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MARCH 2021

European Bureaucrats And Western Structures Defend Convicted Pedophile


European Bureaucrats And Western Structures Defend Convicted Pedophile

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In recent months in Russia, there’s been a story brewing of Western-proclaimed “political prisoner” Yuri Dmitriev, his 3.5 years prison term was increased to 13 years on September 29th.

And he was not arrested due to his political affiliations. The new ‘hero’ of the pro-Western democracy in Russia is a convinced phedophile.

He was arrested back in 2016. His initial sentence of 3.5 years was announced on July 22nd, 2020 and was due to charges of sexual abuse of a child.

The prosecution alleges that Dmitirev engaged in child pornography and sexually abused his adopted daughter, born in 2005, citing photographs found in his computer that he had taken of her, undressed, at ages four, five, and seven, and incidents of touching when she was eight years old, which the prosecution alleges were of a sexual nature.

Dmitriev and his then-wife had adopted the girl from an orphanage when she was three years old, in 2008.

He testified in court that when he and his wife adopted her she was emaciated and in poor health, and that he took the photos to document her growth.

According to Dmitriev’s testimony, which was leaked to the Russian opposition outlet Novaya Gazeta, when the girl was eight years old, he touched her to ‘check her underwear’ a for a related medical condition that was confirmed by the child’s medical records.

Of course, the story is so believable, after all he had pornographic photographs of a child years after “her growth” needed to be established.

Regardless, the trial made him a now famous pro-Western figure, and Western diplomats, organizations such as Human Rights Watch, as well as the OSCE are presenting him as a human rights activist, who is simply fighting for what’s right and was imprisoned wrongfully.

US diplomats are on the guard of the ‘democracy’:

EU bureaucrats are also in love with Dmitriev:

Dmitriev calls himself a historian and an archaeologist, but he has no specialized education – he has only a few courses in a medical school in Leningrad and has spent two years in prison for participating in a fight.

He worked as a locksmith, fireman, led excursions in the Karelian forests. In 2014, Dmitriev became the head of the Karelian branch of the hardcore pro-Western human rights organization “Memorial”.

The structure is recognized as a foreign agent, that is, it lives at the expense of foreign sponsors.

Authorities in Petrozavodsk first arrested Dmitriev in December 2016 on charges of child pornography. Later, they added charges of nonviolent sexual abuse of a minor, which were based solely on the photographs. They also charged him with “illegal possession of components of a firearm,” because investigators had found on his property parts of an inoperative Soviet-era hunting rifle. In 2017, forensic experts recommended by the prosecutor’s office found no indications that the photographs had any pornographic content.

Some of the “non-pornographic” photos can be seen blurred out in the video below.

Dmitriev spent one year in pretrial detention and another month at a psychiatric hospital in Moscow, where he underwent a psychiatric evaluation before being released on own recognizance. The assessment reportedly found no signs of sexual pathology.

In April 2018, the Petrozavodsk City Court acquitted Dmitriev of the child pornography and sexual abuse charges. It convicted him of the firearm charge and sentenced him to 30 months of probation. Acquittals in Russian criminal cases are rare, with fewer than one percent of criminal cases ending in acquittals.

Two months later, in June 2018, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Karelia overturned the verdict, and police rearrested Dmitriev, based on an investigator’s interview with his daughter, then 12 years old, shortly after the acquittal.

At that time, the girl’s biological grandmother was her legal guardian, even though she had spent the previous nine years with Dmitriev, and in frequent company of his two adult children and small grandchildren.

According to Memorial, after the April 2018 acquittal, the grandmother suddenly isolated the girl from Dmitriev’s family and friends.

His initial sentence was quite light for somebody implicated in pedophilia, 3.5 years, which was then raised to 13, which is a bit more fitting.

Regardless, some of the Russian liberal elite, hundreds of Russian pro-Western activists and official Euro-Atlantic structures actively declare their support to Yuri Dmitriev. They call for the immediate release of Dmitriev from custody. According to them, he should be given the opportunity to continue ‘his work’ on studying the history of the GULAG and perpetuating the memory of the victims of the Stalinist system.

After all, they claim that Dmitriev is not a pedophile, he is a neo-Liberal historian who simply seeks to uncover the truth of Stalin’s crimes, which Russia is allegedly attempting to cover, completely. What harm can come out of a few photos that he has accidentally kept on his phone for close to a decade after they were taken?

Such developments confirm the popular claim of Western diplomats and MSM that the war between Good and Evil (or as believers would say between the God/Allah and satan/shaitan) has been ongoing. However, contrary to the mainstream agenda, Russia does not seem to be on the side of the real-world Mordor.




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