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Europe Threatened by Serious Risk of Terrorist Attacks in 2016

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Anti-terrorist security services in the European Union have learned that this year Europe is in a serious risk of many orchestrated attacks by Islamic jihadists in several European countries, writes a French newspaper Journal du Dimanche.

Europe Threatened by Serious Risk of Terrorist Attacks in 2016

Written by Beta; published at in4s.net, translated by Mario Andrijasevic exclusively for SouthFront

Journal refers to the testimony of a chief executive of the anti-terrorist service which states that the security services in Europe during the last year, “unfortunately did not detect anything,” but we now have reliable information that Europe is threatened by some sort of “September 11th – style attack”, such as the attack by Islamic terrorists in New York 2011.

A senior official of the French security services who wished to remain anonymous, explained that Islamic terrorists are preparing “simultaneous attacks on the same day in several countries in more places.”

“We know that terrorists are preparing this hellish plan,” added the source and saying that such knowledge is known by security services in several countries in the EU.

Journal du Dimanche also carries statements of the Turkish journal Hurriyet that the terrorists “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,” were preparing simultaneous attacks on major European cities in Austria, Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, as well as in Ankara which would take place for the New Year´s Eve, but fortunately they were thwarted.

Since some of the terrorists were arrested on December 30th, the authorities discovered in one personal computer very detailed instructions for the attacks.

French security services also indicate that the great concern is the fact that the recently arrested Islamic terrorists returned “from the countries of Jihad”.

Earlier, he explained, it was the case of individuals who were returning from “countries of jihad” because they realized that they were deceived or did not accept the atrocities which they were forced to do, and now the ones who return are young European jihadists who are doing this with full conscious as they are trained and equipped by the Islamic State.

“They have supplied fake documents, speaking the languages of European countries, know the places and cities, have guns … We are arresting many of them, but truth be told, a number of them coming in exceeds our ability to discover all … and some of them we have already missed” , added these sources.

Journal du Dimanche also cited a former analyst of French anti-terrorist service DGSE Yves Trotignon for AFP that states that the jihadists have already unsuccessfully tried to do this before, especially in August 2010 when “their groups were preparing to come through Eastern Europe, take hidden weapons and equipment for the assassination. ”

“That was prevented thanks to the American security services who prevented this to happen with drone strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan and destroyed the centers where they were preparing the attacks. Then it was about Al-Qaeda, but now those plans were taken by extremist Islamic state of Iraq and Syria, “said the French source.

Expert on counter-terrorism and Trotignon said that “the massacre that Islamic jihadists committed on November 13 in Paris showed that this can be arranged with terrorists who do not have a particularly high operational level.”

“Hence, if the proportion of such attacks spread, the problem will be great,” concluded Trotignon and added that, “There is a great pessimism among all the professionals about what might happen in 2016”.

Journal du Dimanche also quotes the information of French security services about 220 women and girls who are the French Islamists and are now in the ranks of the terrorist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

According to the report, the radio station France enter, “the Islamic State has in their ranks also prostitutes in order to create a hard core Islamist women fighters out of them”.

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