesting, since the protesters are obviously not flowing the national flag, but another one, similarly to how Al-Qaeda-linked “moderate opposition” members had their own version of the Syrian flag.]
  9. The Kupala Theater in full force submitted applications in support of director Pavel Latushko (he was also fired). A national flag is hung on the theater itself. [Same as above.]
  10. The mines in Belaruskali were stopped, the workers gathered in the center and put forward popular demands. The mines will stand until the dictator leaves.
  11. A large number of people gathered in Grodno and organized a public flogging of the local administration. After that, the creation of a general strike committee of Grodno was announced. Tomorrow workers of “Grodno Azot” will stop all workshops. And all this was shown on the state channel “Grodno +”.
  12. In many cities, people came to the center and voiced popular demands. The officials have one day to think about it.

The Nexta Live channel promised an “extremely interesting plan” to be announced on the morning of August 19th.

There was also another way for a member of the opposition to win some money:

A girl from Minsk was allegedly offered 2,500 euros if she said that she was raped by the Belarusian police after her arrest. Even if this protest began without external interference, now the foreigner powers are actively trying to ride the protest.

A screenshot of the conversation with the offering of money for rape claims was released by Russian journalist Eugene Poddubny:

'Not Foreign Meddling': European Parliament Rejects Lukashenko As Belarus President

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