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Europe is dead but still doesn’t know it

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The policies which the European countries undertook clearly backfired, and now the ‘revenge’ will take place.

Europe is dead but still doesn’t know it

Migration flow, economic and political crisis, high-risk of terrorism and anything but unity or sovereignty – this is what Europe is dealing with right now.

While we can spend hours and hours talking about what could be done about all of these problems, we rarely, if at all, ask ourselves who created them. It’s safe to say that all of these problems are actually consequences, yes, consequences, because none of them are anywhere near the root cause of the problem.

As the sociologist Ivo Hristov stated, “Europe will be in flames!”

First, the European states participated in the Arab Spring, brining chaos in Northern Africa and the Middle East and then actively supported ‘operation Ukraine’ – both geopolitical projects of a country which has no interests in having a strong Europe. Furthermore, the EU and some of the puppies around it showed that they are 100% dependent and don’t make any sovereign decisions. The sanctions against Russia were deleterious for the EU states. All the connections which were built in the past years were destroyed. The main target was the Russo-German relationship which was the biggest threat for the United States.

The heart of Europe (Germany) proved to be politically dependent. That’s not a surprising fact. Nobody has canceled the results from WWII. Germany is a defeated and occupied country. If that seems strange to you just look at the US, British and French military bases throughout Germany with more than 50,000 soldiers stationed there. Moreover, recently the US placed its newest nuclear weapons ‘B 61-12’ in the German airbase in Büchel.

The US had something to fear.

Russia was showing ‘troubling’ signs of emancipation, and with the growth of their relations with Germany and China, the US saw that not only that the world was not unipolar anymore, but the US could become a ‘useless’ country. Let’s make the equation: Russian commodities + German technologies + Chinese money = growth

Where is the US? The answer is that nobody needs them. That’s why we saw ‘operation Ukraine’, where the relations between Russia and Germany were broken. Nonetheless, the ideas of a growing Eurasian Union became history. The German economic interests are in the East, but are politically controlled by the West – a bona-fide cul-de-sac.

In order to keep the Germans satisfied, the US decided to make Germany the ‘boss’ of Europe. It’s pretty simple: “We (the USA) control you (Germany), you become the biggest power in Europe, and the driving force of the EU, and you’ll do whatever you want with the little EU states (Greece).”

What about the refugees/immigrants?

The immigration flow is probably going to be the Trojan horse of Europe. 4 million people are located in camps in Turkey. Erdogan is trying to racketeer Europe and make them hostages. The results are that the EU will give 3 billion euros to Turkey to stop the immigration flow. And for the people who are saying that ‘we should help the poor Syrian people’, the people coming in Europe are not from Syria or at least not the majority of them. The majority of people are from Sudan, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iran etc. Most of them are uneducated, with no qualifications, and cannot even write in their native Arabic.

80% of the immigrants are men between 20 and 40 years old, in other words, people in military age. It’s not by chance that most of them go through the same route – Greece-Macedonia-Serbia-Croatia-Slovenia-Austria-Germany. It’s obvious that everything is well-planned and coordinated by someone who has interests in weakening Europe.

The European states are doing little if any to cope with this problem. The existing migrants in Europe have already cause chaos to the institutions, but what if Turkey sends the other 4 million towards Germany whom according to the UN conventions will have the right to bring their relatives with them, totaling a much larger number of people – that would be the end of Europe.

What’s next?

Most of the realistic scenarios are not forecasting a bright future for Europe. While we can say that Europe needs a change, governments making sovereign decisions while defending their interests, reforms etc. Sounds easy, but it isn’t. Even when there were signs that some change was going to happen, everything was shut down. Let’s take the example with the latest elections in France. The National Front of Marine Le Pen was leading in the first round of the elections way ahead of the other parties. When the results of the first round were announced, a massive propaganda campaign was launched against Le Pen and her party. As a result, the National Front didn’t win in any of the regions.

Every attempt to change the status quo and the destiny of Europe will be crushed into pieces.

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Excellent analysis, although I would caution you with the use of statistics unless you’re able to provide sources. According to UNHCR data 49% of the refugees and migrants who took the Eastern sea route in 2015 were Syrian citizens. 58% among them were men 18 years and older. http://data.unhcr.org/mediterranean/regional.php


No-one can rely on the data presented in documents since most of the legal papers are the result of state organized (USA/Turkey) fake documents (forgery) production. It’s well organized devaluation of European values for the sake of boosting American dominance.


The UNHCR numbers might be flawed, who knows. I’d just be careful making statements like “80% of the immigrants are men between 20 and 40 years old”, when one doesn’t provide evidence for it. Statements like that, which don’t even provide a source for the numbers, take away from a very valuable argumentation.

Viktor Stoilov


I can give you many more sources. I can give you the comments and reactions of respected analysts, sociologists, political scientists etc. I don’t know where you’re from but as a Bulgarian citizen I’m seeing what’s happening with my own two eyes.


Thanks for your response, Mr. Stoilov. I think your analysis is excellent and would still be correct without the specific statements on migrants re. land of origin where the majority is from or percentages of young and able men. I am a German living in Canada and have left for many of the reasons you mention, but Germany and Europe are still very dear to me. More and more Germans are asking me for a way to come to Canada. The great exchange has begun.

Viktor Stoilov

Thank you for the kind words. I hope that you’ll continue reading our materials and give us some feedback. It’s always very useful and helpful for us, writers, to hear some constructive criticism.

Mahmoud Larfi

Although I agree with the first part of the article, the second part about migrants is written on the old cheap far right ideas. Only humanism is going to save humanity. Racism is serving the Clash of Civilizations theory which omen is to drive the world into an era where whole races and communities try to exterminate others.


