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European Governments Fail To Deal With Migrant Influx

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European Governments Fail To Deal With Migrant Influx


The migration crisis that started in 2015 is tearing Europe apart. While some countries tried to stop the influx of refugees, others accepted hundreds of thousands of migrants. 890 thousand people arrived in Germany, and than 160 thousand migrants arrived in Sweden in 2015. Belgium opened its doors to 45 thousand refugees.

As one may expect social integration is a sensitive area. Absorbing such number of refugees posed job placement issues. Only a low percent of the arrived managed to land a job, as most positions require high qualifications and speaking the language fluently. Most migrants have settled in the outskirts of large cities. In some places they are the majority: more than 80% of the populace are refugees in certain areas. They foster their own communities instead of integrating, despite the government’s best attempts to accommodate them, like removing all signs of the cross from  a Christian church. A petition to change Sweden’s flag from cross to a crescent surfaced on the Internet. While showing many telltale signs of being a troll petition, who can tell anymore?

These factors lead to rise in crime, civil disturbances, rape and murder. Violent crime in Sweden has decreased from a peak in 2011, but the number of killings has risen, with 112 cases of lethal violence in 2015 – higher than at any time in recent years – and 33 deaths by shooting compared to 17 in 2011. Meanwhile, in a report published in February last year the police “identified 53 residential areas around the country that have become increasingly marred by crime, social unrest and insecurity.” According to German officials, illegal immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers were suspected of having committing 174,438 crimes in 2017, a more than 50% increase over the previous year. A particularly chilling case came from Belgium, where a serial rapist from Morocco — who also robbed and drugged his victims — could have assaulted as many as 230 people since 2015.

The failure of the European governments to accommodate and absorb the migrants lead to turmoil. Nearly 10 attacks were made on migrants in Germany every day in 2016. “Sweden Democrats”, a starkly anti-immigrant political party, sees increased support, ranking second in the polls, while openly tying foreigners to crime, especially singling out Muslims. The pushback against the migrants is real, which demonstrates that the vision of unified and tolerant Europe, a vision that many European leaders currently seem to subscribe to, may ultimately prove to be a delusion.

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This unbridled migration ok’ed by Germany , has started an unknown number of uneducated economic migrants wave . The longer the borders are kept open , the more will die . They are dying of thirst in crossing the Sahara , then drowning crossing the Med Sea . That’s if they make it through Libya without becoming slaves or worse . Only to arrive in Europe which is in lock down mode as the local Europeans are already overwhelmed by the numbers . Germany needs cheap labor it is claimed , but the rest of Europe is paying the price . The poor migrants , unable to find work must resort to theft and petty crime to survive , or get captured by the various local mobsters . The blowback will not be pretty.

Jens Holm

Germans are not like. They and Sweeden took in some extras, but did not expect swarms. The rest of Europe is not as You descriebe.

We can use well educated people and take in from Eastern Europe, and we educate emmigrants to fit in after years of changing culture, but the last group has so many, we can never use to anything.


The refugee crisis, or should I say unwanted illegal immigrant crisis, can only be stopped at Europe’s border. Everyone for themselves isn’t going to cut it, it never has. Not even the UK, which sits safely behind that giant moat called the Channel, can keep them out by themselves. If only because having a shitload of determined immigrants sitting at your border wanting to get in or pass through is a recipe for disaster.They have to be stopped at the point of origin. In the African and Asian countries themselves. Only a concerted effort will work. Europe’s borders have to be policed like it was the Iron Curtain, there has to be a zero admittance policy. Any immigrant found in Europe has to be sent back without mercy. And any weak country (cough Italy cough Greece cough) has to be helped or pressured to step up its border patrols. Now we have a defacto policy where officially we try to keep them out, but once they are in, we basically roll out the welcome mat, or ignore them. It has to be made clear that no illegal immigrant will have a snowball’s chance in hell of staying and will be sent back without mercy. We have to be cruel in order to be kind, otherwise people will continue to drown, or fall victim to human smugglers and now even the slave trade. All that the softly softly humanitarian approach has caused is more deaths, crime and human misery.


You know that these refugees were brought in by European governments, don’t you?
Unfortunately, what ever it is, it is not illegal. I agree that they shouldn’t do it in the first place, but calling an artificial phenomenon (artificial because European countries actively participated in military operations that destroyed the original countries of these migrants, created them and let them in) “illegal” doesn’t solve this problem. Europe needs leaders who seek their own countries’ interests, not leaders who follow every order barked at them.

There are NGOs created that go to help migrants whose boats sink and ferry them to European ports. Basically they created a Taxi-Service for them. If they were interested in saving them and not creating more problems, they would return them to the point of origin.
It also might help to see who is funding these NGOs.

