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European Nightmare As Turkey “Opens The Gates” On Refugees While Covid-19 Ravages Nearby Iran

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

As coronavirus ravages Iran and threatens to spread through the broader Middle East, potentially hitting refugee and war-torn populations hardest, it appears Erdogan is now making good on prior threats to “open the gates” of a flood of refugees on Europe. On Friday top Turkish officials were quoted as saying Turkey has no choice but to “loosen” its stance on the some 3.4 million refugees it is hosting.

This was the immediate, and perhaps predictable reaction, to Thursday’s dramatic escalation involving the deaths of some 33 Turkish soldiers in Idlib via airstrike, in the single deadliest day for Turkey in Syria throughout the entirety of the war. Widespread early reports said it was a Russian strike, but in a sign that Ankara doesn’t want to confront the more formidable Russian Air Force, it has blamed Syrian forces.

Turkey has announced it has opened its until now sealed border with Idlib for at least 72 hours, and will allow unhindered passage of refugees to Europe.

So it begins, as Middle East Eye reports:

Turkey will open its southwestern border with Syria for 72 hours to allow Syrians fleeing the pro-government forces’ assault free passage to Europe, Turkish official sources have told Middle East Eye.

The decision came after a security meeting chaired by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara late on Thursday after 33 Turkish soldiers were killed in Syria’s Idlib province.

A senior Turkish official said on Thursday that Syrian refugees headed towards Europe would not be stopped either on land or by sea.

The European Union is downplaying the fact that crowds of Syrian refugees have already been seen en route to Greece via land borders as well as the Aegean Sea.

Buses in Istanbul were filmed providing transport to refugees and migrants to the Bulgarian and Greek borders.

An EU spokesman was quoted in Reuters as downplaying the potential “flood” from Turkey coming: “I would like to stress that there was no official announcement from the Turkish side about any changes in their asylum seeker, refugee or migrant policy,” the spokesman for the EU’s executive said. “So from our point of view the EU-Turkey statement … still stands and we expect Turkey to uphold its commitments.”

But the reality on the ground may quickly prove these words moot:

Al Jazeera’s John Psaropoulos, reporting from Athens, said the situation was “a European nightmare” as “the floodgates [are] being opened”.

As European officials mull whether this is but more of Erdogan’s threats or perhaps an early “taste” of what’s to come, or whether the flood has begun, Greece and Bulgaria have begun taking action, bolstering patrols along border areas with Turkey.

“Hundreds of Syrian refugees in Turkey have begun preparing to travel towards the country’s borders with Greece and Bulgaria after Ankara’s sudden decision to no longer impede their passage to Europe,” The Guardian  reports early Friday.

“Turkish police, coastguard and border security officials were ordered to stand down overnight on Thursday, Turkish officials briefed reporters,” the report adds.

Greece appears to be responding by completely shutting any Turkish border access point to any and all traffic.

European Nightmare As Turkey "Opens The Gates" On Refugees While Covid-19 Ravages Nearby Iran
Buses line up in Istanbul to take refugees to European borders, via Al-Akhbar.

And further, according to The Guardian: “Turkish news agency Demirören showed footage of what it said was 300 people, including women and children, walking on highways and through forested land in north-west Turkey towards the EU border early on Friday. Syrians, Iranians, Iraqis, Pakistanis and Moroccans were among those in the group, it said.”

The WHO is especially concerned of an outbreak among refugee populations in war-torn regions of Iraq and Syria.

“Refugees and internally displaced populations across Iraq and Syria have been identified as the most vulnerable groups in the region, should the spread of the virus become a pandemic,” The Guardian reports of recent statements.

“Health officials in both countries remain under-equipped to deal with such a a reality that seems more possible with each passing day,” the report added.

European Nightmare As Turkey "Opens The Gates" On Refugees While Covid-19 Ravages Nearby Iran
Via Business Insider

Sprawling and densely packed “tent cities” of refugees along the border areas of Syria remain the most vulnerable.

Needless to say, we now have a dual crisis unfolding that’s indeed even more of a “nightmare” for Europe and the world than many could have predicted: a refugee flood, borders being opened, and the global threat of Covid-19.

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jhon malakiat

both EU and turkey initiate syrian war. Now, they should responsible to handle refugee.

if they dont want to handle refugee, there is one and only solution: stop helping terrorist rats, change policy to syrian government and even help syria alAssad to eradicate terrorist.

once terrorist is defeated completely, i strongly believe, all syrian refugee will comeback to syrian soil.