The second part of the article is a consequence of the first part. Western liberal universalism, outside of philosophical spheres often regarded as humanism, is cultural racism as it rejects the pluralism of different cultures and tries to morphs them into one civilization … which is the Western liberal civilization dominated by the USA. Humanist ideals of Liberalism are not the last word in the future of human kind and most migrants would be better of in their home countries if they were given the opportunity to lead there a modest, but prosperous life.

Mahmoud Larfi

I totally agree with you especially when you say that most people “would be better of in their home countries if they were given the opportunity to lead there a modest, but prosperous life”. I didn’t say actually that mass uncontrolled migrations was something good, to the contrary it denotes the underachieving of whole populations in their homelands drown in wars and poverty by the outrageously liberal and aggressive policy of the dominating Western civilization. That being said, I’d like to get back to the article starting from “And for the people who are saying that ‘we should help the poor Syrian people’…” is it just me or is the writer effectively having the usual racist far right discourse ? It seems to me that the current migration phenomenon is represented as the central problem instead of the resulting consequence of a greater one… as if the issue was the very being of the “migrant” rather than (the current) mass migration by itself… so I do wonder if the writer would have written this article or ever had he/she perceived the scale of the disaster caused by the west if those migrants haven’t come to Europe. Many people in Europe share this simplistic (and racist) view which have them (especially the youth) adhering to far right’s xenophobic discourses. You and I know that there’s no immediate solution to the problem and when some “enlightened” analysts are asked, they usually say that the issue must be tackled at its source, which in other words means for them : more bombs and invasions. Most people in Europe that are concerned about migrants (visibility) are calling for a quick fix, because themselves were raised as exclusivists, ultra-liberals and domineering superhumans… until recently all were happy with their western affiliation and US allegiance ; none of them cared about the unfair game their governments were playing on the geopolitical chessboard, all were denigrating Russia and China (to name few) calling them evil dictatorships that seek to enslave the world… So my question to them would be: what quick fix do you prescribe ? Throw them back to the sea ? Sink their boats ? Build walls ala walking dead ? Send the army to the borders of the outer world and shoot those who try to cross into our civilized lands ? Yes that’s it unfortunately ! That is where this way of thinking is fatally leading.

Only humanism will save humanity ; and by humanism I don’t mean any cultural movement or philosophical and economical doctrine ; I rather mean a set of human virtues like empathy, magnanimity, generosity, equality, straightness, carefulness… for everyone.


Thank you very much for your thoughtful response, Mr. Larfi. I agree with a lot of your deliberations, but would like to add a few thoughts. When Mr. Stoilov writes “And for the people who are saying that ‘we should help the poor Syrian people’…” he is pursuing the far right discourse, but in my point of view not a racist discourse. The liberal powers of the West would like us to regard such a statement as racist — the same powers that through bombs on Muslin civilians and poison the environment in 3. World countries for resource extraction etc. — but the far-right (traditionalists, national revolutionaries, identitarians) is actually addressing the hegemonic liberals and their hypocritical immigration politics. Again, in this regard it is very important to understand that the anti-immigration policies of the far-right (although one has to exclude most of their politicians) especially address the interior enemy rather than refugees or migrants. When Angela Merkel and the people behind her decide to open the borders for any refugee and migrant who wishes to settle in Germany and Europe than she and her stakeholders are not acting out of mercy or some German post-1945 guilt, but to create an industrial reserve army that will break the power of unions and will undermine any social safety achievements that were achieved in decades of struggle within a capitalist market system. The problem is that the German population has lost its cultural identity and can easily made feeling guilty due to its history; combine that with Americanization, moral decadence, and liberal hedonism and you have a poisonous cocktail of moral self-righteousness and hypocrisy. These were some of the reasons why I left Germany. Having said that, too many horrible things have been done in the name of humanism; while humanity might exist, it is not necessarily something bright and nice due to our collective weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and stupidity. As a traditionalist I certainly commend you for arguing for a regeneration of human virtues like empathy, magnanimity, generosity, straightness, and carefulness, but would caution you about equality. The central value of the French Revolution was equality and look where it brought this broken world.


The majority of these refugees would no doubt want to stay home and live a modest life, but we are not letting them. I’m surprised that the Syrian civilians held out as long as they did considering the living conditions in Syria today. This exodus is something that we Westerners, mainly the US are responsible for. Iraq is far worse off today than in 2003. The same goes for Libya after Gaddafi. The Afghans are not better off now than they were before foreign powers started interfering there in the 70s. Who is benefiting from this aside from the war profiteers?


“80% of the immigrants are men between 20 and 40 years old, in other words, people in military age. It’s not by chance that most of them go through the same route – Greece-Macedonia-Serbia-Croatia-Slovakia-Austria-Germany.”

I believe you meant ‘Slovenia’ in place of Slovakia? Nestled in between Croatia and Austria is Slovenia and not Slovakia. Other than that a fine article on the situation today.

what you see is a fraud

A train full of refugees starts a trip in Germany in the middle of the trip and on the country side someone pull the emergency brake . The train stops in the middle of nowhere , the illegal migrants exit the train and disappear . The police ha no clue . So far 7500 migrants have disappeared . In the USA 9500 have disappeared . The Newspapers in the EU zone do not write about the rapes of local women , not the flood of petty crimes .

Who complains about what is happening is branded as racist . Ir seem that the political correct buffoons in charge of the EU politics are gone totally insane . luckily there are sensible people demonstrating against the idiotic policies of the unleected political buffoons running the EU TITANIC ,



This shouldn’t come as a surprise.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFE0qAiofMQ

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