Tudor Miron

Very well said.

Brother Ma

Soros new world order and zionatoyanqui establishment.
First rapid sunni islamization of europe and then radicalisation.

Zioyanquibplan is destroy europes natives peoples to keep eu subservient. Germany keeps getting cheap labour so that its economy is tops in eu sobit becomes number one deputy for uncle sam in europe.

Sunnification of moslems keeps sunni nations as good pals of uncle sam especially as arabs sunni will dilute heavy turco influence if moslems in central europe already.

Everyone wins except for the europeans themselves! Fuck!


In addition to what you wrote, don’t forget that doing so certainly creates a hatred. This hatred is necessary for future wars.

As Europeans see their governments are unwilling (it’s a very mild word, better say their governments are pushing for it) to fix this problem, they try to take matters into their own hands and stand for their values. I personally can’t blame them. Being in the same situation I too would do the same thing, but that doesn’t solve the problem, it only makes their own lives so much more unsafe.

They created a very complicated situation and things only gets worse if they continue this path. I believe that’s what they want. The question is, are Europeans able to change that from it’s roots, by legal means?

Brother Ma

You are mostly correct.italy and greece can do no more as they are filled up already.especially greece is poor. What is frontex,multinational navy doing in med borders apart from wavingbthese invaders in?
It is fine for central europeans to whine but i watch the news and have eyes.

The central euros are quite happy to sit behind their schengen plans,fully knowing that italy andbgreece will become rubbsh tip of all the invaders.

Comeon, barba i have been reading you now for along time. You know that any invader that get to centroeuropa is takenvback to point of entry.you know geography, that will be greece or italy. How convenient that the plan was written like that.

So barba tell your fellow centroeuropeans to stop whining, vote in some anti -invader leaders,not like ones in merkelistan and rotterdamstan, tell frontex rapid reaction navy on greek borders to do its job and get hanum merkel to stop paying the sultan of turciland protection- racket money and actually stomp those turks from sending in these invaders.


This, is an war on reality’s.

The fact is, this refuges, witch comes from Africa, where I understand they reasons, since I could go on for hours on what, how and by whom Africa is been raped, and plundered by, we all know that, and to the massive dumping of excess food productions all over the western world into 3 world country’s, kills whats left of whatever agriculture there was left, the prices are simply to low, subsidizing an war on African economy, all the mayor food producers do that, etc, etc, do you get it, and where the f…. is BLM, huh, creeps
The fact is, this are an created stream, where NGOs (Sore-ass etc) is feeding false info and fairy tales to make people come to Europa, feeding an slave marked, in all regions, and refuges to our lands, from Boats roaming in Libyan waters or where ever, cooperating with “help orgs” on shore, to “rescue” the poor “refuges”, its an scripted invasion coming from Africa, and else where, and we are forced to grasp with an reality nobody is willing to either debate, nor show any kind of understanding of what is the cause, like the f…. wars, where they bomb as we speak 7 different country’s, yeah, the same rotten pack of “humanists” in the west is whining about Syria.
Doing shit about Yemen.

This, isnt an failure, this is Sore-ass whores whom is ruing and raping our lands, created bobbles and mass invasions of rats.
They should be hanging from lamp posts, and then we kick our every one of them, sorry, problem solved and get the f… back home.

But why dont we debate that, like the economy, no, we end up debating an narrative that is completely false, like anti-globalist/trade, huh, f…. kidding, this have been done since the dawn of man and is nothing, new, idiots, multiculturalism, I love that, and when I want it, goes to Africa.
I have no problems with the ones we have, but the influx have disturbed a lot, created no go zones, witch where streets in the old days but have evolved to parts of the citys, and is run by gangsters.
Whom on top of it is killing their own.
We want them all out, go home, do whatever you want there, but dont do that in our house.
Common sense


Brother Ma

Well said!

svenne svensk

Just make clear the shootings in Sweden has to do with criminal gangs that shoot each other. It’s drug related or gang related and it is mostly 2and generation Imigrants that are part of those gangs.

The migration has resulted in another problem and that is a lot of Sexuell assault and sometimes also rape. This is the problem that came with the new I migrants and lots of problems with the afghan groups. Young girls and some children have been experiencing this problems. Some young boys have also been raped or sexuall attacked.

Brother Ma

Why did you take them in? Look at somali problem in scandia sending children to somalia home for indoctrination.

Look at arabs sunni in belgium, holland and turcos of germania all rioting even before syria war.