Al Ge

EU didn’t initiate shit, it was the US and Israel.

We don’t want rape-fugees thanks.

EU politicians want this, more workers, more GDP, more excuses to restrict the rights of the native populace.


France, Britain, Netherland Had troops in Syria.
France used ballistic missiles against Syria when fake chemical attacks broke out.
France asked Assad to return a medal of honor they gave him.
France expressed support to Erdogan getting into Idlib.


And Norway

good american

I think that Brevick thing changed the future course of Norway.


They’re nearly as daft as the Swedes and will only wake up when their women are wearing burqas. This is not an insult to Islam, it’s just that the Norwegians don’t know what their religion is (apart from Zionism) so it’s an easy gap to fill. At least the Poles – who have been underwhelming at foreign policy – know what their religion is!


The EU was too gutless to tell the US and Israel to fuck off, and to stop ALL support for the US and Israel in Ukraine, the Middle East, including Yemen of course.

The EU deserves to reap the chaos that has been sown in the Middle East and Ukraine.


Kalergi plan is now in full force.


They haven’t figured out that their messiah is the Dajjal (as both Christian and Muslim prophecies foretell). And we know what happens to the Dajjal


Are all these refugees from Syria?


it started in 2015 before Eu countries closed their borders. most of them are from Africa and asia. only 3-7% are fro SYria even now.

good american

With each one getting a free Coronablanket.

Rafik Chauhan

now Turkey wNt to use syrian refugee to send foreign terriost to EU. good. EU should come to it’s sense and put sanction on Turkey if they try to do that. and help Russia and Syria to get rid of all terriost immedialty

Pave Way IV

Not really. Turkey just wants to get rid of the hostages because they are no longer useful to Erdogan. As a consequence of that, Turkey is also able to get rid of a lot of the terrorists it doesn’t want hanging around Turkey. There will still be enough left in Turkey to forcibly relocate to Erdogan’s Ottoman Buffer Zone in Syria (if he ever gets the chance).

Fake Syrian passports are so easy to get in Turkey that any head-chopper that wants to can leave the Middle East or anywhere else. That means Afghanis, Chechens, Pakis, Libyans, Arabs, Uyghurs – the list is endless. It’s just more easy now to go to the EU through Turkey with fake passports and their wives and children to ‘seek asylum’. After the free housing, food and monthly paychecks are arranged, the head-choppers can choose to either stay in the EU in comfort and terrorize the Europeans they absolutely hate with jihad there, or return to Syria to kill Syrians while their wive(s) and kids are back in Europe, safe and well-fed.

Either way, Turkey is cleared of bothersome refugees and terrorist, Turkish people are happy and Erdogan gets away without any consequences. Sanctions? He doesn’t care – that only affects the little people Turks. What the EU should do is break off all relations and declare war on the US and Israel for creating this disaster. EU leaders were dumb enough to go along ‘because the US’, but the average European should understand exactly WHO really caused the slow-motion destruction of their nations. Treasonous, dual-citizen neocon psychopaths in Washington D.C. and their Khazar Mafia banker/handlers are your enemies.

Fair treatment

Hei…we already know who is terrorist they cannot escape justice, in my country The security level is far from what you know, …from so many years we have database with their names and history and their kids name and so on.
In my country if you enter for terrorism offences in the jail you have 90% chances to get killed. We hate muslims radicals,that’s a fact. And in special the oanes that prays on kids and womens for their gains using religion.
We usually send them to God very fast.
We like to use rat poison is is very effective and very painful death. Hei in the end they are rats so we treat them accordingly


Amen brother. Let the US awake to this notion and things will kick off. Serious forces have been devoted to distracting and placating the US, but not for long methinks


Those RAPEfugees want a nice and easy life in Europe living off of the backs of the locals. Their ancestors didnt build those nations that they’re trying to flee to. Plus most of them are pedo Muhammad worshippers and we have enough of them already. Send them to muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran. Why are they using their children as human shields while trying to pass into Europe? They are sick, thats why.

Expect more Jihadi’s to flood into Europe. This is all about the Kalergi plan.

