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European Churches Attempt To “Get With The Times” To Stop Losing Believers

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European Churches Attempt To "Get With The Times" To Stop Losing Believers

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The EU’s Catholic Church appears to be, for all intents and purposes, into a sort of crisis, and that is quite evident. The Catholic church, for example, appears to be losing its faithful. In 2019, 272,771 people left the Catholic Church, which is 26.2% more than in 2018 (216,078 people).

For example, in 2015, just upwards of 181,000 people left the Catholic Church in Germany.

To reverse the trend, Catholic bishops are going to undertake some inclusive actions to make the Catholic faith “more attractive” with the help of very extraordinary methods, for example –  “through the introduction of the female priesthood (ordination to the deacon), weakening celibacy and the revision of Catholic sexual morality.”

This was stated by the head of the Episcopal Conference of Germany, Georg Boetzing.

This tendency of losing believers is also evident in the US.

In Pew Research Center telephone surveys conducted in 2018 and 2019, 65% of American adults describe themselves as Christians when asked about their religion, down 12 percentage points over the past decade.

Meanwhile, the religiously unaffiliated share of the population, consisting of people who describe their religious identity as atheist, agnostic or “nothing in particular,” now stands at 26%, up from 17% in 2009.

The current mainstream narrative is such, that the Church, as a generally conservative “institution” is usually behind the times, and the times are moving quite quick past the year 2000.

Inclusiveness is all the rage now, and currently, it is evidently not being as inclusive. With the media pressure from every direction, those who attend church and are believers are viewed as “old-timey” and “close-minded.”

Naturally, this would lead to people wanting to be part of what’s “popular” and mostly what’s “profitable” now – what leads to the greatest benefit. And it is being part of the mainstream.

This, however, fails to provide such a sense of community, since the mainstream narrative has no unshakeable foundations, it appears to be a house entirely built out of cards, and attempts to replace some of the cards are commonplace, but they sometimes lead to parts of the house falling apart.

And this is what leads to fraud such as white individuals pretending to be black, others pretending to be trans, or other kinds of fraud that seeks to be part of the mainstream and benefit from the status quo.

The church is also increasingly being used in political games, examples such as these are visible in Ukraine, Montenegro, Belarus and more.

The church can also obviously be bought – this is evident in Ecumenial Patriarch Bartholomew’s silence on Turkey turning Hagia Sophia into a mosque – his silence being bought by the full reopening of the Sumela Monastery for tourists and faithful alike. Bartholomew not only failed to mention Hagia Sophia at all, but he even thanked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for all his support and assistance.

Therefore, there is no surprise that religious organizations that turned to be loyal followers of the current neo-liberal mainstream and turned themselves into tools of the Euro-Atlantic establishment’s games have been losing their popularity. And it does not seem that the further open support of neo-liberal trends will help them to restore their positions among conservative parts of European societies. Instead, every such step makes these churches closer to pseudo-church organizations that the Euro-Atlantic establishment is promoting in Eastern Europe (like the ‘independent’ Montenegrin or Ukrainian churches that have no real support among the local population) to achieve own political goals.


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The Catholic church has killed more Jews than anyone else, not even our conflict with the Arab world had come close to that. Croats and Poles during WW2 were more than happy to kill Jews because they are Catholics and they blamed the Jews for all of their problems, Serbia which has Orthodox church actually helped saving Jews. So fuck the Catholic church and fuck the Pope, I shit on all of you.

Vox Populi

You are not wrong there. Catholics have also produced more child molesters and pedophiles than rest of the “religions” combined.

Fog of War

That is the most unscietific and unprovable statement I’ve heard in awhile .

Alberto Garza

and the muslims think it is ok to marry 11 y/o girls .


Don’t shit.

‘ not even our conflict with the Arab world had come close to that ‘

You play the victim.
The ‘conflict’ is a result of you stealing Palestine.
Be accountable.
Before that, Muslims, Jews and Christians.
Co-lived in Palestine and the MidEast.
The Euro Zio fascists..
Who don’t give a damn about Judaism..
Changed all that.
They sided with both sides. [You are one of the side.]
Turned them against each other.
And got what they want.

What about the about one million Jews.
Not the fallacious ‘6 million’.
Killed by the elite of London and Wall Street.
Many of who were Jewish [Warburg for example].
When they launched WW2?
And bankrolled Hitler’s war machine?

It’s not just the Jews.
The Roman Empire ordered the killing..
of the very man they idolize to date..
Jesus Christ.
Your forefathers..
the Pharisees did the killing.
Romans likely figured it was a good colonial gig.
Rule the world.
In the name of JC.

Jesus Christ was mostly a money activist.
A money reformer who opposed the usurious money lenders.
The Pharisees were one. The Romans another.
Hence why Rome got rid of the Pharisees.
Not because they were Yehudim.

As far as ‘killing’ goes..
The Roman Catholic Church is on par with Islam..
They killed anyone and everyone..
Who did not convert to their cult.
Millions of pagans throughout Europe.
Millions of natives everywhere they conquered.
The Church has nothing to do with..
The Lord of Peace..
Jesus Christ.

It’s true that Catholics..
Have blamed Jews for..
A lot through history..
But Jews are not innocents either..
Particularly the usurious money lending elite..
Often hidden, pretending to be Christian or Muslim.
Lending money to kings, sultans, knights.
To wage wars, conquests, colonialism…
To divide people.
To divide the Church [East vs West].
Etc. Etc. Etc.

Orthodoxy you say.
That Jewish elite [Schiff, Warburg,..] bankrolled.
The Bolshevik Revolution.
Killing millions of Orthodox Christians.

Alberto Garza

and the Bolsheviki -revolution led by jews killed millions of christians musilms buddhists and other minorities in the soviet union and all over the world … the past belongs in the past…

Vox Populi

Maybe if they allowed gay orgies then membership will grow literally.


“To reverse the trend, Catholic bishops are going to undertake some inclusive actions”
The Kingdom of heaven is exclusive and your inclusive religion has no part in it.
The true gospel of repentance is not about appeasing peoples worldly desires.

Porc Halal

That’s right, but who said that Catholic bishops spread or have ever spread the teachings of Jesus ?!

Porc Halal
Panthera Pardus

it should be noted that in Germany you have to pay taxes to the Church ( or any religious denomination which is recognised and has opted in for taxes ) but it is possible to opt out and save taxes.
this explains the number of official exits from the church.

in Italy on the other hand the quota of taxes eiher go to church or to state ( no opt out ) so no reason to officially register the exit.

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