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Europe Poses a Danger to Russia

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Europe Poses a Danger to Russia

Original published by ria.ru; translation by J.Hawk

European politicians have adopted a criminally negligent position by not taking the necessary measures to reform how their intelligence services operate. This view was expressed on Radio Sputnik by Viktoriya Legranova, an international security specialist.

A series of explosions took place in Brussels. Two explosions in a departures terminal of the Brussels airport, and two more in the Brussels subway. About three dozen individuals were killed, more than 200 were wounded. Explosives were set off by a suicide attacker. Belgium raised its terror alert level to the highest level.

Experts have noted that the Brussels explosions took place four days after Belgian police arrested Salakh Abdeslam, the organizer of the Paris attacks on November 13, 2015. Following the arrest, Interpol recommended all European countries to heighten their security measures. According to Belgian intelligence spokesmen, they don’t see a connection between the arrest and the bombings, but are studying the possibility.

According to Viktoriya Legranova, the attacks may be due to the not wholly competent work by Belgian security services.

“When their intelligence was working on Abdeslam, they should have checked all of his contacts, groups, personalities, which could have been connected to him: their IP addresses, international contacts, etc. If the security services simply went out to arrest him without evaluating the situation, they may have triggered the earlier prepared attacks. Israeli or Russian intelligence services are successful because they spend a long time analyzing their targets using all intelligence means, including agents and signals intelligence. Belgian services may have acted incorrectly,” Viktoriya Legranova told Sputnik.

She also said that European politicians are not constructive when they prohibit their agencies from working with their Russian counterparts, which endangers international security.

“European politicians have adopted a criminal position: they don’t take measures to transform how their services operate. All services, US, Israeli, etc., seek broadest possible contacts: if there is a possibility of obtaining information from a source, they are obligated to do so. Russia has provided such information many times, but Europe laughed it off saying that it was all nonsense, that the threat is being exaggerated, that nothing terrible will happen. But Russia has a broad range of sources of information and analysis. Therefore it’s insane to ignore warnings coming from Russia. Such behavior by politicians is tantamount to a crime against Europe, against its people,” Legranova believes.

It is necessary to establish ways of more close inter-agency, inter-military cooperation in order to share experience.

“Israelis and the Kazakhstanis understand it perfectly well. But Europe doesn’t. So are we going to learn from bloodshed? That’s a risk for Russia. Europe is becoming a danger to Russia. People who come to Russia from Europe are becoming dangerous, as is tourism to Europe. One has to realize it, and work on all fronts,” Viktoriya Legranova concluded.

Europe Poses a Danger to Russia


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Alberto Campos

Of course they laughed it off. Is it Russia telling them what they know for a long time, because these “terrorists” are their own team? They refuse to cooperate for not showing Russia they created and manage these special teams in a Gladio-style. However, Russia intel knows it well and have obviously her own sleeping teams on the ground she has to keep concealed.
You make money with your analysis that fool us, and it’s ok, honest earning.

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