These Kikes are orchestrating it to fullfill their Zohar Prophecy of the Clash of Civilizations between Essau and Ishmael. The Jews have always used Islam as a vehicle since its inception. Its no surprise that Jews had their Golden age under Islamic rule in Spain after they opened the gates of Toledo to the invading muslims in 711. The Jews nearly always sided with muslims during Christian-Muslim wars. The Crusades were a great example of this. When the christians captured Jerusalem during the first crusade, the crusades burnt down synagogues while Jews where hiding inside of them. After the successful muslim siege of Jerusalem in 636-37, Jews were once again allowed to live inside Jerusalem after almost 500 years of Roman rule. The Jews played a critical role in the fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans. The Jews opened the gates of Constantinople to the Ottomans which enabled them to conquer Constantinople and collapse the Eastern Roman Empire.
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“Refugees” are weapons of war.

They spell death for whatever targeted country they hit.

Pave Way IV

Not the refugees fault. They wouldn’t be looking for a new home in Europe if the U.S. psychopaths hadn’t stirred up our regime-change bullshit in Syria with Saudi Wahhabi head-choppers. Syria is due about $60 billion from the U.S., Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel for war reparations. The U.S. can start by diverting all that $38 billion over 10 years in Israeli military aid to Syria, instead. Israel can pay U.S. taxpayers back the $3.8 billion they already stole from us via the Khazar Mafia lobby in Washington D.C. – we’ll send that to Syrians for a start. I suppose we could also give them the F-35s that Turkey wanted. Syria wouldn’t want that crap, though. They’ll probably take our mothballed A-10s and a few B-52s – something to do with a dispute they have with their land-stealing neighbors, I guess.


The invaders should be shot on sight.



Illegal immigration is not a human right.
It is a crime and should be dealt with full force.

Al Ge

Turks have repeatedly threatened to do this.

Key word: Threat.

It is a threat, because “refugees” and non-indo-europeans are becoming extinct in their own homelands by savages.

A huge flood will hopefully wake Europe into a response.


Eu regime has the force to avoid any popular movement . Their plans to genocide indigenous will go on and leftist ong and parties will become multi- billionairs .

Fair treatment

They run to Europe, because they like western lifestyle, we will show them kindness,
Why they dont run in a muslims country???
Because they know that muslims are killing muslims,..
In few years they will understand that in western life religion dosent rules our society.

Hide Behind

European nations, even non NATO, rake in hundreds of billions of U$Ds a year from sales to forces, of which they have hundreds, all to aid US Empires wars.
Weapons and munitions from the Balkans to Scandinavian and British nations overseas vassel states of Canada and Australia are only part of blood money sources.
12 billions a year of food goods, gas and diesel, clothing , alcohol and bottled water to just sustain the US Green zone in Iraq, add in dollars made off of US State Department employees who recieve 3 times normal salarys that they use to purchase duty free luxury goods and vacations, all going into European pockets.
Then add in trade restrictions that force Iraq to use its oil revenue to rebuild and improve its infrastructure and new industries only to US and European approved firms.
The chaos in ME is not just the doing of US/Israel as there is no European nation not benefiting from dead Iraqi and Syrian people, and that goes to every other ME nations profiting as well.
Where the heck does the hundreds of millions gallons of aircraft and vehicle fuel used by invaders come from, it is not from US firms oil refineries.
In Afghanistan invasion Russia leaded to US its largest cargo planes because of their heavy lifting capacity.
Turkey wants to be a Turk wearing European whites clothing and begged and on bended knees to first kiss US butts and then to join NATO, which said “OK”.
ALL of European nations belong to UN and none dare vote in anyway that may P.O. the US Empire, none.
The invasion and breakup of Yugoslavia was a joint European and US planned Operation that under NATO and US was titled “Greater Albania Operation”.
European nations selling goods and services to France and US wars in over 18 African nations, and yes Libya was and still is a US, France and NATO means to profit.
So to those Europeans who profess innocence, cut the horse crap and climb Down off of your high horses, the standard of living of your home nations are propped up by the bloody sands of ME, Afghanistan, and the bloodied soils of Africa.


Europe deserves what it gets. This is what happens when you do the bidding of the Zionists and support terrorism in sovereign countries. They got away with meddling in Syria, but didn’t count on the resistance that Assad put up. This is what the Kalergi Plan intended all along, to breed “Europeans” out of existence.


Turkey is giving them free bus rides to the borders with Greece. first time this is advertised. a huge publicity show with drones giving aerial viws of people gathered waiting for the bus to ‘europe’ . tommorow morning they will make a better show in the coastal area were Turkey is very close to Greek islands. its very well organised reporters from all over the world are invited to watch the boats leave Turkish shores. on the opposite side Greece has made clear its intension to close the borders something that should have been done ages ago to deprive the Sultain of his weapon. we will see.

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