Better idea. Tell your people to protest .send all invaders in ships with big sign” return to sender” and enough food and water to get to usa,israel,turcoland and saudi. Take their gov money in your banks to feed and water them,not your taxpayer money.then we see if any more invaders come!

svenne svensk

It’s the political elite that decide and rule here, the people have no saying. We have some political party that like to take in everyone but mostly Muslims and then you have some political party’s that like to import lots of people to have the company’s filled with people that work for low salary. We are aboute to create a law here that gives 800euro in salary for new Imigrants to get then into work. No wrong to get people into work but with the same salary as everyone else otherwise theise people might get the work with low salary but they might also force others to lower their salary request. Swedish people will never protest we are to stupid or to focus on yesterday or own family

Brother Ma

So they give them 800 euro to find work but what if they do not find work and just keep taking money?

This is per month ?
Is this good money? It has to be good to stop employer pushing down wages by offerring these people less money than native swedish workers in low salary jobs.

svenne svensk

It is complicated the Swedish system but I try to explain it simply. 800euro is when they will get a work and this work will mostly be in the industry. If they don’t work they get the rent and bills paid by the government and some money to survive for food and so. If you work and getting 800euro you need pay your rent and bills but if this salary is not enough they will receive help by government to pay the rent and other bills. So the only one that make a profit is the company that have to pay out less salary because the worker will get help from the government also. Some political also want to lower the power of the union that is very strong here and make so we have a good lowest salary and rights for the workers. They want to take away that power from the union by taking in persons that work for lower salary then the union have make a deal for all the worked

Brother Ma

Thank you.

Jens Holm

800 Euro is not much money pr month in sweden. Its not for finding work as well. They are not taking money. They are given, because we think they should live in the low end of normal no matter what.

You should see it as an investment.

Much education is free too. You can say its a positive gambling. They arrive with nothing and if they feel well and take an education they pay for themselves and tax.

Svenne Laplisa say all incommers are bad investments, but thats not true at all. 50% get well integrated and get a job and Sweden have a polisy saying that Sweden has to have more Young inhabitants to take over.

Svenne Laplisa is against that, but a majority has decided that in the parlament. The rpoblems and some changes came, when so many from Syria came in – and with a few months. They could not handle all as singlepersons and had no space for them in school, housing education and like that.

svenne svensk

You say 800euro is not mutch and this is true but your not reading the rest that is you have low salary work in Sweden and you lack money for the bills rent and so on then you will receive this monthly from the government until you will get a better salary. You say those people pay tax and so on yes they do but with money from the government and the government’s money comes from all those that have a work that is not half paid by the rest of the people and not get their bills and rent paid by the government

Jens Holm

You come with mainly shit of the worst kind. Sweden have many polical parties having their oppinion about everything in Goverment, Parlamently and local matters

So the political solutions making the law in sweden mainly show, what people of Sweden wants. Well they male dirty trades among each other as others, but things are not at all, as Svenne Laplisa descriebes.

Jens Holm

He is a typical right wing and here – as usual forget, that a lot comes from eastern europe incl. weapons and systematic stolen and exported to them.

But of course, they are different, they are WHITE.

He also forget, that this extra crime is true, but done by very few people doing crime many times.

I would say, that policematters should be improved very much in the modern part of international crime.

So pls remember Sweden is like Denmark and Norway. 90 of the muslims are not criminels at all, so dont blame them. 95% of the locals are not criminals. so the difference is few groups.

None here accept people sending their children to madrassas and like that. We have taken those in expecting they geration by generation fit in better.

Brother Ma

Jens, you miss my point. I dont want anyone who does not fit in.white or black!
The white people though are not invading and headchopping or raping kids anywhere as frequently .
Any white person invades,throw them out! We did it to germans didnt we!


I wonder why (((European))) Governments fail to deal with the migrant influx.


Brother Ma

They are all stupid ,paid by zionatoyanquis (like your picture) or threatened with exposure or death. Very simple.

Jens Holm

No, we are not stupid. You are like this: comment image

Exept they probatly are cleaner in mind and at body, if they get the same conditions as them

Brother Ma

Thanks for the insult jens.i will try to remember that for your next post.

Wait! Denmark is world known for its excellent pork products.are you sure they are not danish?

Jens Holm

They do not fail, but handling so many and the problems are very complicated, because we have no places to send them.


Europe has high percentage of low human production so immmigrants are good. Afterall the world is global. Am African and am looking for european lady 23 to 35 for matrimony. 3510684761

John Brown

Please name any nation on the planet that would tolerate its population being replaced.


I wonder why these people are going to these BS european countries where they will be nothing but slaves instead of fighting ion their countries to repel the european and american invaders.

Jens Holm

Parrot writing again.It does not make it more true.

Jens Holm

That has not started, but has been there since 1970. Almost all are from Muslim Countries. You should do something about it for real, but You dont an prefare acting stupid about it by purpose.

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